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Day 453: Dealing With Money

Money, it is a fascinating thing. Not only because it controls so many aspects of our lives, but also because it is a great reflection of ourselves. I have recently faced a couple of situations where I have come face to face with how I value myself, and how this comes through in my relationship with money.

There has been two contexts within which I have faced this point. The first context has to do with daring to ask for money for work that I have done, and the second has to do with daring to ask for a certain quality to be delivered, when I purchase a service or goods.

In the instances when I have been the ‘giver’ – I have been fearful of asking for money. I have also had a tendency to want to devalue myself and the services I offer. I have found that I feel better about myself when I charge less, compared to when I charge a lot. To me, on a deeper level, that reflects a lack of self-confidence and a lack of self-value – where I literally cannot see my own value and thus I do not want to claim more money than I perceive myself to be worth.

Recently I experienced this when I negotiated my salary, or rather, did not negotiate my salary. Instead I accepted my salary. I was satisfied with it, however, it was calculated according to a index that I did not entirely understand. Thus, when it came to actually receiving the salary, I was fearful and anxious about opening up and discussing this point with my boss. Though why would I be? I am not working for free, that is obvious for everyone involved. Still, I want to project a fake image of me not ‘caring’ about the money. Such a way of handling money is most definitely self-compromising – and leads to difficulties. The correction I see here is to dare to be honest and open about the point, discuss it, walk through the conflict and find a solution.

Then the second context, when I am the receiver, it has to do with me fearing to speak up and voice myself when I notice that I receive less value than what I have bargained for. An example of this from my life as of recent is the house I built together with my partner. Parts of the house, I am dissatisfied with, however, when it was built, I feared sharing this with the carpenter – because I did not want to cause a fight. I was fearful about making it all about the money, and being perceived as greedy.

Though, a fact of this reality is that, most things are about the money. Everything has a price. And either, we stand as directive in relation to money, or we just accept and allow shit to happen. Caring for money is not the same as being greedy, rather, it makes sense. In a reality, in a world, where everything is about money, learning to deal with money will make life a lot easier. And if I had stood up and directed my dissatisfaction and opened up a line of discussion with the carpenter, many parts of the house would have been more effective. Thus, I spared myself from the momentary discomfort of having a conflict, though I caused myself a long-term hassle, because now I live in a house, day-out and day-in – which I am not entirely satisfied with.

Money, it is funny – why do we make it such a big deal? Where I live, it is seen as dirty to have a lot of money. We do not talk about money, and many live simple lives, even though they might be really rich. However, only because we try to portray ourselves as humble and simple when it comes to money, I would say, that in the core, we are just as greedy and hungry for more, as everyone else. However, we are able to suppress it. Unfortunately, that causes us to be inefficient in dealing with money, because we push away conflicts and disagreements – and hope that everything will sort itself out for the best without our involvement. That SELDOM happens.

And that is something I have come to see recently – that being passive and hoping for things to pan out nicely – it does not work. If I see a direction that is best, it is my responsibility to push through and make that direction a reality. In the past, and especially when it has come to money, I have held myself back from doing that, and later on, I have had to live with the consequences. It might be, that because I am quite easy to satisfy, I have been able to live with the consequences. Though now, I do see how much better things could have been if I had learned and pushed through to direct the conflicts when they emerged. Especially when it comes to money.


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear dealing with money, and to perceive money as something dirty that I want to disassociate myself from, thinking that money is bad and wrong – and within this I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand, that I also desire/want/feel that I need money in my life – and hence I am creating a conflict within me, where I on the one hand fear money, and on the other hand I desire money

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear dealing with and working with money – and thus I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define money as a evil that I do not want to really concern myself with – within this I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand, that with this approach, I am suppressing and shutting out a point in my life, money, which is a really important part of life, hence actually compromising myself – because I am disabling myself from directing/dealing with a important point/part in life – money

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not recognize my desire for money, and thus instead of suppressing and trying to deal with this desire by using morality, that I instead focus on understanding my desire, focus on where this desire comes from, and how I can enable myself to change this desire into a common sense relationship with money where it is not about desire or fear – but where it is about using money in a common sense way that is best for everyone involved

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to become crazed with desire/want when I receive more money than what I normally have, and want/desire to buy everything that I can put my hands on – and within this use morality/fear to suppress this desire and return to status quo – and hence I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not instead understand my desires, to understand my fears, to learn where they are coming from, so that I can learn to direct myself and stand stable, and use my money with common sense, instead of using my money within and as fear

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear talking about money, to fear asking for money for services that I provide and to fear demanding quality for services and goods that I buy – to fear having money as a topic that I bring up and discuss with others as a important part in my decision making process when it comes to making decisions and directing myself in life

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to hide from the topic of money through pretending that everything is fine and okay – and through being ashamed and fearful when it comes to discussing and talking about money – and thus I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear for example haggling when I purchase things – to fear demanding a higher price when selling something – to fear being completely open and at ease with dealing with and discussing money with others and as such empowering myself in this part of my life

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to worry about money, and desire money at the same time, and thus put myself in a limbo, where I am in a constant thought-process/movement in relation to money – instead of effectively dealing with/using the money I have, or learning to do so, in stability and with common sense – where I do not worry not having money, and neither do I desire having money, but where my relationship with money is instead clear, specific and stable

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that I need and require fear to be effective with money, and that it is supportive to be shy and nervous around money, because apparently, it protects me from poverty, not seeing, realizing and understanding, that pretending as if money does not exist is not a solution and it will not mean that all my money problems suddenly, from one day to the other, will disappear – rather – a more effective solution would be to learn to use and direct money effectively without emotions clouding my vision and ability to act and deal money effectively

Self-commitment statements

When and as I notice myself going into fear with regards to dealing with, being direct with money, and I want to hide away, and suppress myself, I immediately take a breath, I stop myself and I bring myself back here, and I see, realize and understand that becoming shy and fearful about speaking about money does not support me to effectively direct my money situation, rather it makes me less effective, where I hide and hope that things will go away by themselves, instead of taking the bull by its horns and speaking it as it is – and thus I commit myself to practice being direct and open when it comes to money – to discuss the issues and do it here and not try to project and show off a facade that is not even real to begin with



Day 338: Have You Become A Stuff Protector?

“A house is just a place to keep your stuff while you go out and get more stuff.”

George Carlin

Stuff, things, pretty things, expensive things, nice things, old things, entertaining things, desirable things, unnecessary things, all these are part of the average lifestyle of the first world country human being, from beginning of life till the end, we are overwhelmed with stuff. We value the concept of ownership tenaciously, and most of us strive to expand our sphere of ownership in various ways – mostly through career and money – but also through experiential ownership in the form of memories, spiritual, religious or adventurous experiences, thoughts, education, and more. Objectively speaking, ownership is a not a problematic or consequential concept what-so-ever. To own is simply a verb that defines the action of having physical or mental control/possession over something. However, when ownership becomes feeling/emotional-based – and when we start to define OURSELVES – WHO WE ARE – according to our possessions, that is when this lifestyle must be put into question.

