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Day 438: Blaming Politicians

The politicians are to blame! We need new ones! – that is the theme of so many chronicles. It is always someone else’s job to fix the shit we are in. We are so good at spotting, describing and voicing problems, yet when it comes to fixing them – we have a long way to go. What if all those journalists and critics instead would join a party, or create a new one, and sign themselves up to be elected. However very, very few do that. And those that do, well, it is their fault that we are in this mess.

For some reason politics have become separate aspect of society and life, something that we just expect others to handle while we go to work, enjoy our hobbies and live the good life. And when it does not work, we became mad as hell. In my country of origin, Sweden, this anger and frustration has taken form in the way of people voting for a party with a slightly racist party-line with many politicians that have questionable backgrounds. It is our way of saying – fuck this shit – it does not work – then I will vote for this fucking party instead. I am not saying it is wrong to get angry – but why do we not do the math – that in order to change political outcomes – we have to engage in politics practically. We cannot just sit on the sidelines and scream and expect things to become better.

And that reminds of a quote I read today. A women that were complaining on the decline of social services that noted in a passage that it cannot be up to normal people going to work to support the less fortunate – that must be a job for the government. And my question is, why should it not be up to us? Why must we at all times have some intermediary that steps in and does things for us, in any case we will get frustrated with the end-result – because it is not as good as we  wanted it. We have placed our power to affect social and political change outside of ourselves and instead of doing something – we complain. And we are really good at complaining. If we would be able to change things by complaining, many things would be different. In-fact I suspect we would be living in heaven-on-earth. It is unfortunate that complaining never leads to anything worthwhile. Complaining is the opium of the dissatisfied. It gives the sense of something being done while all that happens is that meaningless words are uttered and then lost forever because no one acted on them.

I wonder what would happen if all of us engaged with problems and tried to establish and suggest solutions. How about, instead of writing a angry chronicle, you write a article outlining a way to solve an issue that you have noticed. And then you could send a copy of the article to the politicians you now are involved in that particular issue. That would be supportive and constructive, while complaining and ranting is the opposite. Nobody is encouraged by someone calling out all the errors and faults that they see. Though somehow, we think that politicians are different, and that they should take our concerns seriously and act upon them.

I work with law and it has happened to me many times at work that people are flabbergasted by the content and consequence of certain legal acts. And when they are at the receiving end of the law they are quick to share their discontent. What I sometimes tell them is that they do have an ability to change that particular law by engaging in politics and by democracy change the law. And that is also why we cannot blame anyone else for how our society looks. We built it. We created the laws, whether by direct action or by allowance, it does not matter, we did it. I am all for finding problems – WHEN – we take responsibility for the point by also offering or suggesting a solution. And it does not matter if others like the solution or not. What matters is that we did that little extra to show that there is a way forward and that we do not have to remain in status quo complaining forever more.

I do not say that we all have to engage in politics, though what we must all understand is that we have a responsibility as to what goes on in politics. And whether we decide to act through representatives or by creating lobbying groups or by writing articles to create a debate, it does not matter, what is important is that we take co-responsibility and stop the blame game. We need people that are willing to work out the kinks of the problems to get forward – not only those that point them out.

Day 242: What is real evolution?

What is real evolution? The general accepted view of evolution is that of external shifts in form, techniques, and designs – and mostly the word is connected to survival – and from the human point of view – evolution is most often seen in the context of career or spiritual awakening, aka enlightenment.

2000px-Human_evolution.svgLooking at my own definition of the point it’s clear that evolution has been connected to moving away from my parents, and ‘creating’ my own life, getting my own apartment, and my own first job, and standing on my own two feet in the world system. This is something I’ve come to define as being a freedom as well, because being away from my parents, I’m apparently free to create my life as I wish – and I can now do whatever I want to.

Interestingly enough events have opened up in my life where I know find myself living with my mom again, on the farm were I once grew up – on the farm that I used to define as extremely limiting, that is positioned in a small rural town that I resented in my teenage years for not being hip, and revolutionary. I wanted to get away from it, live in some big city, and ‘experience’ life – and I used to consider the people that stayed behind as being the biggest losers, because I thought that they were missing out on life.

And now, I find myself in that position that I before used to judge, and resent, and the fascinating thing is that – on a physical level – it’s great for me – the country side allows for a expansive, physical, and creative lifestyle, with lot’s of contact with animals and nature. Compared to living in the city, the farm offers a more calm, serene, and easy life – put plainly: There is not as much shit on the countryside. Though, on a mind level – I have had conflicts emerge – residues from my past conclusions and assumptions of the country life – were I defined this lifestyle as BORING.

