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Day 415: Redefining Debate

When facts become about winning, that is when discussions will loose meaning, decisions will be made that makes no sense, and people will disagree with each-other just because, even though they might not disagree with one another on a factual level. In the western world, we call this phenomenon ‘debating’ – taking the-bait – and trying to overturn the opponent to ones own world view.

It is really interesting to look at the nature of debating, because what is really the point with it? If we enter a discussion with the mindset that we are going to convince the other person that we are right, while at the same time being convinced that we ourselves are right and the other is wrong, then how much space is there for us to actually learn something and reconsider our own points of view? Not that much I would say.

I have noticed with myself that I will, especially with my siblings, enter a debate mode. I will enter into the discussion with a certain point of view, this view will be challenged by my siblings, and then I will defend my view. The reason as to why I defend my view is because I fear losing, fear losing in the sense that my siblings will not agree with my perspective and the way I see things. Obviously, it is completely irrational, because my perspective will not disappear or become diminished only because someone else disagrees with it – if I see what I see – and I see that it is in-fact so – then why am I so fearful about what others say about it? On a physical level, there is nothing for me to lose.

In-fact, it is in reverse. When I approach a discussion from a starting point of wanting to convince another, I am closing myself off from hearing their perspective, hence, closing myself off from expanding and learning from another, thus actually creating loss within myself and my reality.

Hence, what is really going on here? Why is it that I feel a need to protect myself, my views, my perspectives, and to make sure that others agree with them? The way I see it, it is about insecurity, and because I build my self-image through others, and then, when others respect and agree with my views, apparently my self-image is strengthened, and when the opposite happens, it is weakened. If I however, would trust myself, and have a stable, constant self-image, not based upon the stimuli/response of others, then I would not be in fear of changing my point of view, and not in fear of allowing the perspective of another into me, for me to consider it unconditionally.

Hence, the solution that I see is to dare to step beyond ‘my information’ and ‘your information’ and see, realize and understand that it is simply different perspectives, different kinds of information, and that it does not matter who or what is the bearer of the information. What is important is the perspective in itself, the words in themselves, and whether they are supportive or not – and to be able to establish that – I must dare to be open and unconditional – and thus I will practice approaching discussions from this starting point. Hence this is how I will redefine ‘debating’; ‘A discussion with another to establish what information/perspective/direction is BEST and to support mutual growth and expansion for all participants’.

Additionally, a supportive principle to live by with regards to this point is to ‘investigate all things and hold unto that which is good‘.

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Day 213: The s(M)mothering-construct

Lately I’ve been seeing the effects of a particular behavior and way of being that I’ve created throughout the years – and this is the s(M)othering-construct – where I literally smother myself and/or others through a very strict idea of what is right, and what is wrong – what is good and what is bad – what is correct and what is incorrect.

The main problem I’ve seen is the way that I approach my own as well as others mistakes, because when a mistake, or mishap happen, I tend to judge, blame, and the enforce a correction – implement the ‘right’ way of doing things. For example, let’s say I’ve been eating something that doesn’t go with my body very well, and I get a stomach ache because of it – then my automated way of dealing with this is to be hard on myself, and demand that I do what is ‘right’ – and thus not anymore eat that kind of food.

What happens when I approach mistakes, mishaps and weaknesses in this way is that I never go in any depth, I don’t actually discover what’s behind the point, and what has created it – instead the point is just plain wrong and it must be turned around to be right. Though, this also poses difficulties, because often then I don’t know really what is wrong, and what is supposedly right, and then my corrective application will be sporadic, and not grounded and clear in purpose.

Thus – there are obvious benefits with LEARNING to understand – to observe without judgments, without rights and wrongs, with correct and incorrect – because then I’m able to see what’s behind it all. For example, with criminals, many judge those as being absolutely wrong, distasteful and reprehensible individuals – yet there is a clear WHY behind such criminals – and that is most often a lack of money. That same principle of seeing the WHY that exists behind the HOW in myself and others on a more personal level – thus the best effects will come through when allowing myself to UNDERSTAND and GET TO KNOW others – instead of indiscriminately judging them for not fitting my ideals, and ideas of what is right and wrong.

Obviously the same goes for me – I also must accept and allow myself to when a reaction or a thought come up within me, or when I do a mistake or see a weakness I’ve created – instead of pushing it aside – apparently ‘changing’ it and thinking that I’m then ‘done’ – to accept and allow myself to ask WHY? Where are you coming from reaction, and what are you doing here? Thus accepting and allowing myself to understand my creation – in that empowering me to stand up and make definitive changes that will assist and support me as well as others in my life.