I recently read an article about a wealthy person that had been part of a long and tumultuous divorce process stretching over several years – and in the process – he had lost most of his belongings to his former spouse. What I found fascinating was how this individual, even though years had passed, was still investing time, effort and energy, in pursuing more court procedures, attempting to get back the things that he had once owned. In this person, I could clearly see the disturbingly  addictive quality that money and ownership can have, where without us being really aware of it, what we value and pay attention to slowly changes from ourselves HERE – to what we own, to our things, and what we want to have, and what we already have. What takes a back seat is LIVING – and what becomes the primary focus is MONEY and expanding our sphere of OWNERSHIP.

As I read this article, I could not help but reflecting on my own life, and how I have changed in many ways similar to this person since I was young. Because, when I was younger, from my years as a baby to my later teenage years, the focus within me was more on PHYSICAL living – and as I aged – this focus slowly started to change into money and ownership. I could see this pattern playing out even clearer as my partner and I built a house together. When the house stood finished, I started to have experiences and thoughts that were previously unknown to me. For example, a mistake that had been made in the building process, the shower was not placed correctly and as I had imagined it, that started to gnaw on me, and emotions came up of regret, judgment, fears and anxieties, all because my greatest and most valuable possession (the house I live in) was not built as perfectly as I desired, and thus, was not worth as much money as I had expected.

I took a while for me to realize what was going on, and how, instead of me using and owning my possessions as a practical part of my daily life, my possessions were internally owning and possessing me through constantly being in the back of my mind.

“He who looks after, takes care of things; forgets by and by that things were meant to serve him, and it does not strike him now when he started to serve them.”


Osho made some interesting observations about ownership. One of these is how we make ourselves a slave to our things when we relate to them using emotions or feelings, and thus make them part of WHO WE ARE – and by implication – making ourselves dependent on our things to be WHO WE ARE. For example, a master can only be a master if he has a slave, if the slave disappears, the master looses the thing he used to create his self-definition – thus causing inner conflict.

What can be learned from all of this? The way I see it, the point to understand is that possessions, things, stuff, are not part of WHO WE ARE – we were not born with them and we will not be able to take them with us when we die. The house that I built, and that I now live in, the various physical parts that constitutes the house were here before I was born, and they will continue to be here when I have died, maybe in the form of a house, maybe in some different shape – in any case – the house does not define me. Sure, I use the house, I live in it, and I can appreciate the various creature comforts it provides, but it does not define me. And that is the key to joyful living – to be IN this world – YET – not OF this world. To keep our jobs, care for our possessions, tend to our bodies, yet never forget that these things does not make us.

Children are inspirational examples that show what it means to be in this world yet not of this world. Children, they are not yet defined, limited, and confined within a certain lifestyle, position, or career – they are free to express themselves regardless of where they happen to be at the moment – and that is something we should all strive to create within ourselves – the FREEDOM to express even though we happen to live in a limited system that seldom allows us to bring that point of expression into full application.

I would like to end of with sharing one important point of consideration that I have come to realize with stuff. Many seem to believe that it is the stuff we own that ties us down, makes us materialistic, egoistic, possessive, and self-interested – that makes us forget the unconditional joy we could access as children – however – this is not the case. We must not accept and allow ourselves to blame our stuff, or believe that we through getting rid of stuff can erase and change our relationship with this reality and the stuff that populates it. Because the problem is and has always been ourselves, and our relationship with ourselves. Most stuff that we desire and want are but projections of our own inner state of lack, only there because we have not created ourselves to live according to our utmost potential – and thus – our desire to consume and acquire more things is in actuality a misdirected attempt to fulfill ourselves. It is the same process that occurs when people start to mold and shape their bodies to resemble images portrayed in media, believing that by attaining such a picture perfect body image they will feel whole and fulfilled – that is not the case – it is an illusion.

Hence, if you notice movements within yourself in relation to the things you own, it is a cool cross-reference point, because then you know that there are still points to work with. A feeling of desire towards owning more entertainment gadgets could imply that you are not yet sufficiently capable of entertaining yourself, or creating an entertaining life for yourself. The correction is thus not to sell your television, but rather to look at the underlying issue that creates the experience of desire.

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Day 328: Desiring Success In A Unsuccessful World

Success, a word, that to most is imbued with feelings, hopes, desires, wants, jealousy, competition, greed and secrecy. Most of us, in some way or another strives to be successful. We have defined success as having money, having a nice house, having a fruitful career, having perfect children, a perfect spouse, an interesting life and many friends. We have thus defined the word very much in relation to our external reality, and, very much as a individual point of achievement. It is seldom that success is used in the context of nations, groups of people, collectives, or with the entire world as the recipient. Success, thus, in the modern western world is something we reach alone, that we hold unto, and that becomes our currency in the survival game that we play in the system of money.

I find it interesting that it is so easy to loose oneself in this game of success. Until I began my university studies I was well protected from this game. It is fascinating to look back at how I was back then. My decisions then were in many cases based on what would be suitable and effective for me as a person. For example, when I went into hobbies, or pursued interests, it was most of the times not done from within a starting point of wanting to impress anyone, or to achieve recognition, rather it was something I did for and as myself, because I enjoyed it. However, when I began my university studies, I got to see and get involved with the game of success more closely; a game that is played with what careers we have, how much money we are able to accumulate, who we know, where we live, and where we do not live. It is a game of competing with our achievements, where we try to become better, so that we can feel valuable.

Thus, to some extent, I lost myself in this game, because gradually it became more difficult for me to see what I wanted to do, and what direction that would be the best for me, and that is because, in each and every process of consideration, a fear was intersecting: ‘What if I will not be successful?’. And thus I would gravitate towards certain career paths, and lifestyles, that I knew were considered, by the greater mass, as desirable. However, in this, I lost touch with myself, and with what I saw as a future for myself – or – I became more acutely aware that my life direction was very much determined by the input of others and not so much a self-directed decision as to where I want to go and what I want to do with myself in this lifetime.

Hence, the solution is the redefine success – this word is obviously not limited to having a efficient career, having access to money, and being popular, it is much more. And within this, what should also be looked at is the question as to whether it is possible to lead a successful life, FOR REAL, when the majority of human beings live in conditions of squalor. Is it successful to have a fuck-load of money, and spend that on things that interest us, while people exist in dismay all around us? I would say it is a extremely limited form of successful, and rather a form of narcissism – where we only care about ourselves and cannot give the slightest of fucks about anyone else.

