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The Secret: I’ve Been Looking For More

2012 The Ultimate Cover — “I Believe In Miracles” (You Sexy thing)

Listen to the ultimate cover of “I belive in Miracles” originally made by Hot Chocolat — this is Viktor Perssons interpretation of this very sexually oriented song — do you want to know more about what sex is? What is, and why are we so obsessed about sex? Check out Eqafe and you’ll have the answers!

And God Created Beauty

And god created beauty, he created ugly people and good-looking people, he created attractive woman and unattractive woman; now why did god do such a stupid thing?

Couldn’t god in his almightiness, in his omnipotence and all wisdom see that such a creation would become the origin of comparison, inferiority, superiority, discrimination and bullying? Obviously, if god do in-fact stand as all those above mentioned marvelous characteristics, he did in-fact see what he was doing, and what he was creating; which then gives us the conclusion that god was actually evil.

Because let’s look at what this creation of attractive and unattractive spawns in the minds of men, and we can take the example of myself, as I’ve grown up as a man in this world.

Now, it’s when you hit puberty at about 12-15 years old that you start to notice that certain people get more attention than other people. Usually this is mostly so with girls. And those that get the most attention hold one characteristic in common – they are apparently attractive. This means that their bodies are shaped in a particular geometrical measurement.

Due to this design of certain people, as having bodies gifted with a particular geometrical measurement, they’ll become the popular people of the school; liked and adored by everyone – having small gangs form up around their geometrical perfection.

While those with no such geometrical perfection given to their bodies will find themselves to be outcasts, or maybe in the popular group, but not given as much attention as the one holding the beauty.

What does this then create in the mind of man?

Obviously the fact that our bodies look differently, and are valued differently in society leads to jealousy, comparison and self-judgment; and in youth today we’re able to see the epitome of this beauty hype; as young females starve themselves, and young males spend their time on a gym, developing their muscles – as big muscles is apparently a geometrical measurement that is to be considered beautiful.

We’ve through giving value to our bodies, and comparing our bodies, defining certain bodies to beautiful, and certain bodies to be ugly, created a completely twisted view of reality; wherein the pictures are that which is to be considered of value, and the actual real physical reality is completely forgotten.

But consider the following – what is it that gives you the ability to live, interact and experience yourself in this reality? Is it your body, as the physical – or is it pictures?

It’s obviously your body, because without your body; you wouldn’t be able to speak; you wouldn’t be able to interact, or move yourself in anyway what so ever. Thus – a picture is not alive, a picture is simply light reflected into your eye, and then transferred to the back of your brain where a picture is created. You can’t feel a picture, you can’t touch a picture, and you can’t interact with a picture; thus – the picture is the lie and your human physical body, as actual real touch, communication and interaction is of reality.

So, the obvious point of self-correction for humanity, and myself is to stop this complete obsession with pictures; brown skin, dark skin, thin belly, big muscles, cool hairstyle, firm thighs, tight but – this is not what life is about! Life is not that which you see with your eyes, but that which you can feel with your fingertips; and to the fingertips all flesh is equal.

Thus – let’s return ourselves to our fingertips, and learn to use our eyes without becoming obsessed by that which we see – believing pictures to be the one factor that determines reality; while it’s in-fact our human physical bodies that do.

Investigate Desteni, and Desteni I Process to understand more about living here as the physical.

Currently I am recruiting – thus if you interested in joining Desteni I Process, contact me.

How I Got to Desteni

1.  How you got to desteni

A year after I finished high-school I came to the conclusion, with conviction, that life as lived in society in-fact was nothing more but bullshit. Everything circled around money, alcohol and sex — my escape at that moment in time was the drug marijauna, which I consumed to a great extent. So, I couldn’t anymore bear living in ‘normal’ society, going around in cirlcles of partying, working, and looking at movies — something had to happen in my life — I had to challenge myself somehow.