Thus, I am now presented with a clear perspective on the irrational nature of the mind, because in the mind, we evaluate points on the basis of FEELING and EXPERIENCE and not from a starting point of PRACTICALITY – and this is obviously a big problem. So, from the minds perspective, I have seemingly regressed by moving back to the place were I grew up, and I have missed out on my evolution through not getting a place of my own, but instead opting to live on the same farm as my mother. In the mind’s eye this is a complete failure, because I am not out there in the world, exploring, having adventures, and acquiring knowledge through meeting and interacting with new points.

Though, is there anything that says that I am conditioned to not explore, to not experience, develop new skills, and new abilities while living on a farm together with my mom? Is there anything that says that I am physically more limited to create my life when I am living on the countryside where I used to grow up, compared to if I was living in a town, far away from my place of birth? The simple answer is NO – and here we get into seeing the REAL expression and definition of evolution.

Because the fact is that REAL evolution is not limited to the external reality, in terms of where we live, and the people that are in our lives, our jobs, etc. Real evolution is a decision we make, to in the confines and limitations that do exist in this physical world – regardless of where we live – move, express, and drive ourselves to expand – and this expression can come through in all places, in all contexts, in all situations – because it’s about WHO WE ARE.

For example, I live on a farm, with literally thousands of opportunities to start exploring various relationships with nature, animals, agriculture, construction, machinery, and so forth. Thus, even though I am living where I once grew up, it by far means that I know all parts of my physical surroundings, and it by far means that I have investigated all the various parts that together make up the thing we call country-life – such as for example: Gardening, driving a tractor, organizing equipment, caring for and supporting the various farm structures – the fact is that there is an entire existence before me that I have yet to delve into.

Though, what happens when I am in my mind thinking that expansion and self-creation is somewhere out there? Where is my focus? Well, it’s obviously OUT THERE, and in that I miss the opportunity of self-creation that exists HERE – the moments of self-expansion, and self-movement that are opening up HERE – those points are easily glanced over when the mind is set out to build something in the future.

Thus, the correction to this point, is to bring the world evolution back to the present, to see, realize and understand, that self-expansion, self-movement, and self-creation are words that can only be lived HERE – that no town, job, or career in the world can give me these words – I must give them to myself – and I must live them in my daily life – I must make them part of myself – and push myself to be present and aware here to see when a opportunity for self-expansion open up, so that I can walk into it, learn, experience, and evolve myself – develop myself.

To summarize: Regardless of where we find ourselves, with whom we live, what job we have, and what our circumstances are – WE have the power to expand, develop and evolve – we have the power to CREATE ourselves and make the best of what is here – that is UP TO US – nobody can do it for us – it is a decision that we make to participate and be aware of every breath, of every move we make – because only then are we able to recognize what is in front of our eyes, and walk into the opportunities that do unfold every single day.

Day 224: Seeing The Opportunities Here

For some months now I’ve been in the process of contemplating and looking at where I’m able to go with my career and how I can define and move it in such a way so that I can create an outcome that would not only be best for me – but best for all. This have been an interesting journey, because I’ve had many realizations as to what it really does mean to move myself within this world to create an effect and have a influence.

The most prominent realization I’ve had is that the opportunity to create a position for myself in the world system, a direction and purpose that I’m able to walk and through that have an effect, is not something that is existent OUT THERE in the future – rather – the opportunities to create value in the lives of others is a prospect that is existent HERE. I’ve found that I wanted to have this perfect point in the system, for example to work as a humanitarian lawyer, and in that promote change – and immediately – from the get go – be in a position that would allow me to voice the message of creating a better life for all of humanity – though – this is NOT how it works.

Because the things is that we exist in a system that for such a long time have only functioned within and around very primitive motives and drives – most of the organizations out there have a limited starting point; such as helping societies outcasts to achieve food and a roof over their head, or supporting impoverished children to achieve an education, or collecting funding for some new vaccine – there is almost NO group that focuses on a solution that would correct the origin problems of our society. THOUGH – the thing is that when we walk out into the system, and place ourselves in a position – we can’t expect that point to immediately be effective and aligned according to the principles we see would bring a permanent change – rather – we must CREATE that position to become that change.

So, with regards to a career and placing myself in the system, what I see is that regardless of what point I place myself within – it’s going to be up to me to change and direct that point to become a life-supporting and nourishing complement to this world – it’s not going to be that from the get go – I must build it, will it, and bring it into fruition.