How should success be lived for it to be real? For success to be real, it must be lived in consideration of others, it cannot be this single, desire driven, inner momentum, where we ONLY care about our own achievements, and disregard what consequences that might create in the lives of others. Further, real success cannot be something that is only existent on a personal level, because there is as well, a interpersonal and a existential level to the word success – where we are able to bring through this word into living not only for ourselves, but for the we interact with on a daily basis, and for the world as a whole. Hence, success is a word with great potential, but that has become severely limited, due to how we have defined it in the context of how we FEEL and also created a form of success competition between each-other – instead of understanding that – on a personal level – we all have our individual points of success. For one, success might be to develop a deep and fulfilling intimacy with himself – for another – success might be to push himself to become as an efficient and capable athlete. We cannot label people according to a limited ‘one size fits all’ idea of success – as that will only cause us to compete with one another. Success on a personal level is always unique and that is something we must embrace.

In my next blog I will continue to expand on the word success and find a fitting redefinition.

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Day 323: Redefining the word possession

In this blog I am going to work with redefining the word possession. I have decided to work with this word because since I moved to a farm, and within that started to take care of all the various houses, machines, stables, and tools that are here, I been feeling locked/trapped by all of these responsibilities. I have experienced myself as if my possessions possess me – and that my life is solely about making sure that all of these things around me work properly and are at their utmost potential. Hence, I have seen a need to clarify my relationship to things, and to make sure that I am not possessed by what is in my world, but that I possess/own/use what is in my world. To support myself in this process or redefining possession I have listened to the Eqafe interview ‘Possessed or Possessor? – Relationship Success Support’.

How I have l lived the word possession thus far

I have lived the word possession mostly with relation emotional/feeling experiences, as in being possessed by them, however, with regards to things and material possessions, this I have not experienced as a big or problematic. Usually I have not placed sentimental value on my home, or things that I own, and it has been easy for me, to without a feeling of loss, move to a new place. However, some things have been close to my heart, for example guitars I have purchased, technical equipment, and other similar stuff that I have saved up to, and then bought after a long period of desire. Those things I have felt responsible for and connected to in a different way. And when such things have gone missing, or been damaged, it has caused me to become upset and emotional.

In terms of the word possession, I have had a negative emotional connotation to this word, and seen it as a weakness of character. Apparently, to possess, or become possessed is bad – however as I look at it now I do see that possession does not have to be defined as either good or bad – and it can instead be seen for what it is – owning/controlling/having access to a particular gods.

Dictionary definition

1 [mass noun] the state of having, owning, or controlling something.
– Law visible power or control over something, as distinct from lawful ownership; holding or occupancy as distinct from ownership.
– informal the state of possessing an illegal drug: they’re charged with possession.
– (in soccer, rugby, and other ball games) temporary control of the ball by a player or team.
2 (usu. possessions) something that is owned or possessed.
• a territory or country controlled or governed by another: France’s former colonial possessions.
3 [ mass noun ] the state of being controlled by a demon or spirit: they said prayers to protect the people inside the hall from demonic possession.
– the state of being completely dominated by an idea or emotion: fear took possession of my soul.


mid-14c., “act or fact of possessing, a taking possession, occupation,” also “thing possessed, that which is possessed,” from Old French possession “fact of having and holding; what is possessed;” also “demonic possession,” and directly from Latin possessionem (nominative possessio), noun of action from past participle stem of possidere “to possess” (see possess). Legal property sense is earliest; demonic sense first recorded 1580s. Phrase possession is nine (or eleven) points of the law is out of a supposed 10 (or 12). With eleven from 1640s; with nine from 1690s

Sounding of the word


Creative writing

Possession is a form of position. The word indicates my position in relation to something else. For example, if I possess a car, then I have a certain position in relation to that car – a position of ownership – which means that I exact a form of control over that object. However, in another sense, it is not possible for me to own anything, because all things will stay behind as I die. Further, even though I might loose everything I have, the things I have owned still exists within me, as the stories, experiences, realizations and processes that I have walked. Everything exists equally within me as without. Hence, possession takes place HERE in my immediate environment, with the things I can touch and see. Other things, that are not in my immediate environment, they are not things I possess, as I do not exact control over them.

The word possession thus, defined practically, would simply entail having a thing in my immediate presence that I exact some form of control over and can manipulate as I please; it clarifies my position in relation to something else in a moment, wherein my position is that of controlling the object.


Controlling an object that is in my immediate presence

Day 278: Giving

I woke up this morning and noticed that there was a form of stress or anxiety present in my chest. I took a moment and looked within me to see where this stress and anxiety came from. What I could see was that this stress and anxiety was connected to debt, to money, and to survival. It is easy to fall into the trap of survival fear – and then remain stuck in such an experience. When in survival mode everything is about the mere continuation of one’s life, which is the drive, which is the force and momentum that push points forward.

What is unfortunate is that when stuck in this state of survival, tunnel vision sets in, and one’s world gets smaller. It gets small in the sense that the only thing that matters is survival, not seeing anymore that there are more points to living in this world, and most of us understood this as children, when we could live in this world without being governed by fear of survival.

Hence, fear of survival is that limiting experience where all focus and attention goes to achieving the basic minimum, just getting by, just making sure that one get through this day. In that there is no will, or drive to move and expand, to give of oneself, to create something extraordinary and out of this world, something awesome that would be of benefit to many people. The will to live is sucked dry by the fear of survival.

However, it does not need to be this way. Money, or rather the lack of money does not have to define who we are as beings, and what we decide to live, and what we decide to stand for and as. Our expression and commitment to life can be created to go beyond money, and that is what I am going to write about in this blog, how I have waited with standing as life in certain parts of my life, due to connecting that will to stand to money, and having a lot of money.

One point that stands out here is the point of living HERE, living HERE and not accepting and allowing fear to creep up on me. Because, one justification that has been common is that ‘Oh well this fear is valid, because I do not have any money’ – hence procrastinating stopping and changing my self-experience until I feel that I have enough money to let go of my fears. Obviously, this is not effective, because fact of the matter is that I might never have enough money to feel comfortable in letting go of my fears, and fact of the matter is that I might never feel that source of income I have is sufficiently certain for me to feel comfortable in letting go of stress. This means that if I want to live without stress and fear, and stand up as my real potential, I must take a leap of faith, and simply stop these experiences – not accept and allow them to exist within me – regardless of where I stand in relation to money and income.

What does it then mean to live without fear of money/survival, and what I can replace this fear and survival with? What expression can I live instead that will support me to become a fulfilled and effective human being in this lifetime that is contributing to a life that is best for all?

What I see is that the word GIVING is a important part of me changing myself to live my utmost potentialGIVING is important in me walking from survival and into self-expression – and within GIVING – also words such as CARE, CONSIDERATION, EQUALITY, and SUPPORT – basically – placing value and significance on my fellow human beings and looking at how I can in my life GIVE to others of myself in such a way that it will support them and enhance their lives.