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to judge myself and another for a reaction that comes up, a personality that activates, or a action that is taken that isn’t what is best for all – and in this I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to use this as a way of motivating myself to change – where I will judge myself and what I do as being wrong, or bad – and then in that enforce a change and a direction into what is right – not seeing, realizing and understanding that I am in that disallowing myself from actually understanding and comprehending the point – and seeing from where this point is coming – and also why it is that I am creating what I am creating

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand that understanding a point is a necessary prerequisite for being able to effectively change a point – and that without understanding – what is going to take place will be more of a suppression – where the apparently ‘wrong’ point will be pushed down and pushed away – and another ‘right’ behavior take it’s place – though the actual starting point will not be understood and changed – and thus the essence of who I will still remain the same – a slave to energy and experiences

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to judge myself for reacting, for going into a personality, and for having certain patterns that are very persistent, and that I experience as being difficult to change – and thus I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to through judging myself – actually hinder and stop myself from being able to see the mechanics behind a point – and thus I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not be more gentle and inquisitive with regards to discovering and uncovering the truth and the real nature of myself – seeing, realizing and understanding that I will only ever get to the bottom if I accept and allow myself to unconditionally see, and walk through what is here

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to apply a technique, where I will, when seeing that I compromise myself in terms of accepting and allowing myself to become emotional, go into a reaction, or a personality, to apply the bulldozer method, where I will just say to myself that ‘I am going to change that point!’ – though in that not being absolutely clear on what I am changing within myself – and thus I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not give myself the time, and patience to walk a process of preparation with self-forgiveness, and if I have the time, also writing about the point – realizing that in doing this I’m actively investigating the WHY of a point – and getting to an understanding of HOW it functions – and thus more specifically what I require to change and direct in order to move myself

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to approach others, and their difficulties, and weaknesses, with judgment, where I want them to change, and change immediately, using the bulldozer technique, and within this I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand that this is not how I effectively effectuate change in my world – because in using the bulldozer technique I will more force others to be the way that I want them to be, and there won’t be an understanding, and realization in the other as to why they move as they do, as to why a particular starting point, direction or application is not effective

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not make the priority of my application when assisting and supporting others – to empower them to become self-realized – and realize that this is the important point to convey – that the change in physical application is important – yet what is even more important is that the starting point of that change is clear and comes from within and as a point of self-realization – and thus I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to move and support others from within and as judgment – instead of accepting and allowing myself to be unconditional

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself, to not as I am about to assist and support another with a point, or as I am considering to do this, to take a breath, to slow down, and to look within me, so that there is no reaction, or movement inside – but that I am clear – here – specific – and ready to unconditionally give to another – and thus I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand that when and as I accept and allow just a slight movement within me – such as a judgment – the support will be compromised and it will not be aligned with the individualsthat is in-front of me

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see, realize and understand that assistance and support can only ever be effective when there is no judgment – where there is no right and wrong – when there is no holding unto the past taking place – and thus I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not practice this point of when I am speaking with another – and want to show them a point – to make sure that I am clear – that I’m not driven to go there by thoughts or emotions – but that the point is unconditional – that it holds no stigma or bias – but that I am merely unconditionally giving to another a tool of empowerment so that they can stand up and make their lives more effective and potent

Self-commitment statements

When and as I see that I’m going into a judgment, and I want to move myself to assist and support either myself or another to change, and alter, I immediately stop myself, I take a breath and I bring myself back here – and I see, realize and understand that this movement is fueled by a judgment – which is actually a fear coming from a moral reasoning that reacting, being in a state of personality, or mind is bad – and must be immediately suppressed and fought – and thus I commit myself to instead in that moment relax – to slow down – and allow myself to investigate, be inquisitive about, and understand this particular system that I am facing – and thus take on the point of self-correction when I know what I am facing and what the solution to the point in-fact is

When and as I see that I’ve got a movement within me, of wanting to correct, and make others do the right thing, I immediately stop myself, I take a breath and I bring myself back here – and I see, realize and understand that this point of wanting others to do the right thing is in-fact a fear possession – where I don’t accept and allow myself to see that when just forcing others to do what I see is right – they won’t actually learn anything, they won’t in-fact and by their own volition motivate and move themselves – they won’t create a relationship with themselves but merely be a follower – and thus I commit myself to support others to stand independently – and do that through without judgments of right and wrong – and assist and support others to realize and move beyond their limitations – and thus not make it about morality – rather have the starting point of giving to another what I’d like to receive

2012 And The Birth of Destonian Blogging

I started blogging in the year of 2008 — which was the year in which I found Desteni — and obviously the two occurences where connected — because I had started to walk my process! Now — it’s 2012 — and four years of application later — in this video I suggest that you read Freedom blogs — that you can find here — as this book shares the story of Destonians standing up to become counted in this world — me being one of them.