And thus – it’s not about the career, the profession, or where I place myself in the world, it’s about WHO I AM within what I do – and thus I can place myself in for example, the position of the corporate lawyer – and from within that point find directions, loopholes, and potentials that I can start to build on – support and enhance to be able to bring through a more supportive and effective existence. For example, as a corporate lawyer, one could make it a purpose for oneself to assist and support new and upcoming businesses free of charge, seeing that such businesses hold potential and value that will assist and support humanity as a whole – thus changing the profession, directing the career, molding it according to WHO I AM instead of wanting the career and profession to give all the answers and already be a pre-set route where it’s all already done.

This realization has been important to me, because now I’m able to see that the stress, and doubt I’ve experienced towards making the decision of where I’m to place myself isn’t in-fact relevant – it takes my focus away from that which is important – which is ME and WHO I AM in every moment of breath. Because WHO I AM is the in-fact the foundation of everything that I do in my life – and it will determine the outcome of all points that I decide to take on and walk into. Thus – to select a path is a point of practicality and also of seeing where one have the necessary skills to be able to walk one’s career effectively – though the point of using that career and path to make a difference in this world – that is a matter of WHO I AM – a point of being CREATIVE and OPEN to possibilities and to see things from new perspectives – and not get caught up in the idea that I can only affect change through these select few and limited professions and career paths – CHANGE is something we bring into this world because WE decide to do so – not because our professions makes it possible for us to do it.

And maybe that is the true meaning of the word activist – someone that is ACTIVE in creating their life and purpose regardless of the position they find themselves within in this world.

Day 195: What Are We Waiting For?

In reading this blog as well as listening to this interview – I’ve come to realize some very cool points that I will now take into application in my life.

So, what I’ve realized is in essence that I’ve been waiting in relation to actually taking the step into the unknown – committing myself fully to my process of self-change and actually walking through it – and I see that a point that have contributed to this is the idea and belief that I am not able to walk this process of change – that I am not able to change and birth myself as life from the physical.

Though, obviously – I am able to do this – and the reason I can say this is because I’ve everything I will ever need at my disposal – I’ve the tools – self-forgiveness – self-writing – and self-commitment statements – I’ve a functional human physical body – I am breathing and I’ve a functional mental capacity – thus – there are no excuses and there are no justifications why I shouldn’t make it the purpose and focus of each day to bring through the potential that I know I am able to live.

After listening to the interview I recapitulated my process – I looked at what I am facing within – what I’ve been working with for an extended period of time – and where it is crucial that I push myself to actually change for real – and I see that the time of preparation in regards to these points is DONE – I’ve prepared myself – I’ve laid the foundation – I’ve walked the writing – I’ve walked the self-forgiveness – and now it’s time to bring this into physical application – and to take my self-commitment statements into living – and make my spoken and written wordliving words.

Thus – I’ve committed myself to make the primary point of attention in process to live my practical commitment statements – to get back to the basics and walk through these persistent and nagging points – that I’ve not yet fully pushed myself to transcend – that I’ve still in a way waited for to change – not realizing that when the points arise within me – I must stand as that point of movement that makes the decisions – that I will the point into physical manifestation and change – the only one that is able to do this is MYSELF – so – practical application – practical change – practical movement – being practical – and engaging in my process practically – that will for the time being be a priority.

And I see that it’s not that this practical application part of process is particularly difficult or tough – not more tough than other parts and aspects of process – it’s just that – I’ve never done it – I’ve never fully committed myself to it and walked it – and that is what I must do – to actually get my hands dirty – do it – do it – make the mistakes – and then – perfect the point – so that I establish this point of taking my self-commitment statements into practical physical application.

One of my primary motivations in doing this is that I realize what an opportunity that I’ve – that there is potential for me to create myself – and that I don’t want to under any circumstances look back at myself and my life – when I die – and realize that I didn’t give it my all – thus I take preventive measures and make sure that I give this my all – every day – every breath – push through and walk the point – until it’s done.

Persistency – Consistency – Steadfastness in Self-movement – those are the keys for real change to be birthed from the physical.