And I see that this word GIVING can be applied in many contexts. I can pursue GIVING in my work environment, GIVING through placing a focus on the organization that I work for as a whole – instead of only seeing it from my perspective, and from my desires and wants. And GIVING through actually caring for others, placing them within me, and when I speak, and interact with them, recognize the other person as an equal to me – see them – hear them – and be here with them. And GIVING through when I have time and opportunity to do so, assist and support others in their work.

And then GIVING can be applied at home through assisting and support with the household work, taking on responsibilities, and taking part in caring for the environment.

And basically, what I see, is that GIVING implies giving up my self-interest, to instead consider the whole, and see what I can contribute to the whole, instead of what I can get and take from the whole. Seeing how I can support myself and my world to expand, instead of looking for opportunities for me to get my next fix of energy – it is thus a shift in perspectives – a shift in how I look at things.


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand that the antidote to self-interest is giving, being generous and including others into my life and supporting not only myself but everyone to create a enjoyable life for themselves

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand that the reason as to why this world face so much consequence is partly because we are just all the time taking, we all the time want things, seldom are we giving back – and thus I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not make it part of my life to give back

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand that when I only think about myself, that is when fear starts taking a hold – thus I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not stop thinking – and apply the solution of GIVING and being generous with myself, my time and my money – and hence not anymore accepting and allowing myself to be a miser that walks in this world only to have

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand that giving is what has been missed in this world – we humans have not considered the point of giving and within that receiving – but instead looked at this world as a place were we must do what it takes to survive – not seeing, realizing and understanding that by having that initial perception of this world – we have created it

Self-commitment statements

I commit myself to develop the expression of GIVING in all parts of my life

I commit myself to investigate what it means to GIVE and how I can live the word GIVING in my life in such a that I support what is best for all

I commit myself to place myself in the shoes of another and ask myself how I can GIVE to their life in such a way that I will assist and support them to expand

I commit myself to embrace GIVING – to embrace that we are here in this world together – and that no one is free until all are free – and that hence – there is no point to only caring about myself – my life – and my future

I commit myself to push GIVING – to push through the moments when I feel that I have given to much – or I give without ever receiving – to stop feelings of fair and unfair – and instead take responsibility in this world through giving and making sure that I contribute to building and shaping what is best for all

Day 170: Successful people… and ME!

Today I was hanging out with some friends and we were discussing career and future decisions, and appropriately enough, we happened upon the subject of what jobs we’ve had in the past. My friend then shared with me that he’d been to a renowned firm, a company that is big, and have a celebrated past, and actually: most of my fellow classmates probably have dreams about setting their foot in such workplace.

When my friend shared this with me I got literally stung with jealousy, I mean, it came up nothing short of a punch in my solar plexus area – and the nature of the experience was: NO! – lol – “He got it and not me!” – “I wanted to get it!”.

As they day continued, I noticed these peculiar thoughts popping up in my mind, where I could see that I compared myself to my friend, looked at my past, my education, my decisions, my life in general, and what type of opportunities that I’d manifested for myself, and then compared these with what I heard about my friend. And in doing this, I could see that I was taking myself into a experience of gloominess, and depression, and it felt as if I was attacking myself within, punishing myself that I didn’t create myself in the same way as my friend, and that I thus didn’t make sure that I go the same type of job, and the same type of life that my friend was about to step into.

So, if I take this back to common sense, and look at it, I am able to see that this friend of my represents my desires, and he shows me very clearly where I still exist within a state of competition, a state of fear, and a state of survival, and where I try to get ahead of others in order to feel good about myself, and to prove myself – and this is obviously not the point in life, it’s obviously not the point of why I am here – I mean, what purpose does it in-fact serve to get a super-good job, only to have that job and to feel better than others? It’s really meaningless and probably one of the big reasons why we human-beings have never managed to actually change anything in our world, because we’ve always been super-concerned with wanting to win, compete, and survive – so super-concerned that we’ve totally forgotten ourselves, our world, this system, our responsibilities and how it is that we’re affecting life on this planet with our actions.

Thus, my self-forgiveness today will be directed towards this particular point of competition, the competition that leads into jealousy, the jealousy being that point of feeling like a looser because another have something that I desire and want – and in this case: having a position in the world system that I’ve defined as envious and desirable.


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to become jealous at another for having a job that is considered to be advantageous and desirable in the world system, and that is seen as being connected with having status, and thus I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to desire to place myself in an equal position as this other person, and have a similar job, and have a similar career, and be in the top of the system, so that I am able to feel like I am winner – and thus I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define my decisions, and movement in life on the basis of wanting to be a winner, and wanting to come out on top and in this not care about life, about this world, about humanity in its entirety but only care about myself, my desires, my experiences, and my future

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to create myself in such a way wherein I only care about myself, and as such I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to hold unto a desire of wanting to place myself in the top brackets of the system, and have a job that others see as desirable – and thus I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to want to impress upon others and show them how much status and power I’ve in the system so that I can feel like I am winner, and that I am better than others – and within this I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand how this particular point is coming from within and as a desire to be special, and to be unique, and to be termed, defined, and seen as a winner, and as being more than others, and thus I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not be satisfied and content with being equal

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to resist equality, because in equality no one is better than another, no one has more stature, status or power than another, all are on the same level, and all are of the same value and worth, and thus I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to loose myself in competition, desire, and wanting to be the best, instead of realizing that my life will not contribute to anything when and as I accept and allow this to be my starting point, and my direction in life, and what I want to have, and what I want to create, and thus I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not change my focus, and my direction, to instead start caring about others, start appreciating others, and making my life to be about changing, and contributing, and making a difference, and creating a life of worth, and value in this world system

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to become a dog in a dog eat dog world – and I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to accept this game, to identify and define myself according to this game, and to believe that the only way to lead one’s life in this world is through playing this game, and making sure that I win this game, and thus I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not align myself with and as my human physical body, and instead of living to win, live in such a way that I make everyone a winner, that each person that comes into my world is an equal, that each human being that exists in this world is an equal and thus deserves an equal opportunity, and an equal life, just as I do – and thus I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to loose myself in the desire and strife to become more than others, instead of focusing my life upon how I am able to assist and support others, how I am able to assist and support life to come through, and become something more

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to want to have a glorious career wherein I am seen by others as having a perfect life, having the perfect girlfriend, having the perfect family, having the perfect intellect, having the perfect personality, being successful and famous in each and every instance and part of my life, and thus I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to strive for me, instead of accepting and allowing myself to change my striving, and instead strive to create, and found a difference in this world – and make my life to be about something tangible, something that I am able to touch, and have impact in this life, not only living for myself, and having my life become perfect, and desirable, but creating a life for all that is truly respectable, and dignified, and that all enjoy and where no one is compromised or left behind

