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Day 38: Totalitarianism, Media and Free Thinking Individuals

In this blog I am going to examine the political phenomena of totalitarianism – and within this also the closely related variety called authoritarianism. I will look at what is the problem with these political ideologies, and what possible solutions there are to correct these problems, and also look at what rewards will come through correcting these problems.

Firstly – what is totalitarianism?

According to Wikipedia – totalitarianism is:

totalitarianism_01Totalitarianism (or totalitarian rule) is a political system in which the state holds total authority over the society and seeks to control all aspects of public and private life whenever necessary.

Totalitarianism is as such the political dispensation of attempting to gain full, and complete control over the citizen’s of a country – wherein all aspects of society is controlled – education, media, economy, communications, family life – everything! An example of a totalitarian society is Germany during the rule of Adolf Hitler – which was a strictly controlled wherein conformity was demanded by all citizens to the political rule by the Nazis.


One of the major problems with totalitarianism is that it suppresses the creativity, and life force of the citizens of a country – and instead of critical thinking, and diversity being cultivated, and supported – instead only one particular way of thinking is supported and considered “right”.

We as westerners might think that we live in a free democracy, but if we take a close look at the set-up of our political machinery – it’s possible to see traits of totalitarianism. This though is a more secretive application of totalitarianism that is founded upon psychological manipulation, cognitive disinformation, wage-slavery, and a highly biased, and ineffective education system that see to it that children are dumbed down, and do not develop effective critical thinking skills to question the various hazardous dogmas that are currently accepted as a part of our political constitution.

An example of how media is used in our society in order to promote a particular way of thinking to manipulate the masses to have a certain idea, and definition of particular events can be found for example when looking at how the Iraqi war was sold to the public. Here the press merely regurgitated what the leaders of the western world claimed to be true with no attempt to cross-reference, and clarify whether it was in-fact true that Iraq was developing chemical weapons of warfare.

Another example can be found in the NATO attack on Libya to remove Muammar Gaddafi from power – a campaign that through a media slandering campaign on Gaddafi gained the support of the western masses. It’s fascinating because when investigating the deeds of Gaddafi more closely, and not only relying upon western media – it’s easy to see that Gaddafi was a benevolent leader that did much to support his people, and alleviate poverty. One of the primary reasons as to why he was targeted was because he was anti-imperialistic, and actually nationalized the oil-reserves of Libya and managed to through that raise the living standards significantly; really – looking at the point objectively Libya before the war had a much more effective social welfare system than that of America.

So – even though we in the western countries might consider ourselves “free” and “intellectually enlightened” – we’re really being fooled, and manipulated by fear, and nationalistic impulses – and lies such as freedom, democracy are used as a reason for the military interventions – while really – all the military effort we’ve seen spread across the world the last 50 years has not been the will of the people – it’s the will of specialized interests controlling the government through corporate profits – and as such the government has become nothing more but the guard dog of the corporation – ready to by force coerce anyone stupid enough to take a stand against the brutal and savage crusade for more, and more money that the corporations of the world have set out upon.

The current definition of totalitarianism does as such not consider this more secretive, and hidden application of totalitarianism – that is applied through effective manipulation of the human mind – the so-called manufacturing of consent.

Obviously this approach to ruling is disrespectful towards the people of a country that are not allowed to share their perspective, and let themselves make informed and effective decisions – and that is the essence of the problem with totalitarianism – it suppresses the individual and his freedom to live a fulfilling, and creative life. Because let’s not forget that society consists of a multitude of individuals – all different from each-other in that we share different interests, preferences, skills, abilities, considerations, and desires – we all do not want to live the same life – everyone doesn’t like to play music as I do – though this point is not understood and applied in a totalitarian society.