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not align myself within and as persistency, consistency and steadfastness – standing fast in my determination to walk this point through – to apply myself and walk this process to the best of my ability

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear giving this process and myself – my everything and all – in fearing that my best and to the fullest of my ability won’t be enough – and thus I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to half-ass myself through my process believing that it won’t be enough when I give it my all – and also thinking that it will take too much effort – and be uncomfortable and too much if I give this process my all

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not wake up each day with a clear intent and motivation to bring forth change on a practical on physical level in myself and in my world – with a clear intent and motivation to push through and move myself through the difficult and tough points that I’ve been working with – and seeing, realizing and understanding that I am able to do this – that it’s about me aligning myself within that clear intent and determination that I do possess – and that I must re-direct into process and into bringing through physical practical change on a daily basis and not stopping – not holding back and not quitting – until this is done

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not develop and strengthen my spirit – my ability to stand – to support myself and practically apply myself when I face tough and difficult shit within me – and thus I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not practice this point through the application of when a reaction emerge within – to immediately ask – where did this come from? How did I create this? And then look at solutions – to apply self-forgiveness on the point and immediately move myself out from the energy – to use breath to support myself to step out of the character and get into the physical here

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand that this is my last life – and that when I die – I will be measured – and I will stand before myself and ask myself – what did I do? Did I give this my all and everything? And within this I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand that in that moment I want to see with full certainty and surety that – yes – I did absolutely everything in my power to move myself – to expand – to correct myself – to live my words into the physical – and that I did take this opportunity and I made the most of it

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand that I must create myself as the character of life – that I must bring into existence those characteristics that I see that I must have and live in order to walk this process and birth myself as life from the physical – and within this I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand that walking this process half-assed – walking it without really meaning it – walking it without really wanting it – it’s meaningless and waste of time – because I won’t get anywhere – in order to actually expand – in order to actually move – in order to actually develop myself and stand – I must mean it – and I must live it fully

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand that common characteristic of people that have produced marvelous results with their lives is that they gave it their all – they didn’t waver or give up – but kept on pushing regardless of what issues – challenges or difficulties that they faced – and thus I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not align myself with that same intensity and will – with that same spirit and power to push through and move myself – and produce results regardless of what I am facing – and stand steadfast within myself in understanding that walking process and producing self-change is a matter of accumulation – is a matter of remaining consistent throughout time – and walking the correction and the direction that I’ve placed for myself until I stand – until I’m in a position where I am stable and sound and there is not anymore any movement within me

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to become spoiled with the tools of self-forgiveness, writing, and self-commitment statements, and in that use them half-assed – instead of when I sit down to do my writing – when I sit down to do my self-forgiveness – to be fully and totally here – to do it completely and absolutely – and to be here in the physical and walk the point with presence of breath – and thus I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and recognize the opportunity that these tools represent – the opportunity that living these tools in the physical represent – and that all the answers – and that the life I’ve been looking for – that it’s before me – and that all I have to do is to stop waiting – and simply step up and take these tools to their fullest potential through living them practically – and doing that consistently day-by-day – until it’s done

Self-commitment statements

I commit myself to each day wake up with a clear intent and motivation that I am walking my process – this is why I am here on earth – to birth myself as life from the physical – and thus I will use this day that is before me to fully apply myself – to stop myself when I notice I go into thoughts, emotions or feelings – to remain here with my breath and practice stabilizing myself in the physical – and to make sure that I do my writing – and that I walk my Desteni I Process course – and that I use the support-platforms that are here at my disposal for me to embrace and make my own

I commit myself to stop waiting and make each day a complete and fulfilling day – through taking the tools and my practical application to it’s fullest potential – through being HERE – and applying myself – taking my practical commitment statements into physical living – and creating myself as life from the physical – and walking this point until it’s done

Eqafe Review: Developing Communication and Expanding Relationships

Today I’ve listened to a absolutely amazing interview called “Developing communications and expanding relationships” – and it’s a life-review interview from a being that has just recently crossed over, and now shared his insights in regards to the mistakes he made in his life.

The primary point of the interview is that we as human beings live in very small and isolated circles of relationships – we interact with a fairly small amount of people, and seldom do we dare to break out of our already created relationships and make contact with someone new. The reason as to why we so seldom do so – is because – as is explained in the interview – a cultural rule we carry within that says; “this isn’t how you’re supposed to do” – meaning you’re not supposed to make contact with new people for no reason but just to chat with them, and get to know them – it’s just not how we do things around here.

So, in essence – the reason why we choose to remain in such a small and secluded world is because we fear stepping out of our comfort zones, and going against this inner police man that wants us to follow this cultural rule that we’ve adapted ourselves to.

Obviously – living within and as this fear is utterly limiting, and I’ve realized through listening to this interview how I’ve limited myself in expanding my relationships through communicating, and initiating contact with new people; thus I will from now on push myself to walk through this fear and expand myself in getting to know and communicating with more people.

