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Day 322: Research, Planning and What Goes On Behind the Scenes

Since some weeks I have been laying concrete tiles where I live and through this I have reached a couple of insights when it comes to creation in the physical. Initially, when I first made the decision to lay concrete tiles, I did not know what it entailed. I did not have any previous knowledge and as such I was required to do the necessary research. I read up on the process and realized that the tiles in themselves is only the esthetic part of the structure – what makes the tiles effective is what is under them, which is various types of tightly packed and crushed rock and sand. In-fact, if the ground work is not done effectively, which is the process of packing the rock and the sand, the tiles will begin to shift, and change their positions only after a couple of years. Hence, the quality of the tiles, and how they will look, it is all dependent on structures that you cannot immediately see when you look at surface.

I am now soon finished with this project, and I am satisfied with the results, which I know is the outflow of having committed and pushed myself to walk all parts of the creation process with specificity. And what I learned from this process is how important thorough research and planning is when it comes to living and creating in this physical world; how are we able to expect that things will turn out fine if we do not put in the time to get to know the variables of physical creation? It is impossible, and still, this has been my customary way of approaching creation – just winging it. And is not this the way we tend to approach creation in other parts of life as well?

Let us look at relationships for example. How many sit down to plan their future relationships? What words they want to be expressed and lived in the relationship, what they want out of it, and how they want to experience themselves? Very few, and still we expect that the relationship will magically turn out great. And the same goes with where we decide to live, what careers we take on, the future we walk into, how many of us actually sit down to research and plan a direction for our lives?

To learn to research and plan in all parts of our lives is empowering – because in becoming efficient, thorough and specific with these skills, we are able to establish a direction for ourselves – where we KNOW what path we are heading down – we know what we are creating, what we want, what we need, what we will accept and allow and what we will not accept and allow. And one person that I have learned a lot from in this regard is my partner. When we built our house together she was adamant about doing extensive research and having a well thought plan with regards to each small aspect of our future home. It was fascinating to see, but at that stage, I was not ready for it, and did not appreciate the skills properly. I saw my partners passion for perfection as being overly ambitious. Though, as the house stood complete, I could see the fruit of my partners specificity, and also the consequences of my own lack of specificity, because certain parts of the house that I had been in charge of did not turn out the way I wanted.

When looking at the word PLAN – it is similar to the sound of PLAY  – and PLANT – the sound of the word thus implying that planning is about PLAYING out scenarios – using our minds constructively to simulate a situation before we walk it for real – and PLANT – showing that planning is about PLANTING the seeds that will become our future. And if we for a moment take a look, a seed is basically a blueprint, that given certain conditions, will begin to grow and realize itself into manifestation. Thus, if we want to be a part of deciding our future, we have to plan, because in that we PLANT our seeds, as the words we place, which eventually, as we live and walk these words, will become our reality – that is how creation works.

It is the same things with MANIFESTOS – because what is a manifesto but a plan? A sequence of words placed unto paper describing a desired condition – and through living manifestos, we are able to MANIFEST our words into reality. Though, to know what to manifest, we have to do the research.

Now, what I have found fascinating in uncovering how important research and planning are when it comes to any form of self-creation, is that this part of creation is not necessarily visible. For example, I today live in a home that I love, that is effective, and practical, however, for my home to become this way, there has been A LOT of time and effort invested into coming up with, and preparing this creation – what can be seen as the finished house is only a minuscule part of the entire creation process. And thus, what I would like to highlight with this is the importance of learning to see beyond the immediate picture that we are faced with. Everything is not what it looks like, and even in the simplest of creations, there are most often a significant amount of preparatory labor and effort invested. And this is something I will take with me when I in the future will look for and decide to take on new projects, to take into consideration that I will not only have to do visible physical creation, but also the time required to efficiently plan and prepare for the executive phase.

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Day 136: Investigate Everything

Today I was researching some information on the web and there were some statements which validity I doubted. Though, the problem was that I couldn’t really assess whether the information was valid or not, or at least this is what I thought.