At that moment in time I also entered a depression, something that can be refered to as ‘the great depression’ as it was extensive. It went as far as me actually drinking wine on evenings only to be able to escape the disgust, and turmoil I faced within me — there was simply no enjoyment left in life and that is what I wanted to run away from.

So, as I said — I decided to challenge myself. I decided to do something I was afraid of doing, go away all by myself to some different and excotic land, hoping to find a paradise with no money, lot’s of beautiful women and marijauna — lol. I picked up my guitar, left my friends, leaving to live out my imaginary dream of a paradise far away.

I was utterly disappointed at paradise when I arrived, which happened to be Thailand, the reason being that everything here did also only circle around money, sex and alcohol, and it was to much for me — so I decided to volonteer on a small kindergarten school and teach english. This was quite fun, and it was here that I sat down by a computer, and I typed in ‘Lao Tzu’, as I had been researching his work — I found a girl that said she was ‘Lao Tzu’ speaking through a portal, I became amazed, and since then I have been ‘stuck’ with desteni.

2. Why I stand with and for Equal-Money and World-Equality

Because I’ve seen the suffering in this world first hand, I’ve seen a mother in India raising her children in the gutter, I’ve seen families in South Africa living in small mud huts, I’ve seen my parents running around in fear and anxiety, possessed with survival attempting to scramble enough money for rent and food; and this is simply not acceptable. I will not be apart of a life that is a struggle. I want to live life being able to do what I love to do, without worrying about where my next meal is going to come from, and everyone, no matter what, should have the right to a house over their head, and the basic support needed to live.

I stand with and for Equal-Money and World-Equality because I will not accept and allow children to be abused, to become but cogs in the machinery, robbed of all their joy and desire to explore themselves, and this world. Earth is to be a playground for everyone! Not a playground for a few, believing they to be gods, having the right to abuse – no I will not have it that way. All people should be able to wake up each morning, excited and happy, because they know, that they will be able to live and enjoy themselves today – this is what I want for myself, and for everyone else.

3. What you understand to be “Heaven on Earth” is and

Heaven on earth is the place where you wake up, and you are satisfied, at ease, happy, excited, because there is support and assistance, there is meaning and value – you are living in a world that stands by the principle of what is best for all. Thus – you will not wake up to go to a job where only to make money, no, you go to your work in order to explore and expand yourself, investigate self-expression, or develop solutions that will support life, you do something that you enjoy to do!

In heaven you are supported, there is no manipulation, there is no unsafe places, human-beings take care of each-other, and the principle of do unto another as you would like to be done unto you has become living flesh. Animals and plants are integrated together with the human race, we live as one, wherein there is no more abuse taking place, and humans do not anymore see themselves as separate from earth.

It’s in-fact a place where you can trust everyone, nobody is anymore allow to be an abuser, you can’t be raped, you can’t be murdered, and the striving and struggle for money has ended. Now – in heaven – it’s time for you to discover what is actually possible to be done – what is actually life? That is heaven on earth.

4. 10 Videos that you like the most / had the most impact on you

Mind Consciousness System Research Desteni Emanuel

1 The Matrix of Self-Perfection – and all the rest of them

Adolf Hitler series:

Jimi Hendrix – Music is One

Locating Your POWER – HoM103

Locating Your SILENCE

Freedom in Writing?

Peace and Bruce Lee

Kurt Cobain 2 from the Afterlife: DESTENI

Portal History series:

Graduation Day! Welcome to the World of Bullshit!

Yesterday the third year college students of Sweden ran out from their schools, waving with their hands, shouting, screaming and consuming massive amounts of alcohol – they had done their time.

This event I find to be bizarre and completely delusional. What I find strange is that these college students run out from the school, apparently achieving freedom and having ‘their whole life ahead of them’ – being seen by society as the ‘bright new future’. While in-fact all that awaits them is 60 years of slavery in the system and then they die.

Yes, it’s sad but this is all that our world and the system have become. You go to school as a child, beginning at 6 years of age. There you stay until you are 19, when you are to run out from the college buildings and leave the slavery behind, because now you can apparently ‘choose what to do in life’. Or so they say.