I suggest for everyone to hear this interview – it’s available at eqafe together with many other cool self-help – self-introspection products – go check it out!

2012 My Experience With Self-Forgiveness

When I first came into contact with self-forgiveness, my initial reaction was curiosity – what is this? Why should I apply self-forgiveness? My second reaction was that of me wondering within myself, but does this really work? I mean, can it really be this simple; to just speak the words and then it’s done?

That was about all of the reactions that I had towards self-forgiveness – and apart from that my experience was that I couldn’t really put my head around and understand it; though I go to any great lengths in my attempt to understand what it was all about – instead I – with no hesitation – started to apply self-forgiveness, to instead see for myself what it was all about.

The reason that I did decide to apply self-forgiveness was because of the results that I saw it had on other people that I had gotten to know, and herein I am specifically referring to Bernard Poolman from Desteni – which was a living example – in my face – that to change oneself is in-fact possible. Especially the stories that Bernard shared, of how he’d transcended several points through simply pushing himself to apply self-forgiveness I thought was impressing – I could see that this is not fake, this man has actually changed through usage of this tool, and thus, this is not something I am going to miss out upon – even if I don’t understand why, or how it works; and as such I decided to start applying self-forgiveness.

Though what is worth to be mentioned here, in regards to me realizing that self-forgiveness is one of the tools that will in-fact assist and support me to self-freedom, is that I initially thought that self-forgiveness alone would set me free; I placed trust into the application of self-forgiveness, and as such missed to see the importance of living my self-forgiveness practically in my world – which the actual change. Thus – what is important to understand and be clear upon for anyone that begins to apply and walk with, through and as self-forgiveness, is that it won’t supply any miracles, such as you speaking the words, and then suddenly you being as free as a bird – no – self-forgiveness is a support for self to stand up and will self to be free – yet self must actually walk the correction, though to do and enable this, self-forgiveness is a very powerful and invaluable tool.

Due to my mistake, of believing that self-forgiveness would save me, I had to walk a small detour (time-loop), through which I came to the understanding and realization that self-forgiveness alone wasn’t going to change me – I had to also live the self-forgiveness that I spoke – practically – and physically. But after realizing the mistake that I’d made – I applied myself within my new and aligned understanding of self-forgiveness, and realized it’s actual potential, and as such I started to apply it – almost daily – as a assistance and support – using it as a source of clarity, support and insight – as I faced, walked through, and corrected myself as me my inner mind-demons.

And what has been so fascinating about using self-forgiveness to walk through thoughts, experiences and possessions that has come up as I’ve walked this process, is that I through using self-forgiveness to self-reflect upon my behaviors and ways of living, I haven’t fallen into the trap of judging myself as bad or evil because of my fuck-ups and flaws – as this was before the starting point from within which I would look at myself.

For example, I would in a moment lash out in anger towards my mother, and if I then didn’t have my self-forgiveness, I would’ve gone into the mind, and looked at my behavior through thinking, and simply judged it as being bad, and saying to myself that I am not going to repeat what I did towards my mom – but without ever gaining any kind of insight as to how I created this anger, and how I am as such to stop this anger – as such effectively setting myself up to lash out yet again.

Yet with self-forgiveness, I have been able to look at the fine details of my reactions, to zoom into the specific thoughts, and distinguish and locate the specific words, movements, colors, or sounds that triggered my experience – and through specifically applying self-forgiveness I’ve gotten to know myself to such an extent, that I’ve known exactly, when, how and where this reaction emerges – and as such I’ve been able to when the moment and the reaction yet again arrives, stop myself instantly – knowing exactly what was going on.

So – with self-forgiveness I was able to stop the very shallow application of judging my behaviors, and weaknesses, and instead develop insight, and self-intimacy, and get to know the mechanics of myself deeply – and as such I’ve taken back the directive principle of myself, and set myself free.

I’ve also used self-forgiveness frequently to assist and support myself to get through hard moments in my process, difficult, and uncomfortable experiences, and possessions – when these things have come up within me, and I’ve felt that – I am going crazy – I am becoming overwhelmed – I’ve sat down by my computer and started to apply self-forgiveness. This has always assisted me immensely, and the times have been few when this hasn’t in-fact enabled me to stop my possession, or experience, and get myself back to reality. Thus self-forgiveness has been my stability, and my companion – a point that I’ve been able to rely upon when nothing else has made sense.