So, as I was reading this information, and within me starting the process of assessing and discerning it, I went into a state of conflict and fear – and the origin of the fear was the fear of making a mistake, of assessing the information wrongly, and fear of not knowing, and not having a sufficiently deep, and intricate comprehension of the point, and that I would as such make an assessment that was wrong.

On top of this, I also see that the conflict the emerged within me also had a morality attached to it – because the nature of my assessment of the information was within the context of ‘is this right, or is this wrong?’ – and thus within that I separated myself from the information, and instead of seeing the information, and the words, as a part of myself, I saw it as an intruder, that I must be very careful with, because if I accept it into me, and if I accept and allow myself to consider it unconditionally, then it might infest me, and then I might end up on the side of those being ‘wrong’.

Thus, within this I can see the fascinating pattern of black and white, right and wrong, correct or incorrect – my tendency of wanting to simplify what’s going on in this world, and the information that is available, to whether it’s right, or wrong – instead of accepting and allowing myself to realize that with many, many points in this world, there is no such simple conclusion to make as to whether it’s right, or wrong, because it can be multifaceted and multidimensional, and even though I might at first glance term the point ‘wrong’ – at a nearer investigation it might actually contain useful, effective, and supportive points that I can use and apply in my life.

This all then comes back to the statement of ‘Investigate everything and keep that which is good’ – or rather ‘keep that which is practical and makes sense’ – and I see how this statement can be lived and applied in all areas of my life; because regardless of what point I participate within – there is always something about that point within which I am able to expand, learn, and develop myself; such as for example the school subject jurisprudence – that I at first found seriously boring – though embracing and immersing myself in this subject is actually a opportunity for me to develop self-discipline, and the strength to walk through challenges, and situations in which I am not motivated by an energy of feeling intrigued or fascinated, and wherein I as such have to motivate and move myself by and through making a decision, and living that decision.

Thus, the lesson to be learned is that, nothing and no one in this world should be judged and brushed of as ‘not relevant’ – because really – that is making oneself miss out on opportunities of self-expansion and learning – rather everything should be investigated, and understood – so what is useful and practical can be siphoned and put into practice.


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to go into and as fear, and anxiety when I am assessing and discerning information that comes into my world, in fearing that I will make a wrong assessment, and in fearing that the information is not correct, and as such I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear, and resist considering information unconditionally and without any form of inner protection mechanism, but that I instead take the information in, and look at it unconditionally, and from there decide upon whether it’s useful for me, useful in the process of what is best for all, or whether it’s not relevant at this stage, and not needed in my life

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to resist and information, and fight information, within and as the fear of becoming possessed with the information, and within and as the fear of becoming manipulated, deceived, or loosing my ground, and standing – and as such I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear approaching information unconditionally, to fear immersing myself in information, and investigating information without any judgment, or preconceived notion – and as such I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not trust myself, that I will not loose myself in the information when and as I accept and allow it into me

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand that I can’t be harmed by accepting and allowing myself to unconditionally consider, assess, and discern information, and take information into me, and look at it without any form of judgment, idea, or definition, and as such I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not approach all points in my world within and as the same state of being, as accepting and allowing myself to investigate unconditionally, to explore it unconditionally, to research it unconditionally, to question it, and challenge it unconditionally, and as such not accept and allow myself to make any presuppositions about the point even though I’ve not accepted and allowed myself to walk through it

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to become addicted to presuppositions, and presumptions, and as such I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear approaching a point, and immersing myself in a point, without having some form of judgment, or energy within me, through which I can define my relationship to the particular point that I am facing – and as such I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand how really, there is nothing to fear, and that the worst that can happen is that take on information that isn’t effective, yet obviously, this will be something that I notice as I apply the information for myself, and at that point I can simply make the necessary alignments

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand that I am able to use all aspects, and dimensions of my world to explore, empower, and expand myself, and that in all and every activity, challenge, and event, there is something for me to apply, and something for me to realize – and as such I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to see, realize and understand, that for example, in regards to studying subjects that I find tedious, boring, and meaningless, that here I can practice living the words of self-motivation, determination, and within that practicing pushing myself to study and learn the subject effectively and specifically, even though I am not fueled by any form of energy to do so