In reality you will not be free, you will not be able to ‘choose what do in your life’ and you have no  ‘whole life ahead of you’ – this is but brainwashing, massive amounts of bullshit that has been thrown at you – to have you accept yourself as a slave. Nobody ever wanted to go to school, because it’s extremely boring and unsatisfying, so a dream had to be made up, a fantasy had to be built. And the rainbow fairy tale is that you are to become free and fulfilled when you push yourself out from those school corridors, thinking: finally it’s the end of this bullshit.

No, it’s not the end of this bullshit. Now you’re left by yourself in this ruthless and cold-hearted money system, where nobody cares about you, and you’re only worth as much money as you’ve got in your pocket. That is the life which awaits all those that graduate. The bullshit taught in school doesn’t give justice to the horror that our actual real system consists of.

The one point that hit me in the face as I quit college was that nobody gave a fuck about me, there was nothing in life waiting for me, there was no hope, and there was nowhere to turn. All around me was an endless desert of bullshit where the prime objective was money – there simply wasn’t any life, anything worthy of living for. Who the fuck wants to live only to earn money? There is no point in only living for money. There is no substance in money. You can buy food and shit with it but it can’t make you satisfied and it can’t have you enjoy yourself for real. For that you don’t require money or the massive amounts of possessions that come with it. Consuming is not a pleasure, it’s not real joy, it’s not real self-expression – it’s bullshit and should be banned.

So, this is why I see the event of these graduating students running out into apparent freedom as bizarre. Because there is no fucking freedom. There is nothing to be fucking happy about. Your running out into a world filled will suffering, slavery, depression, hatred, separation, demon-possession and violence. There is nothing to wave your hat around for.

Though, I suspect few will read and even fewer will agree with what I say. Thus we shall wait a couple of years, so that you might have some experiences as to what this world has become. And this goes for everyone. Everyone is going to crash at an individual level, until we understand that consummation and greed is not valid principles to live by. Until then – have fun!

Why do sex sell? Why is sex profitable?

Why do sex sell? That is a question that can be easily answered – simply ask yourself the question – how much do I want to have sex?

You will find that your answer is, in most cases, that you want to have much sex – in fact so much sex that you could be termed as a sex-addict; completely enthralled and lost in the energy buzz of or the hope and dream of the most orgasmic, sexual, succulent, vibratory experience of sexual ecstasy ever to be had. This is a desire that almost everyone have – the continuous and unquenchable thirst of wanting to fulfill what the mind commands.

So, the simple reason as to why sex sells and why it is profitable is because we are completely addicted to it. It’s a product and/or service we believe ourselves to need and require – and as such allot of money can be made out of it.

Though, this industry, as the sexual industry is not like other industries, the sex-addiction of man has a nasty backside, and that is trafficking, child sex slaves, rape, objectification of women, objectification of men – the consequence of our accepted and allowed desire to have sex, all the time, with everyone, is grave. And we can’t blame the porn magazines; we can’t blame porn videos or San Francisco’s young female porn actresses, as being the cause for this revolution of the consumption of pictures of human flesh. We have accepted and allowed ourselves to manifest this through becoming directed by our desire to have sex, the sex industry is not something that is separate from whom we are – but it’s an outflow of who we are.

So, when a child becomes sold as a sex slave, when a female is raped on her way home from her work; it’s all outflows of our collective acceptance and allowance as the human race – pedophilia, necrophilia, having sex with animals, violent sex – nothing can be regarded as to have been created by an apparent bad sex industry. It’s all from us, it’s the very nature of our minds that is shown in the horrid acts committed around the world, wherein human-beings are abused, disregarded and violated in order to satisfy another’s sexual lusts and pleasures.

The question one should ask is – is there a solution to this problem? How am I responsible for what have manifested in this world? How have I been directed by the desire to have sex, how have I supported the sex industry with money? Giving a demand for atrocities to unfold.