FAQ Who Will Be The Rubbish Removers In An Equal Money System?

So, let’s take a look at a fascinating point of the Equal Money System, which will differ from how our current money system operates – and the point is: who will remove the rubbish, the shit, and who will clean our streets in an Equal Money System? In other words – who’ll do the crappy jobs when there is no money as motivation?

In our current system the rubbish removers are seen as the lowest of the low, meaning that the stature, and position given to them by the grace of their profession is regarded as worth less in comparison to others. For example, a lawyer is seen as more successful, and valuable than what a rubbish remover is.

Consequently, because the profession of the rubbish remover is regarded to be the least important and valuable profession in society – nobody wants to do it. Instead everyone wants to become lawyers, doctors, musicians, and teachers – whatever profession that gives its practitioner a boost of both money and respect in society.

Though, as can be seen, not everyone hits the jackpot, and as such not everyone becomes lawyers, musicians, doctors, presidents and CEO’s – but still they will have to make money for themselves to survive; then they embrace the position of the rubbish remover. They unwillingly become the slaves of those that are successful in society, and remove their shit, in order to survive – because if they refused to be rubbish removers, they wouldn’t have any money, and as such they would die – because when you don’t have money in this reality = you die.

Thus – what can be concluded is that in our current money system, the so-called losers take on the position of being a rubbish remover, those that can’t achieve a highly paid and sought after job, find themselves to clean up the shit from those that are able to do so.

What can be seen is that the creation of a rubbish remover originates within survival, as the human being is forced to do something in order to have money, even if he doesn’t want to do it – then he becomes a rubbish remover. It’s as such not a job people seek to do due them enjoying to be a rubbish remover, or due to them enjoying the smell of rubbish, or due to them feeling that they make a good service to the rest of society – no – in plain: they are forced to do what they dislike in order to survive = they are in-fact slaves.

So, nobody wants to become a rubbish remover, due to the fact that you’re working with other peoples shit, it’s not challenging, it’s not fun, and there are other things you’d rather do – but still some become rubbish removers, and this is due to how our current money system operates, where you are forced to become a slave, and accept whatever is thrown at you, if you don’t have any money – money is god, and if you don’t have any, you’re dead.

What will then change in an Equal Money System? Will there still be rubbish removers in an Equal Money System? Because, in an Equal Money System all have the right to the basic necessities of life, each one’s survival is granted unconditionally, as such nobody will have to force themselves out of bed each morning to take up others shit – so the others can spend their time playing lawyers, doctors, or CEO’s instead.

Fear of survival will disappear as the constant need of all to acquire money for their continued existence will evaporate, thus – very few, or none at all, will choose to become a rubbish remover, as there are other things they’d rather do with their time, than to clean up after others.

We then get a society where there is no rubbish removers anymore, because none are forced to become a slave in order to survive, and as such the lawyers, doctors, and the “successful” people of the system, will suddenly, and with quite a chock see and realize the utmost importance of the rubbish remover in their life. As suddenly rubbish won’t anymore magically disappear, but it will stock up in piles, and spread diseases, smells, and give room for rats to breed, eat, and multiply.

Consequently we’ll all be forced to take responsibility for our own shit, to realize that the problem of rubbish and shit is not to be dumped upon slaves, manipulated and created through the use of money, but that it’s a community responsibility to keep the streets, homes, and cities clean. And we have to together clean our streets, empty public trash cans, and mop our floors – or face the music, which is mankind swimming in it’s own shit.

Thus – in an Equal Money System, where wage slavery ends, the profession of the rubbish remover will also end, and instead each and everyone will have to take responsibility for their own shit, and the community will have to learn what it in-fact takes to keep a city clean, and how much time and effort that goes into removing rubbish, and taking care of the practical side-effects of living.

Because if we look at it, the rubbish remover is in-fact one of the most important professions that exists for a societies continued functionality – without rubbish removers there will be disease, there will be shit everywhere on the streets, there will be smell, you’d have to push you door open with a hard body tackle, due to all the shit that lies in it’s way – in short: the rubbish remover has been taken for granted!

In an Equal Money System we will have to take self-responsibility, and some professions, that has no practical relevance what so ever when the chase for money disappears, such as lawyers, CEO’s, and stock brokers, will cease to exist – then we can instead spend time upon the real practical issues of this reality, such as taking care of our direct environment, through removing the shit that we produce. This would mean that the need for a rubbish remover profession cease to exist, as we take responsibility for our own rubbish, and learn to take care of our world together, and by ourselves individually.

To sum up – who will be the rubbish remover in an Equal Money System? Who will do the crappy jobs? Answer: We Will! We as the group take care of our common reality, giving as we would like to receive, not anymore dependent upon money in order to have it to be clean around us.