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Day 413: Putting Ourselves Out There

Lately I have met many interesting people, with new views and perspectives on reality, that would assist and support if they became common knowledge. However, a point that I have realized as of late, is the importance of making sure that one share those ideas/perspectives in some way with the world. And there are unfortunately only a few of these people, with valuable insights and knowledge, that share themselves with the world, in mediums that will be accessible for many people, or in some other way make themselves known in a way that would affect a larger mass of people.

The perfect example of this I would say is politics. Many of us see parts of society that are able to be improved, we see solutions and we see new ways of tackling long standing problems. However, few of us bring that knowledge/insight into the public sphere – into the sphere of politics. Instead, we blame the current politicians for not solving the problems. And instead of us contributing, we stand back, and feel good about ourselves for being able to see the problems, while not standing up, to offer and work on tangible, concrete and long-term solutions.

It is thus a fascinating pattern of self-sabotage, our tendency to stand back, not share ourselves, not put ourselves out there, and then to blame others for not doing, what we see we could do, if we would have stood up and moved ourselves. Fascinating, and also, unnecessary and very destructive. Because how much could we not have changed, if all those capable, would have stood up and moved themselves?

Hence, what I have come to see, realize and understand in my process of self-change, is the importance of taking part, participating in the world and the current system, regardless of how it is done. To make sure that I do not isolate myself in a group where my sphere of influence remains limited, but that I push myself to move outwards. And that is something I do through blogging, though it does not really matter how it is done, it could be through vlogging or meetings in the physical, and it can be done anonymously – the point of importance is to is to in some way GET OUT THERE and BE an active PARTICIPANT in the shaping and creating of our current society and world.

Being an active PARTICIPANT – that is what I see as living with PASSION = Pass-It-On. Living with passion entails making sure that my strengths are shared with the world, that I pass them on, that I show and stand as an example. Because that is what I would have liked others to do for me. If I have a weakness, and someone else is strong in that area of their life, I would have wanted them to make sure that they share themselves and through that, show me, how I am able to transform my weaknesses into a strength.

Because fact is that no man is an island. We do live in a community, we are dependent on each-other, and hence, as a community, we will only ever be as strong as the weakest among us. That is why we ourselves also have an interest in making sure that we are heard, that we share ourselves and that we voice ourselves – because at the end of the day – that will also benefit us.

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Day 307: Longing For More

About two years ago I started planning my future when it came to career, living arrangements, and what type of future that I wanted to experience in my life. In this process I was able to reach a few conclusions, such as for example: I want to live on the country side and I want to be able to have a career in which I can be flexible and steer my working hours in a way that fits me. Now I am at a stage where I have realized parts of my plan, and where I have come to see, that the assessments I made two years ago where in many ways correct. My plan has worked out in many respecs– and I should be happy. Though the fascinating thing is that, I am not.

Because, here I am, having reached my goals, finding out that things are not the way I imagined – and with that I mean – the way I perceived that they would feel. For example, in living on the country side, what I perceive to be amiss in my environment now is ambition and career-driven people. And then further, I feel that the small city which I live close to is to small, not enough people, it is too plain, and boring. Instead of being satisfied, my mind is moving towards a future in one of the bigger cities – something that I have planned to avoid due to the various inconveniences that go with living in a bigger city; such as housing prices, infrastructure, transportation, living costs etc. Hence, I find this development within me fascinating. And what I have realized is that this tendency of wanting what is not here, of seeing that is over there, and the bad that is here, it is a tendency I have had for some time – the inability to settle down and be content with what is here – and thus – work with what is here instead of trying to escape it.

Instead of appreciating what I have and the positive aspects of my reality, what stands out is the negative, what stands out is what I do not have, and what I feel that I should have. And this has been a theme in my life, mostly I have felt that my life is somewhere there, in the future, my life will begin in a year or two, my life will begin when I get over there, and in that process of projection, I miss the life that is HERE. Because I have seen, that it is not so much about WHERE you are, it is about WHO you are – WHO you are determines EVERYTHING. You can live in the most perfect of worlds, and still, if you are not stable and settled within yourself, there will still exist a restlessness deep inside, a want to get out, to experience something different, to not be here, but to get away.

What is then the solution?

The solution is to realize that projections into the future indicates what is amiss in my expression and practical living HERE – and hence – the projection is a coping mechanism – because through projections we are able to feel as if we are some time, some day actually going to reach our goals/dreams/wishes – however – we will not – because that projection only exists in the first place because we are not living that experience as ourselves.

For example, with me, what I now long for is a bustling city, filled with opportunities and momentum – and hence – a place where I can feel challenged and where I still have security and stability – and I also see that my projection contains a touch of fulfillment and completion – it is as if I will only somewhere in my future be able to realize myself as fulfillment – and feel utterly at ease with myself – no longing. Though this is as well an illusion – because fulfillment and completion can never come to me from my outside world – it can never be something that I find out there – instead these are words that I must live – that I must bring to life through living on a moment to moment basis.

