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Day 39: Let Capitalism Become Really “BIG” (Basic Income Guarantee)

This blog will be dedicated to investigating the widely known economic ideology of capitalism – an ideology that has both been cheered, and slandered for several decades. I will look at what the problem is with capitalism, what possible solutions there are, and what rewards there will be for taking these solutions into practical action.

But first – what is capitalism?

Wikipedia gives capitalism the following definition:

Capitalism is an economic system characterized by private or corporate ownership of capital assets and goods. In a capitalist economy, investors are free to buy, sell, produce, and distribute goods and services with at most limited government control, at prices determined primarily by a competition for profit in a free market. Central elements of capitalism include capital accumulation, competitive markets, and a price system.

Thus – capitalist is an idea based upon the notion that the capital should be able to decide for itself where it is to be placed – based upon the premise that when capital is allowed to move freely – it will naturally re-locate to places where it is in greatest demand as this will produce the biggest amount of profit and thus produce the biggest amount of benefit for the people.


The absolutely biggest problem with capitalism is that competition does not work as an effective motivator for human beings to create benefit for society – though this is the general idea. It’s thought that competition between businesses, and companies will bring forth the most effective products, and the most ingenious inventions – the reality of the matter though is a completely different story.

The competition that is the basis of capitalism doesn’t occur in a supportive, and effective manner – because it’s not the skill of business, or the quality of their products that are competing – no – it’s each business ability to make profit and earn money that is pitted against each other. Fascinatingly enough being able to make lot’s of money is not at all related to whether you’re in-fact supplying an effective product or service – it’s instead based upon one’s effectiveness to manipulate the human mind to a state of decision to buy – and the most successful businesses have developed extremely intricate way’s of ensure that they gain control over the human being’s buying button.

Consider for example the company coca-cola – obviously the beverage the coca cola makes isn’t effective for the human body at all. It’s simply massive amounts of salt, and sugar mixed together which is in-fact directly harmful to the body – yet still the coca-cola company is one of the most successful businesses in this world – I wonder why?

Branded-BabyThe reason why is simple – coca-cola have branded themselves effectively, and they’ve created their beverage to be addictive – which in other words means that they’ve manipulated human beings to experience a need to buy the coke without there in-fact being such a need – creating this experience of a need through effective advertising utilizing sex, positive imagery, and other type of stimuli that support the human’s desire to buy; as such – coca cola is the perfect example of how the competition for profit doesn’t produce more effective products, or more effective companies – but instead criminals that will do whatever it takes to win, and defeat the competition and earn that extra buck.

There are lots of similar examples – companies producing products that on a closer look are completely worthless yet designed in such a way as to manipulate the human being into buying them as such allowing the company to make a killing.

It’s fascinating that capitalism by many are considered, and revered as an effective ideology for the creation of new concepts, inventions, and products – but really – all capitalism have served to create have been more, and more effective ways to make profits – which have not included any regard for the development of more effective products – instead cheaper products, cheaper labor power, cheaper manufacturing, and more effective advertising – all to make sure that the product that is sold has been created in such a way that it brings the ultimate amount of profit to the company.

For society capitalism have been directly harmful – because there has been so many products, and so many business ventures that by design have been malicious – that still have been sold, and promoted in society and been able to establish themselves – even though the cost of this have been many human lives. I mean – consider the fact that medical companies have knowingly sold hazardous “medicine” – obviously this hasn’t been because they wanted to produce the most effective medicine – it’s been because they wanted to make profit and to attain this purpose it didn’t matter that a few would have to sacrifice their lives.

So – this is the greatest, and most obnoxious flaw with capitalism – it’s complete dedication to the destructive competition of whom will get the most money.


What is the solution?