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to want and desire my life, and my future to be perfect, so that I can brag to others about, and feel superior, and above others in how effective, and strong I was in creating my perfect future, and my perfect life, and thus I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to become lost in desire, instead of making the focus in my life to be about contributing to an existence, and a world, and a life that is heaven on earth – and I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not push myself to align my mind, and my daily living, and my daily considerations to take into account this aspect of actually making something worthwhile with my life, wherein worthwhile is not only something that means that my life is to be the best that it can be, but that I contribute to make sure that everyone’s life is the best life that they can possibly have – and thus I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand that having an active mind is really only showing me that I am still selfish and that I don’t really care about another – and thus I commit and push myself to start caring about life – start caring about others – and making me an instrument of life that is here to contribute to life and a future that is best for all

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to become obsessed with my life, with my future, and with my career, and thus I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to without consideration, without regard, without care, only focus on myself, instead of accepting and allowing myself to expand my perspective, and my view to include this world, humanity, earth, the animals, and everything that is here, and realize that in order to live a fulfilling life I require to give as I’d like to receive, I require to be a catalyst that makes life worthwhile not only for myself but for everyone in my life – and thus I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not push and will myself to walk out of my self-interested mind and into physical equality – wherein I look at another as myself, I place myself in their shoe’s and I accept and allow myself to take responsibility for this world and how it has ended up looking – and as such commit myself to become a contributory force that lives to expand and create a life that is best for all – that means something – and that allows for life to flourish and grow to it’s utmost potential


When and as I see that I go into future projections, wherein I dream about my career, about my life, my future, my potential, I stop, I take a breath, and I bring myself back here – and I see, realize and understand that it’s through these dreams that I separate myself from the rest of humanity, from the rest of this existence, and from the rest of earth, and that in order to really contribute, I require to let go of my ego and my desire to win, and be special; and thus I commit myself to train myself to consider others, to care for others, and I commit myself to make my purpose in life to be that of contributing to the lives of others and to life on earth

I commit myself to daily selfless acts wherein I participate, walk and move myself to bring about a world that is best for all – where I act – and I move not for my own pleasure or satisfaction – but for the betterment of everyone – to create a world that is magnificent

I commit myself to expand my viewpoint and to include the rest of this world – and I commit myself to first train this point with learning to care about those closest to me in my world – and learning to show, share and live compassion with those that are in my immediate environment – and then expand this point to include the rest of this world and humanity

Day 56: Being Effective With Money

I’ve decided to take on a career opportunity in my world that is within the arena of sales, and within doing this I’ve noticed many fears come up I relation to money.

the-creation-of-money-prev1210277226g40efFI can see that I’ve been fearful around money during most of my life, and that this fear originates in essence in a belief I have of myself that I am simply not capable, or strong enough to walk in this world, and be able to handle myself. So, when I look at money, and the process of making money I experience a sense of helplessness and disbelief – like: “I will never be able to do this!” – “How could I possibly believe I am capable of this?” – so I want to give up before I’ve even tried – which obviously will have the consequence that I do not make any money, and that I do not make my career-path a success – I mean – without physical action, and physical movement there will be no rewards – because this very existence is based upon the accumulation of physical events.

So, it’s fascinating that I’ve simply aligned myself with this disbelief, and helplessness without ever having diligently walked the point of making money in my own business – I mean – it’s fascinating because how am I even able to know that I “can’t make it” when I do not have any reference – because I’ve never actually walked the point?

This shows me one thing – that this experience of disbelief, and helplessness is really only a self-manipulation tactic to cover up the real story – and what is then the real story? Well – as I see it – apparently being unable to move myself with money is the perfect excuse to simply not take any risks, not place myself out there, and not in-fact walk the opportunities that presents themselves here – thus it’s a way I use to not have to face reality, and to instead have myself live a comfortable life without any challenges, without any difficulties, without anything that I don’t understand, without having to learn anything new – I mean simply let myself live in this comfortable state of stagnation.

So, it’s like I’ve become addicted to stagnation, and a comfort-zone of having my life, my money, my employment, and just being satisfied with that – because then I know that I am apparently safe, and I won’t be at risk of getting into a position in this world of poverty, or having no money.

This is also interesting – that I fear poverty, and being without money, because it implies that I’ve in-fact separated myself from power, and self-movement, thinking that what drives my world is money – and when I have money everything will be okay – instead of realizing that it’s not that simple; I mean I can have all the money in the world yet this won’t mean that I am in-fact effective in my life, or that I walk in self-direction, and without fear – it just means that I have money, and that I am able to buy stuff with this money to make my life comfortable – yet it doesn’t say anything about my day-to-day living because that is obviously something I must within and as self-motivation, and self-will actually create for and as myself – and this will be so regardless of whether I have money or not.

Thus – I can see that I’ve defined money as my power, and my authority – and thus separated myself from these wordsthinking that as long as I have money “everything is okay” – instead of realizing that this is not the case – proven by the fact that there are lot’s of people that live in financial excess yet they have not done anything worthwhile with their life’s – proven by the fact that earth is still only a hellhole that most human beings would rather not have to experience at all.

Thus – time to take back my power, and authority – stop blaming, and shoving my responsibility towards myself, and this world unto money – and instead see that the point that is relevant to develop, and perfect is my relationship with myself.


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to make money my god, and sort of expect that money is to come to me, and that money is to give me life, and that money is to give me power, and authority – and that within this I don’t have any power at all and what I can do is apparently only to stand by and watch as money gives me the ability to live, direct myself, and walk my life effectively within a principle that is best for all

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to separate the expressions, and livings words of authority, and power through defining these words in relation to money – thinking and believing that I need money to stand within and as myself in a position of authority, and power – and that without money I am helpless – thinking that having no money for me is like giving superman some kryptonite so he looses all of his powers – and within this I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realize, and understand that I am able to develop myself into a state of effectiveness, and self-independence so that I am able to stand as authority, and as power – regardless of what points I face in my reality – regardless of whether I face poverty, or having no money – I still stand as the point of living here in each moment of breath

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think, perceive, and believe that money is my morphine, my heroine, my point of super-power-giver – thinking and believing that as long as I have money everything is okay – as long as I have money my life is perfect – as long as I have money I can simply relax and let the day’s pass, and let myself go into a comfortable numbness of not doing anything at all with my life – because apparently it’s all okay because I have money; and within this I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to make money more than what money is – and inflate money to be some sort of super-power that I am able to charge myself with to become a super-human-being – instead of realizing, and understanding that money is simply a physical manifestation in this world that allows me to survive – and that it doesn’t have anything to do with my acceptances, and allowances, and who I will myself to be as a living and breathing being here in every moment