Hence, when projections of the future come up, this can be utilized as a support, through asking oneself; what does these projections show me about myself? What is is that I have not created and lived HERE for and as myself that I am still projecting into the future? Thus instead of trying to reach my projection – I can instead bring my projection HERE – and make that desire/want/wish/preference that I see out there – a part of my living reality HERE as how I live – how I stand in thought, word and deed. This is the key to being able to create anything – because suddenly we are not bound by space and time – we are bound by our own initiative, push and drive – and how much we will ourselves to create ourselves.

Day 300: Living The Word Thorough

I have now pushed myself to live and apply the word thorough for about a week. During this time I have realized that living thoroughness is about pushing through in the small moments, in those moments when I would like to ‘just move on’ – ‘to get done’ – ‘to leave it as it is’ – and instead, then,  give that little extra of myself to finalize and complete the task at hand so that the result is not only good, but the best that it can be.

What I have found in this process is that the number one enemy to thoroughness is stress, impatience and laziness. Being thorough is closely connected to patience, and patience cannot come through when I stress. Because living thorough means taking a point through, from beginning to end, walking each part of the creation into completion, not jumping ahead, or skipping steps, but walking all steps as is required to fulfill the creation. And when I stress, that is not possible, as I will try to gain time by jumping ahead, by moving fast and without precision, and that means I will miss steps in the creation process. Thus, not walking each part of the creation into completion.

To effectively live the word thoroughness, what is required hence a silence and stability within and as myself. Without that silence and stability, thoroughness is very difficult if not impossible to embody, as my thoughts will jump all over the place, and my mind will not be able to focus on the creation process that is HERE and right before me. And this is yet another key to living thorough – FOCUS – because in being thorough, there is a attention on this moment here, and the part of creation that is walked here – as such the attention cannot be split into the future or past at what could and what could have been – that will compromise the creation taking place in this moment. What comes through in the sound of thorough is – THROUGH heremeaning that is through being HERE that creation can be taken into perfection.

This hit me today, how much of our lives we do on auto mode, and how much we miss because of that. Consider for example, how few people get really good at cooking. Yet still, this is something we do nearly each day. What differs those becoming really good from those that do not? One thing is presence and awareness, those that learn and evolve in a particular skill are ACTIVELY engaging with reality – actively pushing themselves to learn more, enhance their skills and abilities – and as such they are FOCUSED on reality – and thorough – making sure that they are aware and attentive of each step in the process of creation. Hence, living thorough is a way of getting to that point within self of actively participating and engaging with reality, where things are not left half-done, or average, but where each step is pushed and finalized; as they say – The Devil is in the Details.

Day 231: The Art of Doing It

“If you always put limit on everything you do, physical or anything else. It will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.”

“If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done.”

Bruce Lee

Sometimes there points open up that are obvious, and in my case, it was a movement that arose from within, coming through as a projection – where the projections was a picture of me following through on a project which entails me getting myself out into the system – out into the world – taking action – meeting people – speaking and interacting.

Just-Do-It-NowThe fascinating thing is that I didn’t take that projection into physical manifestation, it remained on a level of thought, a potential, a maybe – and even though I could experience and see – that this was something I wanted to do and that would allow me to grow and expand – I didn’t take it to the point of actual movement – and this is what I want to discuss in this blog today – identifying and forgiving this blockage that hinders me from movement.

In my case I can see this blockage quite clearly – and it’s called fear – and it’s not any fear – it’s fear of failure. This fear of failure leads me to get stuck in the stage of preparation – because one thing is a given – when I continually prepare and never go out there and give the show – I’m certain to never EVER fail. Though I’m also as certain to never do anything challenging and difficult with my life either – thus remaining in the stage of preparation is thus a recipe for mediocrity – and it’s also a form of complacency = complacency being the state where I’m fine and okay with the way things are – even though there is no movement/expansion/growth happening.

Thus – what I can see is that preparation is to a certain extent supportive – though at some point preparation – and getting ready for the future becomes a cave where we hide from stepping out into the unpredictable – and unfortunately that is what my preparation have become – a point of hiding.

Though – the cool thing about seeing this is that I can now begin taking steps to actually create my future and my life instead of preparing for it – so this is what I am now actively going to do – beginning with the small – which entails to see where I’ve postponed certain actions and points of direction – because I’ve been preparing into infinity – and easy as pancake making the decision to step out of preparation-mode – and put myself out there.

The worst thing that can happen is that I fail – and that is a much more enjoyable outcome than complacency and doing nothing at all.