Well – competition for money is the problem, and this problem is largely based upon the fact that we really do have to earn money in today’s world else we will not be able to survive. This serves to drive the competition, and concurrence for money – which in turn force companies to become even more focused on their profit as attaining more, and more money – at the cost of the public good. Thus – through establishing a basic income grant – an unconditional and sufficient income for each human being to live an effective and fulfilling life – much of the drive for money that lies at the root of entrepreneurship today, will be gone – and as such we will be able to see companies taking form that do not have the ultimate purpose of making more money, but instead have the purpose creating of products, and giving services that are effective, worthwhile – and desirable, and practical to own.

I mean – the if one take the essence of the idea of capitalism – which is that capital is to naturally move to the point where it services the greatest benefit for the whole – because the best product will naturally be in demand the most, and thus be the most lucrative point to invest one’s money into – it can be concluded that this idea could be used in order to bring through benefit for the people – and generate value for the public good – what must be removed from capitalism is the point of psychological manipulation that today is used in order to manufacture demand. I mean – demand shouldn’t be allowed to be manufactured through manipulative advertisement but instead the product, or service in itself – as what it in-fact represents should be the only advertisement allowed. If capitalism is directed in such a way – it will mean that only the best products, and the best services – as those products and services that are in the highest demand – will receive most capital, as the most investments – and thus this product will be able to be even more effectively fine-tuned to be a product that is truly worthwhile.


The rewards of changing capitalism – to not anymore allow the manufacturing of consent, as the manufacturing of public opinion – through manipulative ads the utilize sex, jealousy, comparison, and desire in order to generate sales – will be that the products that we as a humanity really need, and that are really useful – will be in every home.

Another point that must also change – is that the profit a company makes must not be based upon abusing labor to lower prices – the competition can’t be allowed to take place on such a shallow level as who makes the cheapest product – instead the best product regardless of it’s price should be the product that get’s attention and that is delivered to humanity as a whole. The problem here is that most of humanity do not have sufficient with money to invest in the best products because they are forced into poverty due to place of birth – such as what economic ability the family have, or the country that the child is born into. This will be corrected through implementing, and giving to all a basic income guarantee – this will allow all the ability to consume the goods that is best and not anymore will there be the need to look for the cheapest, and least valuable goods.

The reward here is that wage-slavery will end – because now labor will be given the value it deserves as products are priced correctly according to the amount of effort, and time that went into actually creating, and developing the product – this will mean more money in society – and as such more consumption – allowing even more capital to flow in the world system and be assigned to the corporations and companies that do produce the most effective products, and give the most effective services. Over-all we’ll due to this end up with a society that is highly advanced with products, and services that are durable, well thought through, and effective – which assists and supports humanity as a whole to reach, and align themselves with and as their ultimate potential of being the best that they can be.

Within this it’s fascinating to see that – even though capitalism have been so harshly criticized through-out the years as the evil spawn that is directly responsible for the state within which the earth, and humanity as a whole finds itself in today – capitalism could be changed to be a supportive ideology, as a natural way of public voting through purchasing-power, wherein the best products, and the most effective companies get’s the most votes, as money – and are as such supported to prosper, and grow. A outflow of this will be that for those people that truly have a product that they see is effective and that they want to give to humanity – and at the same time earn money – they will be able to do so and their product will get the money it deserves; and not anymore will ineffective products be allowed on the market, and remain there only because of immoral psychological manipulation. Within this the economy as a whole will become more substantial, and actually produce substantial value that is of benefit for all life on earth.

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CapitalismWikipedia: Capitalism is an economic system characterized by private or corporate ownership of capital assets and goods.

Day 31: Problems With Socialism

Today I am going to look at socialism through goggles of problem/solution/reward – looking firstly at – what is socialism? And then taking apart socialism to look at what the specific philosophy implies – and what the effects will be of implementing such a system – and how such an idea could be changed, molded, and directed to support what is best for all.

