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Day 430: Sparking Life in a Survival World

It can be challenging keeping the spark of life alive and growing as we become adults and enter into the survival system of the world. All around us is designed in the principle of survival. All of the words we hear, designed in the principle of survival. You put on the news, you hear about survival. The moments where you are allowed to for a moment just be yourself and enjoy a moment are very few. However – we cannot blame the world as it is. We have to learn how to live our spark of life within what we do – and also – to schedule in moments of unconditional expression into our lives – we must treat it as something important – something we need to blossom – and not see it just as any kind of hobby.

I would say that our desire to survive limits our ability to live with a spark. If we would be less concerned about survival, life would open up. There are so many things we avoid, so many things we do, so many things we want to do that we do not, because of, fear of survival. Children do not care about that. They are childlike and not yet afraid of death. We can learn a lot from them. However, it is important to be realistic. We cannot live and express the same as children, because adults, our realities expand and we are required to take on responsibilities. The trick is learning to live with a childlike spark and still remain functional in the adult world. And that is something I have been working a lot with.

I have realized that most of my dreams/visions for the future exist because I have suppressed my childlike expression in the moment. In my dreams, where I have for example gotten a particular position in my career, I feel alive, wholesome and content. And thus I strive to create that, believing that it is only by manifesting my dream that I will be able to feel that way. This is the mistake. The truth is that the dream is only a projection, a form of postponement – the real change is waiting to be made in every moment of every breath. Few children have dreams of the future – because they live fully in every moment. Why dream of something more when there is no lack in this very moment? It does not make sense. Hence – most dreams indicate that there is a state/condition of lack existing within self.

I am not saying that all dreams are bad. We live in a practical reality – and practical changes will have an impact on our well-being. Earning more money can for example open up possibilities – meeting a partner can be a gateway to new experiences. What makes dreams deceptive is when we believe that they will change our self-relationship – change the experience we have of ourselves in every moment. That is something we take with ourselves everywhere we go – and it cannot be changed by external forces. It is a job that must be done by ourselves.

In my process I have spent a lot of time decoding my dreams/visions to understand what they are showing to me about my expression. For example – when I greatly desire to buy new power tools – this tends to be because I have had a moment of unconditional expression/enjoyment working with wood. My mind then takes this expression and translates it into a energy/desire – and if I am not careful – I will start believing that the gateway to more enjoyment is by purchasing new things. The reality is that my enjoyment/expression is dependent upon me – and it is something that I open up and create – and for that I do not need a particular power tool. This is something I apply to all of my desires/visions/dreams – I look at what they are saying about me and whether it is a genuine and practical vision of the future that I have. A desire to travel abroad can for example imply that I do not accept and allow myself to live adventure/stimulation in my everyday life. And then instead of creating that to be a part of my life – I want to experience it by traveling to a different country.

If I go back to survival – my initial point. This is a system that suppress our expressions and our spark of life. Practically speaking, survival is necessary – however – from a life-perspective – survival is not the reason why we are here. Survival is a means to an end – it is not the end in itself – and that is important to remember when everything and everyone else in the world seems to be convinced that the only thing of importance in life is to survive.


Day 402: Holding Back and Imprisoning Myself

In this blog post I am going to bring up a couple of interviews that was done recently on Eqafe – more specifically: Holding Back and Imprisoning My Life – Life Review and Holding Back and Imprisoning My Life – Life Review – Part 2.

What is discussed in these interviews is daring to take the step into the unknown, pushing oneself to not hold back, beyond one’s perceived self-image – and actually CREATING oneself. The woman in the interview did not dare to do so, and she shares why, and what others in similar positions as her can do to not make the same mistakes.

As far as taking this point back to my own life – what I see is that I can definitely push myself more intensely when it comes to taking charge of myself in situations, voicing myself, and sharing who I am, and how I see that a point can be approached. My general tendency would be to hold back, and not speak, and to allow what is going on. However – that has many times led to me making compromises – me agreeing with things that I see are not working – me doing things, participating in projects, following people and pursuing ideas, that I see are not worthwhile – because I do not dare to open up and bring my voice to the table. Thus – this is something that I will push and practice.

Learn more about this way of living



186: What Is Normal?

Yesterday I listened to an interview called “Lost Your True Self – Life Review” – and it covered the topic of how we tend to suppress our real and genuine expressions – and instead present ourselves to the world as something we believe to be accepted and normal in the eyes of others. In this particular instance – the person had been quelled through defining herself only in relation to her exterior representation – her picture presentation – thinking that this is ALL of what and who she is.

I could relate to this interview on many levels – primarily the point of defining myself in relation to my physical exterior – but also the point of not allowing my genuine and real expression to come through because I fear that this expression might not be accepted or considered normal by my immediate surroundings. It’s interesting to note that we seldom ask ourselves where we’ve gotten this idea of ‘normal’ from – what is really normal? Many times we define normal according to what our friends share with us, or what we see on television, or hear in music – and almost never do we dare to ask ourselves – what WE consider and can accept to be normal.

Because the only way to live normalcy in self-honesty – is to ask ourselves who and how we are as normal – what is our normal, genuine and real expression? That is something that we’re only able to establish for ourselves when we allow ourselves to look within and see/be intimate with ourselves. We must also take into account that what is currently being professed as ‘normal’ in this world can’t be trusted ­– why? Because it’s historically lead us down some severely compromising paths – simply because we accepted various human traits as ‘normal’ – for example that: “War is a human condition” – obviously it’s not a “human-condition” – it’s something that we decide for ourselves and something we do – a condition is something that we have no control and direction over and is something that ‘just happens’ – while war is something we make a decision to do and then act upon it – and it’s seen as acceptable in the main-stream of consciousness because it’s ‘normal’.

What I see is that we have a responsibility to re-define normal – and bring into existence a new normal – to bring the ‘normal’ of living up to standards – realizing that the only acceptable ‘normal’ way of living is where we honor ourselves and each-other – through for example: learning to think critically and question the various accepted assumptions that exist in this world about how we should exist and how we shouldn’t exist – most of the times when we question a generally accepted presumption – we’re able to find that it has no basis in reality – it’s just an idea. For example: “It’s human nature to be greedy” – is it really? Or could it be that the human is indoctrinated into greed? Could it be that greed is learned and not a condition?

Obviously – we must answer these questions ourselves – because one thing’s for sure – we can’t trust the ‘normal’ that is put out there in the world and that is broadcasted as a truth.