The consequence of the individual not being considered, and protected is that we have a society of numbers – where we do not dare to see beyond the numbers seeing that for each number there is a intricate, and complex human life – that is born into this world not to suffer but to live a fulfilling and enjoyable life – this is why each and every individual should be catered to live his or her life of preference – to the extent where such a preference do not harm another human-being – as that is the application of principled freedom, as a freedom that is beneficial and expansive and do not have any nefarious consequences.

Another consequence we have when the individual is not considered is that we constantly have these small fractions of a society that feel they are mistreated, and not considered – creating division, and competition between citizens – instead of creating our political rule in such a way that everyone is considered and giving the basic needs to fulfill their preferences and live a life that is enjoyable.


I’ve already touched on the solution for totalitarianism – though – let’s first consider some points with totalitarianism that are effective – one of these points is the demand for one attitude, and one way of looking at things – now – this is only bad when the demand is shaped, and formed from within a thwarted and opinionated starting point. For example Hitler demanded anti-semitism from his countrymen – and this was obviously a extremely flawed, and ineffective way of ruling a country. Yet – consider that instead of using totalitarianism to pursue interests that are inherently flawed – to instead pursue interests that are BEST FOR ALL; meaning – to implement in the constitution of a country a provision stating that all decisions by the government and the legislative body must be proven to be WHAT IS BEST FOR ALL – and within this we are thus using the principle of totalitarianism in order to support to create a society where no one is harmed, and where it’s made certain that all political decisions will be made within integrity and with respect for the citizens of the country.

Thus – a solution in order to change totalitarianism from being a complete fuck-up as it is today – in order to become a supportive political agenda that promotes what is best for all – is to change the starting point of totalitarianism – from wanting to rule for the sake of ruling – to instead ruling for the sake of what is best for all – utilizing such political points as the constitution in order to make sure that certain values are always protected and defended and that no minority can claim power and abuse the majority for their own self-interested reasons.

A part from this point – totalitarianism really does not have much to offer – it’s a limited, and inferior perspective on how to rule a country – because the consequence of the point when applied without the starting point to create what is best for all – is that individuals ability to express themselves diminish, and suddenly we have a society filled with zombies, and drones that can’t think for themselves – and that blindly trusts everything the government says because of fear, and also because they simply can’t think for themselves anymore.

Thus – in order for a society to be effective – there must be real democracy – because through this we are able to utilize the full spectrum of human insight that is available in a country in order to bring forth the best policy-decisions, the best political structures, and the best use of societies resources – and no more will the direction of a country be poisoned with the malfunctioning, and limited ideas of only one person – because really a country is meant to be ruled by everyone and not by a single person – it’s not even possible for a single person to see, and have all information about a country to see exactly what requires to be done – and what decisions must be made – thus the importance of including everyone and make no one more than another.


The rewards for utilizing the principle of totalitarianism in order to set a single unifying standard for the entirety of society – as making sure that all political decisions will stand by what is best for all – is that we will not anymore have policy decisions made that favor some and disregard others. We will not anymore have a society wherein some are dissatisfied and others aren’t – because within all decisions – everyone – all needs – all points will be considered and none will be rejected and shut out.

Within this we’ll much with much likelihood see a much more solidary society grow forth – wherein politics, and the direction of the country become a point of priority for everyone and not only for a few selected elites – and within this a stability will come to the fore – because when each and everyone’s needs are considered there won’t anymore be a driving dissatisfaction in some that leads to uprisings, violence, and political instability – because the political body will make sure that all voices are heard, considered, and regarded.

And obviously – within stopping totalitarianism – both the hidden version as media-totalitarianism, and the more open version – we’ll see free thinking individuals emerge – as individuals that are able to deduct their reality through the use of common sense – looking at what will be the best and then making a decision without being influenced by what anyone else might say, or not say to them. We will as such have a society grow forth of self-independent individuals that can’t be manipulated into committing crimes against human rights because some leader, or the television have given them various emotional-based reasons as to why to do it – but instead individuals will trust themselves, and make informed decisions that have an outcome as what is best for all.