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand that when and as I judge a point that comes into my world, and immediately reject it without any investigation, or research, then this indicates that I am using my mind in order to avoid having to face, and develop, and correct a particular part of myself, and as such I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not push myself to realize that it’s not my world that is at fault when I experience resistance, or discontent, but that it’s rather myself, and that it’s as such my own starting point, and my own relationship to the point that I must investigate

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to approach information, events, situations, and challenges from a starting point of right or wrong, wherein I want to discern the point as either being correct, and incorrect, and within this I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not approach points in my world from a more expansive perspective, and realize that it’s impossible to force points into the small boxes of right or wrong, as all points contain several different dimensions, and as such it’s important to not make any hasty conclusions, but rather accept and allow myself to explore the points here within as the stability of breath; and as such I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not allow myself to apply this practically in my world – through when I am faced with a situation, challenge, or moment – to in that accept and allow myself to approach without a judgment, and without any ideas, or experiences, but be clear within myself, and accept and allow myself to take part of, discern, and assess the actual physical reality of the point


I commit myself to approach points in my world without judgments, without emotions, without feelings, and without any preconceived notion, and I instead commit myself to see, investigate, research, and assess the actual physicality of the point – such as for example with food; to not react instinctively in saying that the food is disgusting because I’ve memories of such food – but rather eat the food, and see how my body reacts, and then make a aware decision of whether this food is supportive for my physical or not

I commit myself to stop approaching new information from a starting point of fear, and I instead commit myself to approach new information, situations, and events unconditionally, and assess, discern, and evaluate the information without any preformed experiences – so that I am as such able to look at all points and research everything and take that which is good

I commit myself to be open and accessible to new perspectives, new information, and new ways of seeing and dealing with things, and as such I commit myself to be flexible, and not lock myself into and as a limited idea of ‘this is how I see things’ or ‘this is how I do things’ – and as such I commit myself to not fear the unknown and the new – but rather embrace change and stand with the principle of investigate everything and keep that which is good

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Giving Up Your Passion For Money

There are many of us in this world that find ourselves to have a passion for something – a deep liking and fascination – it could be a action, or hobby that we enjoy immensely and for me I’ve found such a passion towards music – towards singing and playing guitar. For me this passion opened up as I first discovered blues and improvisational music – and as I let myself explore the guitar by myself – read books about various techniques and listen to music done by various fascinating artists – such as Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, John Lee Hooker etc. – and the more I immersed myself into this world of music the more passionate I became, the more I enjoyed it.

Though – music hasn’t been my only passion in life – I’ve found myself enjoying myself within making films, theater, and acting – as well as writing, painting, building, and so on – I’ve found most types of creative expression to be fulfilling and fun – yet when the time came for me to pick a college orientation I didn’t pick a orientation that had anything to do with creativity or art – I picked a orientation that was directed towards getting to know the functions of society – wherein the primary subjects was history, language, and societal knowledge – nothing of which I was passionate towards at all – the question that begs to be answers is why I made such a choice; the reason is simple – I picked the orientation because I knew it would send me in a direction in society of being able to at a later stage claim a higher education – which would then in turn enable me to generate money – the decision I made was made from a starting point of securing an income for myself.

And so – I compromised my dreams for money – and this point opened up to me as I listened to a Life Review of someone that also compromised his dreams for money; he was born in a elitist family, and brought up and schooled from a young age to take over his families business – while his real interest and passion was art. He grew up fascinated with the great masters of the paintbrush, and he was discovering new techniques, investigating and learning more about the craft – until one day when he was 14 years old – this day his mother and father came into his room and told him that – that was it – from now on he’s to learn how to become a successful business owner and stop his obsession with painting; and they took away all of his art, paintbrushes, frames, art books etc. There was no fighting, he simply gave into the wishes of his parents – as he realized that if he fought he’d probably be disowned and live a life of insecurity wherein he wouldn’t have access to any money, and the surety of being wealthy – and so he compromised his dreams for money.

