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Day 28: Communism – Problem/Solution/Reward

Today I’m going to have a look at communism – to see what the problem is with communism, what are the solutions, and what are the rewards for living such solutions.

What is then communism? Here is a definition taken from Wikipedia:

(from Latin communis – common, universal) is a revolutionary socialist movement to create a classless, moneyless and stateless social order structured upon common ownership of the means of production, as well as a social, political and economic ideology that aims at the establishment of this social order. This movement, in its Marxist–Leninist interpretations, significantly influenced the history of the 20th century, which saw intense rivalry between the “socialist world” (socialist states ruled by communist parties) and the “Western world” (countries with capitalist economies).


The main point with communism is to give property to everyone – so that there is no more private property but only common property – which is a very cool idea because it implies the end of poverty, the end of abuse – and in a sense equality between all men – because everyone have what everyone else have – thus the whole is considered – the collective – and the individual is a part of the whole and doesn’t live at the expense of the whole

in-theory-communism-works_-_redThe issue with communism is thus not the ideology behind it – the problem with communism is it’s lack of understanding, and insight into the function of human nature. We’ve already through the wake of history seen several countries decide to base their political system on communism – though – in none of these countries have emerged any form of equality – instead the systems have developed into hierarchical systems based upon violence, coercion, fear, and greed – where no more have people received power through the money that they accumulate but instead by which position they’re able to acquire in the governmental system.

A cool movie that reveals how this hierarchical system functioned in East Germany before the fall of the Berlin wall is the lives of others.

What this movie shows is how people that have acquired strong positions in the communistic party abuse their power for their own self-interest, and gain – they use the mechanisms of the system – such as prison, police, military, etc. in order to make sure that their life is the best life – and within this the communistic ideology and it’s principles are no-where to be seen – people merely call themselves communist but in no way actually live the principles, and thoughts that communism as the ideology is based upon.

The problem with communism is that it’s based upon the assumption that the system is able to change without humans changing – this is a rudimentary misunderstanding – because our current system is the sum total of all human beings in this world – thus – our world will not be better than the how we as humanity as a whole live – and as such it’s impossible to implement communism and believe that it will work as it’s supposed to work without first re-educating – and showing all human beings what it means, and how it’s done – to live the principles of communism in day-to-day living.

This is why – in order to change our current system into a system that is best for all – we require re-education on a massive scale – and what we need to learn is not fancy knowledge of science, and philosophy – we need to learn how to care for each other, and how to consider one another – that is the basic knowledge that should’ve been taught and expected of everyone to live – yet that has been completely missed in our world – and the consequence is that what-ever ideology we’ve tried to manifest, and no matter how much we’ve tried to change our external reality – it’s all remained the same – a hierarchical system of abuse, and misuse of power – where it’s always been a few that gotten into a position of control over the many – and that have then abused this position completely for their own benefits.


In order to change this we first require to start with ourselves – and what we need to ask ourselves is – where is it that I am not considering others? Where is it that I am not living communism – meaning – giving to another as I’d like to receive – and treating another as I’d like to be treated? Where is it within me, and my world that I live as a cold-hearted dictator – abusing others for my own pleasure? Where is it that I let my self-interest make decisions for me – instead me making a decision within common sense?

As such – what we first must do is deconstruct the origin-point of the failure of this world-system to produce any form of comfort, and safety for humanity as a whole – which is ourselves – and we must within brutal self-honesty reveal how we’re within our thoughts, within our actions, within our presence – creating this world to exist as it does – repeating our failures, and mistakes – day by day – without standing up and stating that – enough is enough – I will myself to change – and become a better me.

Thus – one could say that – what is missed in communism is the SELF; in communism – focus is given to the commune – on that which is shared – on that which is our external reality – but not focus is given to self – and what goes on in secret – in self’s thoughts – in the backchat of the mind – in the fantasies that come up – and the thoughts that are hidden deep down in the crevices of self – that nobody but self knows about – that is what we require to deal with – and as such – to successfully implement communism – we require to combine communism with self-education, self-introspection – and self-change – because only in changing our starting point living – from ME, ME, ME – to WE – will we be able to start considering the commune – the society – and the people that are around us – and this self-change must be done by each individual themselves – by their directive will – by their decision – and it can’t be forced – and as such – communism as an idea can’t be forced unto this world, and this reality and be expected to function perfectly as we thought it to function in our minds – because we must consider what, and how we are as human-beings – and take it from there.

The solution is thus to – first walk self-change – and change the me to the we – and then begin to walk, and implement external change – one and equal – self change within and accordingly the external reality change without; as above so below – as within so without – one can’t exist without the other.


The reward for changing self – and creating a world where there is no more hierarchy – where there is no more people that abuse power – and that seek to be more than others – is that we’ll finally be able to live in peace, and have a stable reality. We will not anymore have genocides, and crazy dictators becoming possessed with greed, and paranoia – deciding to execute half of the inhabitants in the country which they rule; we will have a world without fear – where we can plan our futures, and then live according to our plans – because there will be real stability.

We will be able to count on our countrymen to consider us and treat us with respect, and care – and as such we won’t anymore be afraid of us becoming stabbed in the back – and betrayed – and not anymore will competition exist between people – and not anymore will someone be seen as more important than another – and be considered a leader while the others becomes considered as a slaves – we’ll in-fact ALL be equal – when we live that respect within ourselves – and manifest that respect towards life in our actions – in our words – and become it so completely that there is no more self-interest – only the WE – because we understand that we are not separate from the whole – and that there is really no ME – because no man is an island – we’re all interconnected – and all dependent upon each other to live fulfilling and enjoyable life’s.

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