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Day 28: Communism – Problem/Solution/Reward

Today I’m going to have a look at communism – to see what the problem is with communism, what are the solutions, and what are the rewards for living such solutions.

What is then communism? Here is a definition taken from Wikipedia:

(from Latin communis – common, universal) is a revolutionary socialist movement to create a classless, moneyless and stateless social order structured upon common ownership of the means of production, as well as a social, political and economic ideology that aims at the establishment of this social order. This movement, in its Marxist–Leninist interpretations, significantly influenced the history of the 20th century, which saw intense rivalry between the “socialist world” (socialist states ruled by communist parties) and the “Western world” (countries with capitalist economies).


The main point with communism is to give property to everyone – so that there is no more private property but only common property – which is a very cool idea because it implies the end of poverty, the end of abuse – and in a sense equality between all men – because everyone have what everyone else have – thus the whole is considered – the collective – and the individual is a part of the whole and doesn’t live at the expense of the whole

in-theory-communism-works_-_redThe issue with communism is thus not the ideology behind it – the problem with communism is it’s lack of understanding, and insight into the function of human nature. We’ve already through the wake of history seen several countries decide to base their political system on communism – though – in none of these countries have emerged any form of equality – instead the systems have developed into hierarchical systems based upon violence, coercion, fear, and greed – where no more have people received power through the money that they accumulate but instead by which position they’re able to acquire in the governmental system.

A cool movie that reveals how this hierarchical system functioned in East Germany before the fall of the Berlin wall is the lives of others.

What this movie shows is how people that have acquired strong positions in the communistic party abuse their power for their own self-interest, and gain – they use the mechanisms of the system – such as prison, police, military, etc. in order to make sure that their life is the best life – and within this the communistic ideology and it’s principles are no-where to be seen – people merely call themselves communist but in no way actually live the principles, and thoughts that communism as the ideology is based upon.

The problem with communism is that it’s based upon the assumption that the system is able to change without humans changing – this is a rudimentary misunderstanding – because our current system is the sum total of all human beings in this world – thus – our world will not be better than the how we as humanity as a whole live – and as such it’s impossible to implement communism and believe that it will work as it’s supposed to work without first re-educating – and showing all human beings what it means, and how it’s done – to live the principles of communism in day-to-day living.

This is why – in order to change our current system into a system that is best for all – we require re-education on a massive scale – and what we need to learn is not fancy knowledge of science, and philosophy – we need to learn how to care for each other, and how to consider one another – that is the basic knowledge that should’ve been taught and expected of everyone to live – yet that has been completely missed in our world – and the consequence is that what-ever ideology we’ve tried to manifest, and no matter how much we’ve tried to change our external reality – it’s all remained the same – a hierarchical system of abuse, and misuse of power – where it’s always been a few that gotten into a position of control over the many – and that have then abused this position completely for their own benefits.


In order to change this we first require to start with ourselves – and what we need to ask ourselves is – where is it that I am not considering others? Where is it that I am not living communism – meaning – giving to another as I’d like to receive – and treating another as I’d like to be treated? Where is it within me, and my world that I live as a cold-hearted dictator – abusing others for my own pleasure? Where is it that I let my self-interest make decisions for me – instead me making a decision within common sense?

As such – what we first must do is deconstruct the origin-point of the failure of this world-system to produce any form of comfort, and safety for humanity as a whole – which is ourselves – and we must within brutal self-honesty reveal how we’re within our thoughts, within our actions, within our presence – creating this world to exist as it does – repeating our failures, and mistakes – day by day – without standing up and stating that – enough is enough – I will myself to change – and become a better me.