What I realized as I listened to this review was that we can’t in-fact live our dreams in this system as it currently exist – thus I saw that the solution for me to be able to live out my dreams and passion was not to give up upon my current education – or stand within the system and go and live out my desire to become a musician in the system – no because I saw and realized that the problem wasn’t that I didn’t live out my dreams but the problem was that in this current money system – dreams can’t be lived out at all – in anyway what-so-ever. Even if I’d chosen to walk the path of a musician, I would’ve still been forced to compromise myself and my artistic expression in order to gain sufficient with attention from others in order to make money – and then I still wouldn’t have been able to live out my passion fully.

So, I don’t regret myself for compromising my dreams for money – because money is in-fact essential in this current system, and without it we’re fucked – and because of that everyone’s dreams are compromised, as we’re all in a constant hunt and competition in order to gain sufficient with money to survive. Thus – that I compromised my dreams for money was a common sense decision, wherein I saw that the path of music was financially uncertain, while the path of walking a higher education wasn’t – which is a truth that can’t be denied – yet let’s not forget that this truth is completely fucked up and obviously no one should ever have to compromise their dreams for money – no one.

But in our current system no one can live out their dreams, no one can live their passion – as we’re all slaves to money – we’re all dependent upon money – we’re all caught in the game of money and if we don’t play along we won’t survive this world – as such a new economic system must be established for us to be able to live out what it is that we really find stimulating, interesting, fascinating and enjoyable – a system within which we don’t require to compromise ourselves for money in order to survive, but wherein we’re instead supported to pursue our desires to express ourselves in certain ways, develop our talents and passions, and truly live.

Thus if you recognize yourself in this, as you also saw within yourself as you got to know yourself in this world – that there were certain things you really loved to do – found utterly fascinating and enjoyable – but that you couldn’t pursue due to money – or rather the constant lack of money – then I really recommend that you watch this video – this Life Review – and realize that as long as we’re in a system that doesn’t support us to enjoy ourselves and follow what we’re passionate about – we won’t ever be able to truly experience and give ourselves to that which we love. We need a new system – a Equal Money System – were we’re all equal since birth – no one born in debt – no one born in wealth – but all equal – and where work is done for the pleasure of it and not because of survival – such a world is possible yet we have to create it – don’t wait for it to come, let’s bring it here!

No One Would Sell You Anymore Shit In A Equal Money System

If you decide to take a stroll in our current money system, simply leaving your home, placing your one feet in front of the other one, exploring your township while enjoying a refreshing walk – you’ll with almost complete certainty experience and come face to face with one thing; though the requirement is that you walk in a city. This thing that you’ll experience and come face to face with is the following: people will try to sell you shit!

Yes – not only will you during your refreshing walk several times face the situation wherein someone is attempting to sell you something, either through advertisement as pictures, smells, sounds, shapes and forms, or direct selling – but they’ll also try to sell you shit – yes shit. And it’s this fascinating and particular point of shit being sold and auctioned in our current money system that I am going to place focus upon in these writings – because: why is it that we sell each other shit? Why is it that we invent shit products?

Though, obviously, as you buy the product, or become enticed to buy the product as the advertisement flash before your eyes, you don’t know that the product is shit – as the advertisement will make the product seem better than, more awesome, more fantastic than it in-fact is; thus you’ll believe that what you buy is actually cool – only to find it out that it breaks apart some months after the purchase – which is why you with a well rehearsed sigh conclude that the product was in-fact shit.

And even if the product lasts some years and you think that the product is actually good, it’s still less than how good and effective it could have been, if it was in-fact built to be sturdy, of good quality and supportive to man – but products aren’t built to be sturdy, of good quality and supportive to man – no they are built to expire and break – for the simple reason that such a construction creates a higher influx of money. As such you have no way of comparing the shit product you’ve bought, with an actual functional and effective product – as no such product currently exist – as all products that are created in our current money system are in-fact shit. Thus, you’re not able to see and understand what a cool product is, as you’ve never seen one of those ever – as they can’t exist, or be built in our current money system – only shit products are able to be created.