And, is there another way to look at sexuality? Is there a way to have sex wherein the sexual experience of self isn’t directed by pictures, emotions or feelings?

There are many cool questions to be answered and much to be discovered in the realm of sexuality, but first we must annihilate what sexuality has become, as a reflection of our addiction to thoughts and energy. In order to actually discover what sex is capable of being, we must return to the physical – stop our minds, as likes, dislikes, fears, wants, desires – and realize that real sex does not hold it’s origin in a short 10 second orgasm, based upon some pictures meeting the eye, but upon physical touch and presence. Being aware of the physical and moving oneself, with another, in and as breath here as self-enjoyment. Wherein the movement of self is unconditional and not enslaved to time and space, as the desire for an orgasm.

So, if you want to find out more – I suggest you visit Desteni I Process where we are training ourselves to become effective life participants.

The Return to Innocence with Desteni “I” Process

As most children do, I came to grow up both fearing and resenting my parents. Living with my parents was during the first 22 years of my life a complete misery filled with emotional turmoil, thoughts of spitefulness, anger, arguments and dramas. I think that I’ve gone through this more than most others, as I ‘really’ went to an extreme with my rebellious actions, in my attempt to ‘break-free’ from the control apparently ‘forced’ upon me.

Never did I during these 22 years stop, to take a breath and look within, asking myself: what if I might be the one that is creating all of this? What if it’s not my parents fault that I feel like I feel, that I think like I think, that I speak like I speak, that I act like I act – what if it’s all my fault? What if… I am actually able to enjoy myself one and equal in the presence of my parents? I was oblivious to these questions as drove my rampage towards the adult world further and further.

I came to a point in my life where I had basically destroyed my relationship to my parents completely. Even in my own eye’s that was stilled foggy with blame and the fear to admit self-responsibility I saw that I had gone to far within my application of – non-living – wherein I had accepted and allowed me to change, to experience myself differently when I was around my parents in comparison to when I was with myself; creating within such a separation – lot’s of bullshit in my world and in myself.

Thus – I started the process of self-forgiveness and I promised to myself that I was not going to live out certain patterns, which I had seen within myself, ever again. I was going to stand up and take self-responsibility.

So, the journey begun, and this is a journey that has lasted me for soon three years – wherein I’ve fallen and stood up, fallen and stood up – completely certain in my initial decision that I am not going to remain as what I’ve accepted and allowed myself to become – I will change.

So, here I am today to report upon my progress. I am glad to announce that I am able to enjoy myself in the presence of my parents. I am able to talk with my parents without reacting and without becoming angry. I am able to look into my parent’s eyes and see who they are – not my projected blame as to what they have apparently done me wrong.

All in all – I have returned – in many ways – to the condition in which I first came to meet my parents = innocent. I came as a baby here, completely blank and fascinated with this world, I enjoyed my parents and I shared myself unconditionally with them as with everyone else – then I manifested a mind-system of suppression as myself and those days where over. Now, I am yet again returning to this position within me of innocence, that was never lost, it was simply, for a moment, hidden in and as the blame I had accepted and allowed as myself. Though, here I am, taking self-responsibility, cleaning and washing away the impurity I have accepted and allowed myself to become – too realize that – the simple enjoyment of being in the presence of my parents, or lying in my bed, or watching a movie, or walking outside in the sun that I experienced as a child; wherein I was fulfilled and nothing more was needed or required = isn’t gone, it’s still here.

This would not have been possible without desteni “I” process, without desteni. I am a changed human being and I have – in many ways, yet there are still many left – returned to innocence and I am eternally grateful that I’ve given myself this opportunity and for all the support I have gotten from the desteni “I” process crew.

I suggest to each one that can see and understand what I write to join the desteni “I” process as it’s not something you want to miss. It’s also a cool way to become financially stable – though – when you get the taste of the fulfillment one and equal as who you really are – finances won’t be your biggest pleasure – you will be that yourself!

So, join desteni “I” process guys and girls – thanks!