Thus – one could say that – what is missed in communism is the SELF; in communism – focus is given to the commune – on that which is shared – on that which is our external reality – but not focus is given to self – and what goes on in secret – in self’s thoughts – in the backchat of the mind – in the fantasies that come up – and the thoughts that are hidden deep down in the crevices of self – that nobody but self knows about – that is what we require to deal with – and as such – to successfully implement communism – we require to combine communism with self-education, self-introspection – and self-change – because only in changing our starting point living – from ME, ME, ME – to WE – will we be able to start considering the commune – the society – and the people that are around us – and this self-change must be done by each individual themselves – by their directive will – by their decision – and it can’t be forced – and as such – communism as an idea can’t be forced unto this world, and this reality and be expected to function perfectly as we thought it to function in our minds – because we must consider what, and how we are as human-beings – and take it from there.

The solution is thus to – first walk self-change – and change the me to the we – and then begin to walk, and implement external change – one and equal – self change within and accordingly the external reality change without; as above so below – as within so without – one can’t exist without the other.


The reward for changing self – and creating a world where there is no more hierarchy – where there is no more people that abuse power – and that seek to be more than others – is that we’ll finally be able to live in peace, and have a stable reality. We will not anymore have genocides, and crazy dictators becoming possessed with greed, and paranoia – deciding to execute half of the inhabitants in the country which they rule; we will have a world without fear – where we can plan our futures, and then live according to our plans – because there will be real stability.

We will be able to count on our countrymen to consider us and treat us with respect, and care – and as such we won’t anymore be afraid of us becoming stabbed in the back – and betrayed – and not anymore will competition exist between people – and not anymore will someone be seen as more important than another – and be considered a leader while the others becomes considered as a slaves – we’ll in-fact ALL be equal – when we live that respect within ourselves – and manifest that respect towards life in our actions – in our words – and become it so completely that there is no more self-interest – only the WE – because we understand that we are not separate from the whole – and that there is really no ME – because no man is an island – we’re all interconnected – and all dependent upon each other to live fulfilling and enjoyable life’s.

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Corporate Hate and The Revolutionary

Today I am going to explain the deception of corporate hate, which is the idea of “them against us” – or “the rich versus the poor” – or “capitalism versus Joe Doe” – the idea that something is being done to us by the mystical “other” – that is usually pictured as a rich CEO, or a successful business mogul.

To further describe this idea of corporate hate – here is a citation from the movie Fight Club:

“Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate, so we can buy shit we don’t need.”

In this statement, what can be seen is that the responsibility of us chasing cars, working jobs we hate, and buying shit we don’t need is placed upon – advertising. And what does advertising symbolize in this statement? It symbolizes “the other” – “the one in control” – “the system”.

In essence what the mentality of corporate hate is focused upon is – fighting “the system” – “fuck the system” – fighting that unnamable something, that springs from places apparently unknown, wreaking havoc upon the world – “the evil system”.

Examples of groups that are involved with corporate hate is Zeitgeist, the Venus Project, An0nymous, Occupy Wall Street – these groups have one focus in their application, and that is – “changing the system” – yet from the starting point of believing that they themselves are not apart of the system, but a innocent and righteous breath of fresh air – ready to defeat the evil dragon of capitalism and save the world.

What is to be questioned in terms of the application and movement of these groups that are involved with corporate hate is – have they had any success?
Have they in-fact made any change to this reality as it currently exists?

Let’s take a look at some previous corporate haters in the weaves of history to see whether this mentality is in-fact beneficial or not – let’s visit – “the hippies”.

The hippie movement was created in the sixties and it proclaimed “freedom” – “free sex” – and “drugs” – and the youth of this time protested and rallied against “the system” – it was a leftist wave the swept over the western world – people became politically active – they created opinions – and they we’re “freeing” themselves – yet – what happened to this movement? Why are we not free today?

As can be seen by the example of Christiania – a small hippie town in Copenhagen that promotes free drugs – nothing happened – except that the hippies got old; “the system” on the other hand continued to live on – I wonder what went wrong, why didn’t the hippies march to freedom work? Why wasn’t “the system” abolished? What was in-fact missed?