Through using self-forgiveness I’ve also learned to distinguish what’s my mind, and what is me – as breath – as here; because as I’ve used self-forgiveness, the truth of what is in-fact the mind, and not real, has glaringly, and clearly stared me in the face – I’ve experienced it as if self-forgiveness makes my inner reality – for a moment – crystal clear – wherein I am able to see what I am doing, how I am doing it, seeing what is my mind, and what is my physical – and from this starting point within myself I’ve then able to correct myself, and direct myself in a way that is best for all – this I would’ve never been able to do without self-forgiveness.

Thus – in essence – self-forgiveness has in my process up to this point served as my reality check, but also as my binuclear into myself – with which I am able to take a good look at all the thoughts, experiences, reactions, definitions, opinions that exist within me – it has also served as my “cloak of invisibility/clarity” – because within using self-forgiveness, I’ve experienced it as if the I am, as EGO for a moment disappear – no more justifications – no more opinion  – no more definition – nothing more to defend – but instead only me clearly seeing everything for what it is within me, naming all that goes on within me in words, bringing it out, not being all personal about it, but instead standing within a state of objectivity – wherein I am able to see what I am in-fact doing – without any sugar, or badness coating – in simple terms – the veil of self-delusion have been ripped off!

What I’ve transcended in process so-far through the usage of self-forgiveness, is amongst other things, fear of people, anger issues, competition issues, self-judgments towards my body, laziness, and self-centeredness – obviously the process is continuously unfolding, and as such new points pop up as new layers are revealed – and as such I might still experience fear, and self-judgment – yet comparing who I am today, with who I was before I started to apply self-forgiveness, I am able to say that I am in-fact a new human being – that is the extent to how I’ve changed – and specifically in terms of those points that I mentioned above.

Thus – If I would give you a practical hands example as a comparison between who I am now, to who I was before self-forgiveness, let’s take a look at my experience in school: before I started to apply self-forgiveness, I was afraid to speak with other, and I was very much concerned about what types of clothes I was wearing – because I wanted to look good to others, and be seen as a well-dressed man, afraid that others would speak behind my back if I wasn’t – I was also very much lost in competition, as I constantly tried to become friends with those I considered to be “popular” – and never really accepting and allowing myself to be satisfied with myself, and talk, or share myself with anyone in my world – no matter what type of a status they would be seen as having by others.

Now when I go to school I am confident with myself, and I am comfortable with myself – I am comfortable being alone, and being without friends, and I am comfortable speaking to, and sharing myself with others – I am also not worried as to what type of a impression that I make upon people with my clothes – and I don’t really worry about others speaking about me behind my back – in essence I would describe my change as me becoming more relaxed and at ease with myself – even though there are definitely still some points to work.

I recommend the application of self-forgiveness to others, because it opens up the opportunity to in-fact be able to change the insanity of the inner reality of self, and instead stand up as a self-directed, and self-motivated human-being – self-forgiveness presents the chance for self to end the irrelevant, and constant backchat of fear and worry – “What do others think of me?” – “Do I have enough friends?” – “Do others like me enough?” – so one can instead focus upon what is important here in life – which is living – breathing – being – and expressing self here.

Thus – self-forgiveness is the key to a new a life, and experience of self – and that is why I recommend it to everyone – it’s a completely new reality that unfolds and opens up, a new experience, a completely unknown, and unexplored world that has been missed is allowed to be found – something that we’ve missed because we’ve been so busy living and existing in our minds – and it’s as such the key back to reality, back to self, as the physical.

Changing self can only be done through the utilization of self-forgiveness – why? Because our inner reality is a fuck-up, a fuck-up that is so vast, and so intimately ingrained with ourselves, that we don’t in-fact know it’s a fuck-up – we think that it’s normal – and that it’s “who we are”. But through using self-forgiveness we for a moment open up a little window into reality, which we’re able to peak into and see – my god – this is a fuck-up, and this absolutely not normal! And within this “my god” – we are able to change ourselves, as we realize – real-eyes – that we’ve been living a fuck-up – and that this fuck-up is not who we are – but who we’ve created and brainwashed ourselves to be – and as such we’re able to change it.