Why do I then say that all products created in our current money system are in-fact shit? It’s due to the simple reason that all products in our current money system are created with the sole intent of creating profit, as such the focus in the development and purpose of the product has not been it’s actual functionality and excellence – but instead how much money it would cost to make, and how much money it would generate back for it’s creators. Thus, no product is created with the intention of actually supporting and assisting man in living a fulfilling and effective life – and as such all products are shit; it’s simple mathematics.

But – there is obviously a solution, there is another way to live and exist, wherein survival would be removed from the life experience of man, wherein profit and greed would be removed from the life experience of man; and such a solution is a system, and this system is the Equal Money System. And in this system all would be supported with the necessities that are required for us to live and thrive, and as such products wouldn’t anymore be created from a starting point of survival – as wanting to make a profit, and calculating cost-factors in fear of spending to much time, and resources – but products would instead be created to assist and support mankind – wherein designs, and creations wouldn’t anymore be limited by the factor of money.

And the products produced wouldn’t be sold, due to the fact that all is available to everyone in an Equal Money System – as such all would be able to receive and have the best products possible, the products that truly would make life enjoyable, and fulfilling – not shit products that break when you just look at them.

Thus – in an Equal Money System we would for the first time experience and have access to in our reality, actual products of worth, relevance and value – and you’d never again have to set your eyes upon, or come face to face with the point of someone trying to sell you shit – as neither shit, nor selling would anymore exist = heaven on earth!

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FAQ Will I have to pay for the daycare/nursery of my child? Does a daycare/nursery still exist?

In an Equal Money System you won’t have to pay for anything, ever again – all that you require and need in order to live a fulfilled and effective life, will be there, supplied for you, unconditionally – that is in living action the benevolence and support as principles that the Equal Money System is based upon; in short – what is best for all, will be available to all – regardless.

As such – if it’s best for all that a nursery and daycare still exist – this will be available. As I see it – the daycare is a cool place for a child to spend time in, it’s fun to meet other children, and it’s exciting to play and have fun in the supportive environment of nurses – that are able to watch over, and socialize with the children.

Currently, most parents place their children at a daycare, and nursery due to the fact that they have to earn money each day, and spend several hours at work – this will not be so in an Equal Money System, because here you’ll not need to anymore fight, struggle, and spend your time slaving away at a job – as all that you need to live an effective and fulfilled life will be supplied too you unconditionally – you won’t anymore need to earn your right to live – your right to a fulfilled and complete life-experience will be here as a fact simply because your born.

Thus, children will spend more time with their parents instead of being at a daycare or nursery – yet the nursery and daycare will still exist as a center of interaction and socialization between children, as well as parents – where newly made parents can meet and discuss their experiences and learn from each other.

Further – the nursery can exist as a place of education to the parents, where nurses or daycare personnel, as people that truly enjoy and live to express themselves together and with children, are able to share their insights and realizations in regards to how to effectively support children – the daycare will be as a point of coming together for both children and parents, wherein all can have fun, interact, and have a good time together.

Though, nursery as a place where you dump your children, to get to be alone at work, won’t anymore exist – parents will now have time to be parents instead of slaves.

As such the children, as well as the parents, will truly be supported and assisted to develop a cool relationship with each-other, and at the same time expand and grow themselves to become more fulfilled and worthy beings – truly satisfied with themselves and the life that they lead; as beings that are in-fact living self-perfection in every breath, expressing themselves as life as who they are.

And God Created… Science

And god created science, and the university, the learned man and the stupid man – why?

Why didn’t god give everyone as they came here to this planet the same knowledge? All the knowledge required to live an effective life? Why did he make certain people smarter than other people? Calling them professors, wise and learned – while the rest are apparently doomed to stupidity, and to learn from those more wise that’s apparently holding the secrets of life?

Why did god create inequality? Couldn’t god see in his all-knowingness, in his wisdom and omnipotence – that if he created inequality – he would create jealousy, competition, self-importance, EGO and narcissism as well? Couldn’t god see that he created those that would feel inferior and pushed away by the education system, at the same time as he created those that felt, and was embraced and supported by the education system, due to their effective grades?