In Libya, in Egypt, in Tunisia – we have had “revolutions” – in Paris during the 19th centaury we hade a “revolution” – such a event implies people apparently standing up towards “the system” – demanding a change – which always results in numerous deaths; but does anything change?

After the revolution in France – where the words freedom, brotherhood and equality were used as the slogan of the revolutionaries – war broke out on a massive scale as Napoleon attempted to dress Europe up in a French flag – his reign ended in waterloo together with the life’s of thousands of soldiers – was this the fruit revolution?

Then we have Che Guevara, and Fidel Castro – two revolutionaries in Cuba that during the 1960’s brought “freedom” to people through communism – this “freedom” have resulted in the initiation of USA trade embargos towards the small country – is this the fruit of revolution?

Then obviously – we have the famous Russian revolution during the beginning of the 20th centaury – which led to communism and Stalinism – during this period many millions died in so called work camps, and political executions – is this the fruit of revolution?

No matter how we look through the ages of time – we can see that revolution – as the public outrage of  “us against them” – hasn’t ever worked – revolutions – violence – war – rage – hate – and anger hasn’t ever lead to the creation of a new reality; neither will An0nymous be able to create a new reality – neither will Occupy Wall Street be able to create a new reality – neither will Zeitgeist be able to create a new reality – neither will the Venus Project be able to create a new reality – as they are all based upon blame – upon hate – corporate hate – before we hated the king and the queen – the parliament or the people in power – now we hate the corporation – times change yet the roles remain the same.

A characteristic that can be recognized in the revolutionary mentality – the corporate hate mentality – is the desire to have it be done fast; thinking, “One swift stroke of righteousness and anger will clear this mess out!” – “we march to the Parliament and throw stones, that will make it all well!” – “Off with their heads!” – and within these actions that are taken, the general accepted belief is that there will in-fact be change – but when we look at these actions in common sense we must ask ourselves, how could we have created such a ridiculous belief?

How will throwing stones towards the parliament change the general and accepted mentality of those in power? I mean – they, as well as everyone else, make decisions from a starting point of self-interest and survival – how will their insight and application in anyway be supported to expand through stones being thrown at them? Do stones offer a solution – a new reality – a new and clear practical roadmap as to how/where/why/when/what we are to create a new world? No obviously it doesn’t – and neither does chopping heads off, neither does a swift stroke off righteousness and anger – such actions will only but perpetuate the accepted nature of man as being without mercy, without consideration, and without humility – and here we finally arrive to the core point – the reason as to why nothing change through revolutions – the rabbit in the hat – what is that we are forgetting?

It’s WE!

It’s OUR accepted and allowed nature!

It’s how YOU and ME live in our daily lives!

It’s not about THEM!

It’s not about THAT!

It’s not about HIM or HER!

This is what is missed, and this is why no revolution is, have and will never been successful – this is why corporate hate won’t ever lead to anything more but more hatred – more spitefulness – more revenge – more anger – more harmful actions – this is why there is no forgiveness – no consideration – no actual warmth and care coming forth – it’s all about BLAME – and it makes us LAME – it’s makes us BLA BLA BLA ME ME ME – talking and talking but no self-responsibility is ever taken – never is to point brought back to self.

We can dedicate our lives to blaming – we can blame the corporations – yet we won’t see that our pensions, life insurances, and savings are the life-blood of their existence.

We can blame the monarch – yet we won’t see that we define ourselves according to our nationality, feel proud when the national anthem is played, and secretly despise people of other nationalities.

We can blame the politicians – and those in power – yet we won’t see that we spend our own life’s only living to satisfy our own desires – finding the perfect relationship – creating money for ourselves – creating the perfect career – never ever considering to live and implement a change in this reality – how can we then expect our leaders to do this?