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to manipulate myself to not have to in-fact do anything with my relationship towards money, and this world system, through thinking that I am helpless in relation to money, and experiencing within me a sense of disbelief – as thinking that – “I am not able to deal with money, and a career, and be successful anyway” – and as such I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realize, and understand that these experiences, and statements is merely a way for me to manipulate myself to not stand up in my relation to money – to stand one and equal to money – and direct money as myself – thus not feel or see myself as inferior to money – but instead learning, and educating myself how to effectively make money – and be stable, and proficient within making money

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear money, and to believe that money is in someway this unpredictable force that I don’t have any control over – and that in any moment is able to simply push me down into the abyss of poverty, and lack – and within this I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see, realize, and understand that the nature of money is really quite simple – and that it’s based upon physical accumulation of events – and that I’ve in essence made money to be more than what it is so that I won’t have to deal with money, look at money, and learn to work with money effectively

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize, and understand that in order to be able to be successful in this world – I can’t in anyway let myself feel, or think myself to be inferior to money – and think that money is in someway this “market-force” that magically moves to me – but I must stand within the realization that money is a consequence of my daily-living application – and as such I am able to learn to direct money, and do so effectively in order to sustain myself in my world – and to be able to support myself in pushing myself to become more effective and stable in my movement

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize, and understand that I’ve a desire to stagnate, and to simply be satisfied with having a employment, a mediocre salary, a mediocre lifestyle – where I don’t have money – because I’ve defined money, and the point of making money to be superior to me – and as being something that I can’t understand, that I can’t get my head around – that is simply above me – and thus it’s best to simply accept myself to a stagnating position because that is safer; and as such I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not challenge myself to expand, and direct my relationship with money – and to understand that in order to in-fact accumulate a considerable amount of money in this world I require to stand equal to money – and understand the patterns of money – and to align myself within directing money effectively – and within this there can’t be any fear because then I will simply not see clearly the patterns that money move within and as

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to view, and define money as being something that gives me power, and authority – and within this I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear not having any money in my life, in fearing that I will then “loose myself” – and I won’t be able to anymore be directive, authoritative, and assertive in my world – because I will have no power – and within this I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to place money on a pedestal – and to believe that money is more than me – instead of seeing, realizing, and understanding that I am the point of direction in relation to money – and that it’s my decision whether I am to have money in my world or not, because I am able to educate, and learn the process of how money moves – and learn to direct this point effectively – as such I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not stand one and equal with and as the manifestation of money – and stop fearing money – but to instead understand, and learn to direct, and move money within oneness and equality as breath here


When and as I see that I look at money and view at as something more than me, that moves without my will, without my direction, and that it’s something that I simply can’t understand – then I stop myself, I take a breath, and I bring myself back here – and I see, realize, and understand that this is me trying to manipulate myself into a state of inferiority – so that I won’t have to in-fact learn to direct money, understand money, and become proficient within the use, and accumulation of money in my world – as such I commit myself to stop fearing money, and instead educate myself as to the pattern of money, and learn how to accumulate, and direct money in such a way that is effective for me

When and as I see that I look at money and think that money is what gives me power, and authority – I immediately stop myself, I take a breath, and I bring myself back here – and I see, realize, and understand that money is not what gives me authority, and power – because I am the point that gives me these words – and that thinking that money does this is simply a excuse to not develop, and create myself as these words – and to live as these words regardless of circumstances – as such I commit myself to stand up, and practice living power, and authority – and do so regardless of what circumstance I live within

I commit myself to live power as me practicing to be the directive principle within me, and within my world – not accepting and allowing myself to be moved by consequences but instead me moving me within oneness and equality as breath

I commit myself to practice living the point of authority – as me being the author of me – thus me deciding who I am – what I live – why I am – how I am – and not accepting and allowing money to be what decides this for me

When and as I see that I don’t want to develop a effective relationship with money because I feel that it’s comfortable to stagnate, and simply accept myself as being mediocre in relation to money – I immediately stop myself, I take a breath, and I bring myself back here – and I see, realize, and understand that money is in a way one of the most important points for me to learn to direct effectively because it determines so much of how effective I am able to be in this life in terms of supporting myself, and having influence, and a impact in this world – as such I commit myself to get to learn, and understand how I am able to accumulate, direct, and move money within oneness and equality here – and thus stop being a slave to my fear and instead understand the manifestation of money as it currently exists within and as this world

When and as I see that I go into a experience of disbelief, and helplessness in relation to money – thinking that “I am not able to do this” – “I am not good with money anyway” – I immediately stop myself, I take a breath, and I bring myself back here – and I see, realize, and understand that – I mean obviously I am not effective with money because I’ve never given this point any attention in my life – all of my life has been about searching for positive energy and not in-fact developing myself to be able stand in this world effectively; as such I commit myself to push through this resistance and in-fact develop skills, and effectiveness with money – so that I am able to direct money and not be directed be events and feel lucky that I am able to have money in my world

When and as I see that I look at, and perceive money to be this godly, and unpredictable force that I simply can’t understand – because it’s apparently “so powerful” – I immediately stop myself, I take a breath, and I bring myself back here – and I see, realize, and understand that this is simply me trying to manipulate myself to not have to establish a effective, grounded, and stable relationship with money – where I direct money and not the other way around; as such I commit myself to push through my fears, resistances, and excuses – and to in-fact develop a effective relationship with money wherein I direct – and I am not directed by external events – because I move myself

When and as I see that I want to simply run away from money, and go into a secure life where I don’t have to challenge myself in relation to money, where I don’t have to feel exposed, and uncertain that I won’t have any money – I immediately stop myself, I take a breath, and I bring myself back here – and I see, realize, and understand that this type of living, and application is in-fact simply self-sabotage wherein I do not allow myself to expand myself because of fear – as such I commit myself to not let fear make decisions for me – but that I instead look at what is best for me – where I am able to expand myself – and then I move myself into that direction

When and as I see that I want to go into the desire, and manifest the desire of accepting my life to be mediocre, in that I accept that I have a small salary, and that I have my safe employment, and that nothing in my world is really a challenge, but only a point that I accept because I fear doing anything about it – I immediately stop myself, I take a breath, and I bring myself back here – and I see, realize, and understand that this is me – simply sabotaging myself because I don’t allow me to see that I am capable of creating myself in such a way that I can effectively earn money, and create, and substantiate my life with a effective income – and that what stands in my way is in essence only myself – I mean – I am my worst enemy – as such I commit myself to stop thinking about how apparently hard, and difficult it is to learn to become effective with money – and instead simply do it – realizing that a thousand mile journey always begins with a single step

When and as I see that I feel that I don’t want to have anything to do with money, but instead focus on what makes me happy, and what makes me feel good – I immediately stop myself, I take a breath, and I bring myself back here – and I see, realize, and understand that in order to be effective in this world I must focus on money – because money is such a all-influencing point that influence all human beings in all aspects of their life, and living – as such I commit myself to develop this relationship and realize that this is the key to freedom – and that happiness is only a form of isolation, and satisfaction in being jailed, and imprisoned in one’s own limitation – as such I commit myself to equalize myself with money – to push through my resistance and become effective with money

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The Justice of Money


The law is often portrayed in the symbolism of a woman that is holding a scale in one hand, a sword in the other, and her eyes is covered with a cloth – this symbol is commonly referred to as Lady Justice. The meaning of this symbol – that by the way represents the legal system – is that justice is blind – which would then imply that the law does not place any sort of value unto the person that uses the law to make themselves heard – this person can be of any cultural heritage, rich or poor – this would not matter because apparently the law treats everyone the same.