Thus – attempting to change us without self-forgiveness is impossible, because we’ve invested so much trust in our personalities, thoughts, reactions, experiences, beliefs, and ideas – that we simply can’t imagine that this isn’t who we are – I mean who are we without our thoughts? Can we really live and exist without our mind? Yes – we are – yet that self that is hidden beneath the layers of thoughts, reactions and experiences – that is not of the mind – can only be found through giving up that which we’ve defined ourselves as, which is our mind – and it’s impossible to see that we’ve in-fact defined ourselves according to something that isn’t actually us – without specifically, and intimately naming – placing and categorizing – the existence of the mind-constructs – as all that which moves within us – and that we’ve created inside ourselves; self-forgiveness is the glasses that we put on – to be able to see who we are – and then we use self-forgiveness as the eraser – to erase that which isn’t who we are, and in the process we get to know – what is in-fact the real self.

Thus – applying self-forgiveness is the process of self discovering self – self giving birth to self – self becoming intimate with self – and it’s a process of discovery and accumulation that no-one would like to miss out on – take my word for it, because I’ve seen and I daily live the benefits of self-forgiveness – practically and measurably – here.

Destonians The Godly Bloggers

I started my first blog in 2008 – looking at what I’ve written back then is interesting – and hilarious – as I was really quite an expert in completely immersing myself in various ideas, delusions and concepts – what’s that called with another name? Oh yeah – being a human! LOL –

Anyway – it’s four years ago now since I started writing my blogs, and it has assisted me immensely in getting myself out from my mind, and back into reality – and looking back at my first posts – it’s clear to see that I’ve changed fundamentally.

In the beginning when I started to write, making blogs was my point of lashing out and exertion – when I was writing I could go haywire and just let all of the nasty stuff out without no regard or consideration – though what I missed within this application was the fact that I am in-fact the words that I am writing – and I mean, if I write that I feel confused, lost, and delusional in 20 blogs following after each other, I mean it’s not strange that this is the way I will experience myself as well.

Thus – after my period of lashing out in blogs, and using them as my platform of simply going crazy, I started to direct the words as myself, and write self-directed – which means that I started to write myself out, and at the same time create myself as the words I was writing – if I would notice that I would experience myself as confused and lost, I wouldn’t simply write – “oh I experience myself so confused and lost!” No then I would push myself to look within me as to a solution to be lived, to end my experience of myself as confused and lost – I mean, in what way was I confused and lost? Was there some type of practical issue in my reality that needed direction? And then according to what I would see, as I asked myself such and other similar questions, I would place a correction for myself, and a direction as to how I would live from that point onwards.

To get to that stage of writing myself out took a long time, because I was a slow learner, and I didn’t write as much as I could’ve done – and also due to the nature of laziness that I’d developed, I never really took the time required to sit and write myself out properly, and correct myself, in the specificity that was needed. Though, after lots of mistakes and errors – I made it to the point of realizing the importance of writing self-directed.

Then – we arrive at the third stage of my development as a self-honesty author, which is the stage I currently find myself in, wherein I am now writing in order to assist and support others, and also to develop my understanding and insight in regards to how this current system functions – my maturing in terms of writing has been a process of accumulation, wherein I’ve in essence become less and less self-interested oriented in my writings, and more and more developed writing as a way of asserting myself as principle, developing myself as principle, and also expanding myself in my current application of myself as principle – so – I am at the moment still busy with this project of self-expansion, and will be for the rest of my life – none are free until all free.

Anyway – let me now get to the point, and the essence of this short article, and herein it will become clear why I’ve taken you through a short journey of my blogging adventures and realizations – see I didn’t walk this project of blogging myself to freedom alone – no I walked with a group – Desteni – and together we’ve pushed ourselves, developed, and expanded ourselves to become effective and self-directed individuals – able to write in a clear and comprehensive manner, for all to understand and enjoy – yes – we might actually be author-gods – *wink* – *wink*.

So – we’ve collected some of our best blogs in a book called Freedom Blogs – The Birth Of Practivism – Volume 1 – this is as such the book wherein you’ll follow the Destonians we push ourselves to expand, willing ourselves to put our fingers on that keyboard and write out that article – oh yes – it’s not easy to walk the process – it’s resistance upon resistance – point upon point – yet still – here we stand and show this book as the result of our labor – and I mean – this book simply can’t be missed out upon.

And I promise you that haven’t ever read anything alike that of the Destonian writings – it’s simply a new way of writing, and that isn’t very strange as we present a new way of living – a practical way – a way wherein all can be free – and hence the name of the book – Freedom Blogs: The Birth Of Practivism.

So – make yourself the owner of the book – click here – and enjoy some late nights in the bed following the adventures of the Destonians – as they push themselves no matter what – regardless – until it’s done.