The problem we face is ourselves – this problem will take TIME, EFFORT, DEDICATION, PATIENCE, DILIGENCE and COMMITMENT to sort out – and nobody will do it for us – we face our own self-interested and corrupt nature – and it’s this very nature of ourselves that is the foundation and cause of this reality as we currently see and experience it – this is why nothing will ever change through revolutions, or through hammering down upon corporations – that is not in-fact the problem – that is but a outflow, a consequence, a repercussion of our individual, accepted and allowed nature.

We make up this reality – individual by individual – 1+1 – and the way we live in our daily life’s becomes the foundation of the system – we as a collective – all of us are responsible for how this reality currently looks – and the only way to change is to in-fact change ourselves – from self-interest to considering life – from fear to living care – from ego to living humility – from superiority to living clarity and insight – this is the only way out from this hell.

We know what must be done – now let’s do it – and let’s not stop until it’s in-fact done – the last revolution of them all is the revolution of us taking self-responsibility – a real self-revelation – revealing the perfection of EQUALITY and ONENESS as living WHAT IS BEST FOR ALL.


What if I Don’t Want to Be Apart of the Equal Money System?

There are some people that, as they first have their eye’s slowly stray over the words ‘Equal Money System’, screams out in blind panic: what if I don’t want to be apart of it! Are you going to force me to be apart of it?! Are you going to send me to a concentration camp?!

This type of reaction exposes a typical brainwashing – which is the belief that equality will somehow threaten your now so comfortable existence; because one thing must be understood – the people that do have this reaction are not poor; as poor people would throw themselves whole heartedly over any opportunity to have their life become somewhat more easier.

Equality won’t threaten your existence, and it won’t have you loose anything of your materialistic value; unless you’re a U.S dollar billionaire – though there are so few of them that I assume your not one of them.

Actually you’ll in an Equal Money System find yourself to have more materialistic wealth than you have currently – in the likings of a U.S dollar millionaire. Yes it’s possible for everyone to live as millionaires, when we stop wasting our resources through such ludicrousness as planned obsolescence, and profiteering; and instead make use of what is here in a practical and effective manner.

Thus – to not want to be apart of the equal money system indicates extreme fear of loosing that which you have currently, as your apparent freedom and individuality; while you in-fact have none at all! In this current system we were brainwashed since a young age to believe that we are free, to believe that we’re living a ‘normal’ life in this capitalistic system, when we are nothing else but slaves – living but to please the god of money, so that we may survive from one day to the other. How’s such an existence in anyway preferable, or likable, when in front of your face is presented a solution, a system, that will in-fact have you to be unconditionally supported and taken care off; no matter what!

But if you still don’t want to be apart of the Equal Money System, well, we’ll invite you in anyway, and you can have just the same material wealth as everyone else – and we won’t worry that you’ll abuse, or use it without giving anything in return; because the Equal Money System is based upon giving, as such we give, and we’ve got an abundance to give from. It’s but the belief in our current monetary system that there is scarcity and lack, when there in-fact isn’t, that scarcity and lack which we experience is created through the abuse of money, and isn’t a real physical condition.

Because look, we’re here in this world, and everywhere around us the physical is flourishing into various expressions, which most of them are able to in someway sustain, or nourish us; the problem has always been the starting point of man, as instead of giving to another as he himself would like to receive, hoarding resources, wanting to become rich and powerful, existing within and as competition; when all on earth could be well, and all have more than enough to survive, if we would simply help each other instead of fight each other, and give to each other instead of taking from each other.

So, in the Equal Money System the principle of ‘giving as you would to receive’ will be our only market force, and as such our markets will be abundantly filled with whatever you’d like to have; except goods based upon abuse obviously, as that will not be accepted and allowed in an Equal Money System – as an Equal Money System supports life, expansion, and human excellence – not abuse.

Is such a world possible, or is it utopia you might ask?

We decide and always have. Anyone that say’s that heaven on earth is not possible has decided that for himself, though it doesn’t make it in-fact so, because we’re the creators, we’re the authorities, and we’ll be the ones that take the first step to manifest a world of enjoyment, instead of suffering.