This idea sounds cool – because I mean – if everyone could use the law in order to make themselves heard – and the law would treat everyone equally – this would mean that people that do not really have any financial muscle could stand up and challenge organizations, corporations, rich people, or governments – when these people find themselves in a weak spot wherein they are abused and not considered as an equally valuable part of society.

But is this how it works? Does the Law treat everyone Equally?

Obviously – the answer is NO – and as such the symbolism of lady Justice is a complete and utter lie – because the law is not about equality – it’s about financial muscle – and it’s about the game of money wherein money is king – and money will buy you the result that you desire.

Consider the following – you’re a poor farmer – and you’ve bought a shit-load of seeds from a big supplier (a big corporation with lot’s of money) – as you plant these you notice that – fuck! – these seeds doesn’t seem to grow at all!

Naturally you as a farmer that is dependent upon your seeds growing up to become vegetables – become quite upset as you see what is unfolding (or rather not unfolding) before your eyes and you accordingly decide to – “sue those fuckers!” – now here the question comes into play – would you as this farmer actually be able to win such a law-suit – and what would be required for you to win a law-suit?

Well – obviously – because you as the farmer are a farmer – and have accordingly spent the majority of your life farming – consequentially you know and care – “nothing about the got-damn laws, and lawyers!” – which in turn means that you must invest in a Lawyer that knows the law – that knows how the justice-system functions – in order for you to have any form of success in a legal process – and this obviously costs – a shit-load of money.

Already at this stage you as a farmer is at a rather precarious position in relation to the corporation – because as you take a big loan to be able to afford a lawyer – the corporation use it’s money that have been specifically put aside to covering the costs of eventual legal processes – in order to hire 15 lawyers – obviously lawyers that are the absolutely best and that are able to persuade even the most resistant and stern judge that a murder should be more seen and defined like a quite upsetting insult.

So – what can be clearly seen in this example is that – the justice-system is NOT equal – the justice-system does not in-fact promote JUSTICE – it promotes what money dictates that it should promote.

In the case of you as the farmer – as you now see this massive array of lawyers amass on your opponents side – suddenly – the chances of your success might feel more distant – and maybe you will at this point begin to think about the consequences of an eventual loss wherein in the court would judge in your disfavor – because this would mean that you would have pay for ALL THOSE superbly expensive lawyers that you’re opponent as the corporation have decided to hire.

So – here we can really question whether there really is any form of chance for you as this farmer to actually be able to win a lawsuit against a big corporation?

And also within this – we should ask ourselves the question – is this how we want our legal system to function? Do we want justice in this world to be measured and defined by the amount of money that you’re able to amass?

Obviously – this is not what we want to have – not any SANE human-being want justice and morality to be in the hands of money – as that is simply psychopathic – because justice and morality are and should be expressions of honoring life – as what is best for all – in actually looking at what is FAIR – what is CORRECT – and what is BEST – and then from there making a decision – which is NOT possible in our current and money-based legal-system – because money isn’t FAIR – money is simply money and those that have it are not fair but simply want to have more of it at any cost.


What is then the solution? How are we able to give everyone a voice to be heard – so that the farmer is able to grow his crops – and he’s able to do his thing – and make money and take care of his family?

Obviously – we require to change how money is allocated in this world – and we have to make sure that no one person or organization has money to control basic necessities – and human rights – because food, water, and a home – that is HUMAN RIGHTS and should be given to everyone – unconditionally.

As such – the solution doesn’t lie in re-creating our justice-system – but the solution lie in re-creating our money system – in making sure that money is given to all equally – and that when disputes arise between human-beings in terms of how to share the resources that are here on earth – that this is sorted out through a democratic process – that is ruled not by considerations of money – but by considerations of what is BEST FOR ALL.


What would the reward be? Well – no more would anyone have to fear that their very life and existence would be uprooted and turned around – and within this that they wouldn’t have any form of chance or capability to change the turn of events – and instead each one would feel, and experience themselves safe – in knowing that – there is really JUSTICE – FAIRNESS and MORALITY in this world – and that I will not be able to become a victim to a money-driven legal system – and used as a dirty old rag – and thrown away after all my money has been sucked out of me – I would really and in-fact be protected – and I would know that regardless of what happens to me – I will be cared for and treated as an equal.

2012 The Dream For A Job And A High Income

While walking a education in the university, you’re able to at every corner see the true meaning, and purpose as to the “why” you’re walking your education. The university and teachers want to present the idea, and belief that the university education is walked in order to “gain knowledge” – “learn to think critically” – “grow and develop your character” – but that isn’t true at all.

As I’ve walked my studies now, for quite some time, I’ve come to see that most students dislike their studies and find it to be boring – not many that I’ve met have been interested in “gaining knowledge”, neither “learn to think critically” or “grow and develop their personality” – yet still they have kept on studying relentlessly – why?

The answer as to why people choose to study at university is clear – it’s to get a job – and this complete obsession with getting a job is able to be seen everywhere in the student-world, in every student-magazine you can see the articles about: “how to get the right contacts” – “how to make your employer want to have you” – “how to nail the job-interview” – I mean it’s everything about getting a job. It’s in-fact everything about making money – and the fact that people mostly dislike doing what it is that they’re doing in order to get there – their studies – isn’t really considered at all, but that’s the reality of it.

Thus – if we look at this current set-up, as how we go to a university in order to get our exam, so that we can then get a job, and then make money – all the time not doing anything for ourselves, but only to be able to assure ourselves a future wherein we – at the end of the day – have sufficient with money – where able to see that something is very, very wrong – because what is that is missing from our lives, our direction, movement and our daily application? It’s ourselves!

And this is why our current money system is ineffective and abusive – because no matter what we do, we must always make sure that we take into consideration “having a job” – as in “having money” – and within this we compromise ourselves, as we do things we really do not want to spend our time doing, and we walk educations without ever having any real interest in our studies, and we arrive at jobs where we do not feel any passion towards what it is that we’re doing. This is the sickness of our current money system – of apparent free will and free choice – that in the end turns out to be nothing but a prison, and a limitation that constricts how we live our lives – because all we do is done for money.