Why did god create a education system where people are pitted against each other, graded and compared in their ability to learn knowledge, to then be valued according to this ability as apparently ‘who they are’. I mean, why didn’t god consider all worthy of acceptance and love? Why only those few that managed to learn the knowledge of our education system verbatim, and then spit it out in perfect syntax and with perfect grammar – it simply doesn’t make sense what so ever.

The reason I pick this topic to write about is because I am currently studying a summer course at my university in regards to economical history – how our various laws and policies have been passed; who’s been the major influences and who hasn’t and why. And the thing that strikes me as I read – is how completely meaningless this knowledge is. And the meaninglessness of the knowledge is truly revealed when on one page there is one professor stating one thing, and then on the next page there is a new professor stating the opposite but on the very same subject!

I mean, when something like that happens, it’s time to seriously consider if the theories and knowledge we produce at our universities is truly real, and can actually be considered ‘truth’ – or if it’s just bullshit made up to make money. I mean, these professors got to research about something, and they got to make a name for themselves in someway – they must have money. So, obviously they will have to come up with something, some cool story, when they write their books.

Obviously, looking at education from a common sense perspective, we see that there can only be one fucking truth. The reason being = there is only one fucking reality. If you have several truths in the same reality, this means something has been missed, and reality hasn’t yet been discovered, or that some of the truth-claimers are missing reality.

I mean, in observing reality, two researchers should come to the exact same findings, if they don’t, this means that they haven’t in-fact observed reality, but only their own made up mind-bullshit. Or maybe they’ve simply made something up that sound cool – I mean, or maybe they’ve thrown a dice when they selected which theory they should push.

I am so fucking tired of theories, I am so fucking tired of science, got damnit – in this search for truth we miss the truth that is here – simplicity. All our science in the world hasn’t yet produced a solution for starvation, that implies that our science is severely limited and really of no use what so ever. Let’s face it – our science is only entertainment, it’s something we do because we think we’re smart, and we find out new stuff, that apparently no one has found out before, so we can apparently discover ‘the secret’ and then feel all mysterious, in awe and good about ourselves.

My god – there is no secret!

I also thought for a long time that I had to find myself, or I had to find the truth that is somehow hidden just in-front of my eyes, until I realized that there is nothing hidden in front of my eyes, what I see is what is here; there is nothing more to figure out – reality is based upon cause and effect and that’s how simple it is – as such there is only one single truth, and that truth is able to be seen by everyone, and without any effort or struggle. One simply removes the mind-bullshit as one’s own private reality, as thoughts, feeling and emotions – and suddenly the real reality become visible, as this physical actual reality that is right here.

And I mean – why should I go around attempting to find myself? And find truth? I am here – I breathe and I am here – that’s it – I am found! And as to the truth, the truth is here, as this world, and the solutions that can in-fact make it a better world is right in front of our eye’s and very simple; yet we don’t see them! Because we don’t want to! Because if we decide to in fact see what is here, and what the solutions are to solve the crisis that is here, we would see that it entails giving up our mind, as our separate reality, and in-fact living in a way that’s best for all, and we simply won’t do that – yet.

So, while our scientists waste their time inventing theories, further separating themselves from the real reality, and I have to sit and read this shit, apparently ‘broadening my perspective’ and ‘learning something’ – the world spirals into a complete fucking mess. And still there is no solution to starvation, because that would in-fact require some practical changes to take place, considering all life that is here and not only ourselves; and so for that has not been our strong side. We’ve much more liked to invent cool theories and entertain ourselves, while continuing to live out our day-to-day destructive behavior, waiting for god to take us to heaven, so that we can live for eternity.

My god – everything in this world is so fucked up and twisted.

But I mean, the buck stops with me, I am going to stop my mind as my own scientist in my head, as my own research, existing in a separate reality, lost in my thoughts, in a little bubble between my ears. I’ve decided to come back to reality – this one reality that we all share – and in-fact support myself and everyone else in this reality to have a cool life, and see the actual truth that is here, and as such enable myself to apply a real and actual solution; finally giving up my self-interest and desire for myself to live a cool life, while everyone else is disregarded.

Yeah – I am coming back to reality, if you was to tag along then visit www.desteni.co.za, and sing up in the desteni I process – the course of reality exploration.

Until next time!