Thus – would you really like to miss out on a eternity of enjoyment? Here on earth? Does this system really give you so much satisfaction that it’s worth to miss out on heaven on earth?

Obviously you don’t want to miss out on this – so visit Equal Money and check out what it’s all about.

Communism is the Law of Attraction

Communism is based upon the same principle as the law of attraction. Now – let’s look at how this is so.

Firstly – what is the principle that the law of attraction is based upon? It’s based upon the principle of lack. Consider how it is that you create through using the law of attraction: you create through stating that you’re lacking something. An example would be the following: I lack money, as such I will through thinking and imagination, through envisioning me with money, a long with building up that nice feeling of ownership, create money in my world – using the emotion and experience within you as lack, as not having any money, to create a polarity feeling of have, as having money.

As such you have defined yourself as a have not within yourself as well as created the polarity of have – as how you would think and experience yourself if you had money. And as such you’re creating from a starting point of lack, as I currently do not have – and I must have – in order to be satisfied with myself and my life.

Before we look at how communism is based upon the same principle as the law of attraction I will shortly explain the idea of communism.

Communist theory claims there are two distinct classes in society: the workers and the employers. Further it claims that all suffering in society comes from the employers using the workers labor to earn money, reaping more rewards than what the workers do, as such creating lack and stealing resources from the worker. The solution that is proposed is that the workers revolt and overthrow the employers and ‘take back’ the rewards of their labor.

Now let’s look at how communism operates by the same principle as the law of attraction. As a communist worker you’d state: I don’t have enough power and influence in society, and I lack the rewards of my labor, I am as such a have not. And you then define yourself as lacking.

On the other hand, you think, those who have the power, influence and reap the rewards of my labor in society is ‘the employers’ as the have’s. And as such you create a polarity within yourself wherein you define yourself as the negative polarity, as lacking, and the employers as the positive polarity as those that have.

And then you proceed to apparently create your abundance through taking from those that have what you apparently do not have, and what you’re apparently unable to create and manifest for yourself. But, because you’re creating from a starting point of lack, as the polarity opposite of abundance, you’ll manifest this into the world – as now the employers will instead be those that lack, and you’ll be the one that holds the ownership.

The solution is to create without polarity, without a self-definition of oneself as either a have or have not – but instead create here as breath without a purpose of ‘building wealth’ aka ‘removing lack’ – because such a starting point implies that lack in-fact exists. Lack only exists when you accept and allow yourself to define yourself as lack and then create from the starting point of lack.

Equal Money is based upon the principle that there needn’t to be any revolution; we don’t need to take another’s assets in order to supply everyone with sufficient of resources to live a cool life – because there is in-fact enough for everyone. And instead of creating from a starting point of ‘I lack’ and consequently ‘I must have’ – we create from the starting point of common sense, as considering what expression or manifestation I could create that would support me, as well as the rest of life.

Whatever that may be ­– I’ll then simply create it – without having to confront and revolt towards another in order to do so. And as such we create our own wealth instead of whining, comparing, and defining ourselves according to definitions of have and have not’s – instead living what is best for all, being our own source of creation.

Creating something from nothing.

Why Equal Money isn’t like Communism

Many that come to hear about ‘The Equal Money System’ are very fast to claim it’s communism, that it’s been tried and that it’s as such won’t ever work. Usually those who make this statement are American or British citizens, due to these countries propaganda-machines, that extensively have propagated Communism as something evil and horribly bad, in an on-going onslaught ever since the end of WWII, as the Iron Wall came into being and the cold war began.

Obviously this massive and almost 50 year propaganda war against communism has been completely and utterly based upon fear – as the fear that the ‘evil communists’ would turn every American or British person a communist as well, and as such end the glorious era of capitalism; as such there has been much nonsense spoken about Communism, much hypocrisy, only to invoke the necessary fear and anxiety to have people avoid the political idea of Communism.