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to become stuck in a state of complacency and preparation – where I see what it is that I’d like to do and express – yet instead of taking that point here – and living it in my everyday life – I project outside of myself into a future that I must prepare for – which is a form of self-sabotage and hiding – because obviously I will never get out there and actually do something unless I step into my physical body and move out to get out there and do things – act – live – speak and share myself – and get points moving

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to fear failure – and in fear of failure hide myself in a state of non-doing – believing that through non-doing I can contain and save myself from the adversities of failure – and in this I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand how I’m in-fact limiting and containing myself into a state of diminishing – because I’m not accepting and allowing myself to actively put myself out there – to actively go where I haven’t gone before – to actively expand myself – and move myself out of my comfort-zones – because I see, realize and understand that it’s in my challenging and moving myself through my comfort-zones that I will expand – grow – and become a more potent and effective human being

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to contain myself in preparation-mode – trying to save myself from the embarrassment and fear that could come into my body if I failed and didn’t manage to fulfill my ideals of success that I’ve created in my mind – and thus I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to hide from self-creation – to hide from my potential and what I see myself doing in this world – through preparing – not realizing that in order to get good at something – and order to establishing myself within a certain field and learn new skills – I require to put myself out there and fail several times – and from this perspective failure is the road to greatness – because only through failing can I see what isn’t failure – and thus move myself to create that path for myself

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand that in order to create myself and my life – and build myself – and do what it is that I want to do in this life – I require to take a chance and possibly – and that without accepting and allowing myself to take the risk of failure – there won’t be any movement – there won’t be any expansion and growth – and thus I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not actively put myself out there – and create opportunities for challenging myself – growing – and expanding myself – and becoming more potent and established in my physical process as I take action to put myself out there into the world system and create a life for myself that I want to live and be a part of

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand that at some stage the time of preparation is done – and then I require to move myself out into the system and actually practice physically what I’ve walked in a protected environment of preparation – and thus I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not enjoy this process of moving myself out into the world system – of taking action – of creating and building myself – and seeing, realizing and understanding – that as with everything – it all begins with one step forward – one step followed by the other – and thus what will initially feel hard, difficult and challenging – will with time become easy and effortless – and thus I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not push myself to get out into the world system from within and as this understanding that it might feel difficult and hard now – though through me doing it again and again – I will become better at it

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to sabotage myself through not taking action on the projections coming up in my mind – that I see are these potentials for self-creation that come up as a nudge within me – to go in that direction – to push that particular point – to walk that aspect of my life into creation – and thus I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to suppress these nudges/experiences that come up within me – and instead of taking them into practical application – immediately go into and as a state of self-suppression and holding myself back – and containing myself through utilizing the thought that I must prepare myself more before I take the step out into the unknown

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand that it’s a lot of fun to take the step out into the unknown – and to do things that I’ve not yet done before – and thus I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand that it’s through putting myself out there and doing what I’ve not done before – that I grow – expand – and develop myself – that it’s through this process that I can become more – and thus I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand that this suppression is in-fact made out of fear – and that it’s a fear I use to protect my mind and my comfort zones to be exactly as they’ve always been – so that I don’t have to change and alter my ways – but that I can instead remain the same

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand that in order to step out of character – I require to do things differently – I require to walk down the path that I’ve haven’t tried – and do the things that I’ve not yet attempted – and thus I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not live from this starting point of actively challenging myself – actively expanding myself – actively seeing how I can connect and network with others to put myself out there – and open up myself and my life to become more challenging and demanding – and realize that a life that is easy – is not a life that allows for self-expansion – because to expand there must be things to move and direct – learn and understand – there must be a growth where I move beyond what I thought myself to be

Self-commitment statements

When and as I see that there is a particular aspect, or dimension, or point in my life that I’d like to pursue, and experience, and walk – and this comes up as a projection or slight movement within me – I commit myself to take that point up in me and honor it through moving myself into action – and not accepting and allowing myself to step back – and hold myself back in a point of suppression and fear – and thus I commit myself to nourish these small seeds of self-expansion that arise from within and take them into practical application – to as such expand myself, my life and my considerations – and go beyond what I think myself to be

When and as I see that I am going into a state of being comfortable with my life, being at ease, and having the feeling that I know everything to the tee, and there is no more challenges, I stop myself – I take breath and bring myself back here – and I see, realize and understand that this experience indicates that I’m not pushing myself to get out there – that I am not creating opportunities for myself in my daily life – and not willing myself to expand my sphere of influence – and expand my skillsets and develop myself – and thus I commit myself to challenge myself to walk my life in such a way – that I continuously challenge myself – and move beyond what I thought I was capable of doing – continuously challenging myself to expand and grow – and become more effective – and realizing that this is the only way to live that is truly enjoyable and satisfactory

I commit myself to challenge myself – to move myself beyond my limitations – and I commit myself to make it a daily thing to not stop at what I perceive myself as being capable of – but realize that I can do more – that I can be more – and that it’s me that set the boundaries of my capabilities