And since we’re young and placed into school – we begin to follow – we follow what the teachers tell us – we follow what our parents tell us – and we learn to follow the money wherever it goes – and all the while we are following, we never stop to question what it is that we’re in-fact doing, and what it is that we are giving our time to, and why it is that we are doing what we’re doing – we simply seek that light, as the job – the money – at the end of the tunnel.

Obviously within such an application of ourselves the world will remain as it’s always been, as we will simply follow the money wherever it goes, we’ll follow the suggestions of the employer, we’ll follow the suggestions of our professor – because we know that this is how we’ll get our hands on the money – but what about ourselves? Why is that we automatically, and without any question, assumes that this is how life must be? How come we assume that we have no say in the movement of the world system? How come we think that we have no say in terms of how our current system should be designed and constructed, and how we should experience our lives within that? Are we brainwashed to see ourselves as incapable, inferior and useless in regards to changing this system?

I mean – there is something wrong when each individual that goes to study does so – not for the studies themselves – but in order to satisfy a future employer – there is no life in that – there is no living in that – that is instead a hidden form of slavery, wherein you give your life up in order to get to be bought, and “employed” – to perform the tasks you’re instructed to perform.

It’s so very clear that our current system doesn’t offer any type of real and actual freedom – there is no actual individuality – we’re all simply followers, that follow the money wherever it will go – and in that we give up upon ourselves, and we accept life as it is, because we believe there is nothing more, and that nothing can be done.

But there is an solution – and there is another way to live – a way in which all will be able to choose their life’s, choose to follow their passions, and in-fact live their life as a individual – as self-direction – instead of simply following the money. This solution is called the Equal Money System – and it’s main-purpose is to remove survival from the minds of men, and woman – so that we instead can place our focus upon in-fact experiencing, and exploring ourselves in this reality – and really getting to know ourselves. I mean, we’re so caught up in money and the survival game that we’ve never even explored ourselves in terms of what it is that we’d like to do, and how it is we’d like to do it – our life is since a very small age directed to become a part of this current money system – where we must do the tasks assigned to us – because else we won’t receive any money.

Thus – the Equal Money System opens up the opportunity for us to get to know ourselves – and to in-fact choose studies that we do because we’re passionate about our subjects – not because we’re following the money.

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The Best Quality Products In An Equal Money System

In our capitalistic money system, when you go out to buy yourself a long needed product, it’s not very likely that you’ll in-fact get a good product. With most certainty, unless you do some effective research, you’ll end up with a crap product that will fall apart within only a couple of years.

That is the nature of our current system ­– if you don’t have the know-how – you’re likely to get fucked; because in each and every crevice, alleyway, shop, and megastore – awaits the money grubbing beasts that will create, and produce the most outrageous shit – only for the money; in-fact – if you happen to actually buy a product that fulfills your need effectively – it’s actually luck (impossible?) rather than certainty.

Though, we shouldn’t blame these money grubbing beasts, neither should we see ourselves as apart from them – if we take a self-honest look at ourselves, we can see that we’re also completely and utterly possessed by the desire to gain, and the fear to loose – money. Thus, this system – in which industry workers, technicians, engineers, company leaders, and scientists deliberately produce shit, as planned obsolescence – is a collective, yet individual creation – as we’ve all collectively and individually participated in creating it.

And see – the money grubbing beasts are in-fact not evil, monstrous, or bad – they simply live in order to survive – and a effective way which they’ve found to survive is creating products with a planned expiry date – which has the benefit of creating more cash – as consumers must buy new products more frequently – and as such this ensures the survival of the beasts.

And in this system – you must be immoral to survive – you must be immoral to get by – you must sell your soul to the bank – and prostitute yourself to your employer – that is how you earn money in this reality – through deception, betrayal and manipulation; look at all commercial – it’s manipulation – look at coca cola bottles – they are deliberately modeled to mimic the shape of a woman – to have male customers buy more of them, as they unconsciously become aroused watching the bottles. It’s all deception!

So – when you go out to but this much needed product, that you’ve looked forward to purchasing – you enter a world of deception – where nice pictures and stories will be told about all the possible products that are at your disposal to buy – all of them with certainty are lies. The hamburger you buy in McDonalds – never looks as the hamburger you see in the commercials – the perfect and glimmering hair you see on the shampoo commercials – which supposedly is the creation of the shampoo shown – never ever, even remotely, gives your hair that same look – why? Because we live in a world of deception – where deception has even become accepted and acknowledged as a normal way to live, as nearly all human beings know that commercial is in-fact fake, though see it as “a part of life”.

Thus – in today’s reality, the product you take with home, after your days visit at the megastore – is with 99% certainty, completely crap – and it will not function properly, and after a short amount of time it will fall apart. This is the nature of capitalism – wherein real (e)quality isn’t valued – which has the consequence that the resources of the earth are over-used, and consummated to the brink of non-existence – all because we want to make as much money as possible.

Though, money is – as we will be forced to realize – not the actual resource of this world – the real resources of this world are those we’re busy disregarding through our delusional trust in and addiction too money.

So – let’s leave the gloom and doom of our current capitalistic system right there – because now we’re going to look at the SOLUTION – yes – there is in-fact a solution.

In applying this solution – the over all use in the world of natural resources would decrease with as much as 90% – the reason being the resources wouldn’t anymore be wasted upon creating multitudes of products, with a deliberately compromised quality, and a planned expiry date – instead real products, made with care, consideration and regard would be created. Products of actual quality, made with real love – by a worker who’s intention it is to in-fact support his neighbor to make his life more fulfilled – not created due to fear, survival and greed – but created from the starting point of giving to another as one would like to receive.

The solution is called – An Equal Money System – which is a system where all will be supported to live a fulfilled and respectable life – wherein you’d be able to go out and get yourself a product – and there wouldn’t be any uncertainty as to choosing brand, size, attributes or quality– as there would only be one design of the product – the one that is the best – the product that is in the image and likeness of perfection – the product that will be there with you till death do you part – that is the product you would see in the shelf’s, and that you would then take with you home; because in an Equal Money System – profit wouldn’t anymore be a motive, as all would have enough to survive – survival wouldn’t anymore be a motive, as all would have enough to survive – instead self-perfection would be the motivation for all to live – and all the products made would reflect this intent and movement of willing, and pushing oneself to be the best that one can possibly be.

As such – in an equal money system there would be no more shit products – only products that are the best – the finest – an expression of the utmost excellence, care, dedication, and commitment – a work of art in-fact.

Don’t wait for this piece of art anymore – become a part of the solution today!