Probably because there has been certain capitalists in America and Britain that have stood on the verge of loosing all their assets if the state would suddenly take full control of all it’s citizens capital – and claim itself to be the sole owner of all the property and capital in the country; because this is the point of Communism – it’s a political idea wherein all the assets of a country, no matter private or public, is owned by the state and then supposedly shared equal to all people in society.

This complete state ownership is to be created through a revolution, wherein the workers take to arms and with violence overthrow the capitalists, as the employers of a society. The reason that it’s the workers versus the employers is due to the communistic belief that all suffering, comes from the capitalists, aka employers, as they are using the labor of the people to make money for themselves, as such not giving the fruit of the labor back to the people – and within this causing poverty and have not’s as economic outcasts in society.

In essence the idea of communism is to, through the removal of all capitalists, manifest a classless society wherein each and everyone ‘work according to their ability and receive according to their need’ – so we’re dealing with some cool principles and realizations here. A society wherein each one is given what he need’s to survive is obviously better than the one we currently have, as a society where no one is given anything at all – instead your born in debt as a slave.

Thus – the principle of communism is sound, meaning: the problem we face in society, as needless suffering and slavery, is due to division by class, as the variations/inequalities of ownership of money between people. The obvious solution to this problem must as such be to end this division by class, through sharing all property equal between everyone; yes this sounds good to me – but still it didn’t work – why?

What communism missed, and why it didn’t work have to do with the way it was to be implemented; as I’ve already explained – through a violent revolution. Why such an approach doesn’t work is because of the nature of the problem – it’s not in-fact the capitalists, as the societies employers, that’s the origin of the issue, as a society where people are divided by their apparent class, as the amount of money they own.

No – the problem is the human nature, as what we’ve accepted and allowed ourselves to become, as how we live in thought/word and deed; this is not a small problem and it won’t be solved with a quick fix – such as a revolution. To solve this problem we’ll actually have to change ourselves as who we are, and how we live on an individual and day-to-day basis, as it’s our individual actions accumulated in time that forms and manifests society as we experience it today.

Thus – when the capitalists were in-fact over-thrown in Cuba, Russia and China and the revolution came to be ‘successful’ – this didn’t change the nature of the human beings; they were still the same, as fearful, greedy, distrusting, manipulative = the normal human-nature stuff.

And obviously this had the consequence that a society with people divided by class, as how much money they own, was simply re-created – as we can only create that which we exist as, and if we live as separate, as a personality, as less than what is best for all = this is also what we’ll create.

So, here comes the difference in regards to Equal Money – we the DESTONIANS – as the people that are standing up to change their nature of self-interest – as ‘I only care about me’ – to something of worth, virtue and value – have decided to in-fact change ourselves and align ourselves to the principle of ‘Do unto another as you would like to be done unto You’.

As such we change the very building block of society, as each human beings individual day-to-day thoughts/words and deeds – as those of our own! We in-fact change how we live and apply ourselves to start considering everyone, all life, and not only our pleasures and discomforts – we in-fact live communism – as no one is less or more than another – but all are equal.

And within this we’ve realized that the only way to implement a lasting change in society, as a society where all are equally free, is through re-education – we must first change the nature of ourselves, before we’re able to change the nature of society, as we’re the building blocks of society, as each breath accumulates and builds that which will become our world and reality at the bigger scale.

This is why we’ve started Desteni I Process, this is why we share the tools of self-honesty and self-forgiveness, this is why we promote and push self-change; because this is the only way to a class-less society and a better world for all – and that’s the difference between communism and Equal Money = communism was only ever an idea not actually lived – Equal Money is a principle that must be lived, applied and considered in every breath – else there won’t exist a world that is best for all; it’s obvious common sense – we’ve always tried to change our reality through changing our external world, we’ve realized that the problem doesn’t lie in our external world, but in our internal world, as who we accept and allow ourselves to be and live as.