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Why Equal Money isn’t like Communism

Many that come to hear about ‘The Equal Money System’ are very fast to claim it’s communism, that it’s been tried and that it’s as such won’t ever work. Usually those who make this statement are American or British citizens, due to these countries propaganda-machines, that extensively have propagated Communism as something evil and horribly bad, in an on-going onslaught ever since the end of WWII, as the Iron Wall came into being and the cold war began.

Obviously this massive and almost 50 year propaganda war against communism has been completely and utterly based upon fear – as the fear that the ‘evil communists’ would turn every American or British person a communist as well, and as such end the glorious era of capitalism; as such there has been much nonsense spoken about Communism, much hypocrisy, only to invoke the necessary fear and anxiety to have people avoid the political idea of Communism.


Probably because there has been certain capitalists in America and Britain that have stood on the verge of loosing all their assets if the state would suddenly take full control of all it’s citizens capital – and claim itself to be the sole owner of all the property and capital in the country; because this is the point of Communism – it’s a political idea wherein all the assets of a country, no matter private or public, is owned by the state and then supposedly shared equal to all people in society.

This complete state ownership is to be created through a revolution, wherein the workers take to arms and with violence overthrow the capitalists, as the employers of a society. The reason that it’s the workers versus the employers is due to the communistic belief that all suffering, comes from the capitalists, aka employers, as they are using the labor of the people to make money for themselves, as such not giving the fruit of the labor back to the people – and within this causing poverty and have not’s as economic outcasts in society.

In essence the idea of communism is to, through the removal of all capitalists, manifest a classless society wherein each and everyone ‘work according to their ability and receive according to their need’ – so we’re dealing with some cool principles and realizations here. A society wherein each one is given what he need’s to survive is obviously better than the one we currently have, as a society where no one is given anything at all – instead your born in debt as a slave.

Thus – the principle of communism is sound, meaning: the problem we face in society, as needless suffering and slavery, is due to division by class, as the variations/inequalities of ownership of money between people. The obvious solution to this problem must as such be to end this division by class, through sharing all property equal between everyone; yes this sounds good to me – but still it didn’t work – why?

What communism missed, and why it didn’t work have to do with the way it was to be implemented; as I’ve already explained – through a violent revolution. Why such an approach doesn’t work is because of the nature of the problem – it’s not in-fact the capitalists, as the societies employers, that’s the origin of the issue, as a society where people are divided by their apparent class, as the amount of money they own.

No – the problem is the human nature, as what we’ve accepted and allowed ourselves to become, as how we live in thought/word and deed; this is not a small problem and it won’t be solved with a quick fix – such as a revolution. To solve this problem we’ll actually have to change ourselves as who we are, and how we live on an individual and day-to-day basis, as it’s our individual actions accumulated in time that forms and manifests society as we experience it today.

Thus – when the capitalists were in-fact over-thrown in Cuba, Russia and China and the revolution came to be ‘successful’ – this didn’t change the nature of the human beings; they were still the same, as fearful, greedy, distrusting, manipulative = the normal human-nature stuff.

And obviously this had the consequence that a society with people divided by class, as how much money they own, was simply re-created – as we can only create that which we exist as, and if we live as separate, as a personality, as less than what is best for all = this is also what we’ll create.

So, here comes the difference in regards to Equal Money – we the DESTONIANS – as the people that are standing up to change their nature of self-interest – as ‘I only care about me’ – to something of worth, virtue and value – have decided to in-fact change ourselves and align ourselves to the principle of ‘Do unto another as you would like to be done unto You’.

As such we change the very building block of society, as each human beings individual day-to-day thoughts/words and deeds – as those of our own! We in-fact change how we live and apply ourselves to start considering everyone, all life, and not only our pleasures and discomforts – we in-fact live communism – as no one is less or more than another – but all are equal.

And within this we’ve realized that the only way to implement a lasting change in society, as a society where all are equally free, is through re-education – we must first change the nature of ourselves, before we’re able to change the nature of society, as we’re the building blocks of society, as each breath accumulates and builds that which will become our world and reality at the bigger scale.

This is why we’ve started Desteni I Process, this is why we share the tools of self-honesty and self-forgiveness, this is why we promote and push self-change; because this is the only way to a class-less society and a better world for all – and that’s the difference between communism and Equal Money = communism was only ever an idea not actually lived – Equal Money is a principle that must be lived, applied and considered in every breath – else there won’t exist a world that is best for all; it’s obvious common sense – we’ve always tried to change our reality through changing our external world, we’ve realized that the problem doesn’t lie in our external world, but in our internal world, as who we accept and allow ourselves to be and live as.