Firstly – what is socialism? Here is a definition taken from Wikipedia:

Socialism is an economic system characterised by social ownership of the means of production and co-operative management of the economy.[1] “Social ownership” may refer to cooperative enterprises, common ownership, state ownership, or citizen ownership of equity.[2] There are many varieties of socialism and there is no single definition encapsulating all of them.[3] They differ in the type of social ownership they advocate, the degree to which they rely on markets or planning, how management is to be organised within productive institutions, and the role of the state in constructing socialism.[4]

A socialist economic system would consist of a system of production and distribution organized to directly satisfy economic demands and human needs, so that goods and services would be produced directly for use instead of for private profit[5] driven by the accumulation of capital. Accounting would be based on physical quantities, a common physical magnitude, or a direct measure of labour-time in place of financial calculation.[6][7] Distribution would be based on the principle to each according to his contribution.

As a political movement, socialism includes a diverse array of political philosophies, ranging from reformism to revolutionary socialism. Proponents of state socialism advocate the nationalisation of the means of production, distribution and exchange as a strategy for implementing socialism. In contrast, libertarian socialism proposes the traditional view of direct worker’s control of the means of production and opposes the use of state power to achieve such an arrangement, opposing both parliamentary politics and state ownership.[citation needed] Democratic socialism seeks to establish socialism through democratic processes and propagate its ideals within the context of a democratic political system.

Modern socialism originated from an 18th-century intellectual and working class political movement that criticized the effects of industrialisation and private property on society. In the early 19th-century, “socialism” referred to any concern for the social problems of capitalism irrespective of the solutions to those problems. However, by the late 19th-century, “socialism” had come to signify opposition to capitalism and advocacy for an alternative system based on some form of social ownership.[8] Marxists expanded further on this, attributing scientific assessment and democratic planning as critical elements of socialism.[9]

In essence one is able to classify socialism as the sharing of property according to each one’s ability to work – wherein accumulation of capital is not allowed for the benefit of individuals – but capital is mostly owned by the state; capital being buildings, machines, cars, factories, etc.

Thus – what socialism aims to do is to level the playing field – and have each individual on equal terms be able to compete with each one’s time being valued equally – one hour of labor for a steel worker – giving the same salary as one hour of work for a lawyer.


carnivalThe main problem with socialism is that it’s focus is at directing property – directing labor – and directing money – and within this the ruling principle is fairness – meaning that monies should be divided fairly by the sweat of one’s brow – and not by for example inheriting the money; the problem with this is that there is no underlying principles as to what the system is to achieve – it’s merely a band aid solution to quell the competitive nature of man and enforce fairness – but there is no consideration towards changing the nature of man – and not basing the system on fairness – but instead basing the system on what is best for all – wherein what is best for all is the objective – and the final goal.

In Sweden where I live we’ve have socialist political system – and what this means is that differences in class is equalized through taxation, and policies are enforced that aim at having all participants in the system earn the same monies – and when everyone earn the same amount of money – that is then apparently considered an achievement – but I mean – is this really all we can expect out of a political ideology? That monies are to be divided fairly between people? Shouldn’t there be MORE to a political dispensation? And obviously – the answer is YES – there should be more! There should be a goal – a clear objective – that dividing money between people is not a goal in itself – but that it’s a means of reaching a perfect society wherein EVERYONE live a life of perfection – and earth is taken care – and everyone is able to live life’s that are fulfilling and enjoyable.

Due to me living in a socialist country – I’ve had direct experience of the outcomes of a socialist system – and I am with certainty able to say that simply dividing monies between people – and equalizing wages – that does not produce humans with integrity – self-respect – and with the ability to CO-operate – what the equalizing of wages have created in Sweden is instead a country filled with complacent people that have everything they feel they need to live a comfortable life – yet there is not DRIVE to perfect society – and to perfect each and every individual in the country – not only by giving them the material they require to live – but also through perfecting the psyche – perfecting the motivation – perfecting the mental well-being of each and everyone – because that type of perfection is not something that arise simply by giving monies to everyone.

And that is why I say that the problem with socialism is that it stops at only considering property, and money – and how this should be divided between people – I mean – that is only one point that must be attended to and sorted – but when that point as achieved – and all have a basic materialistic foundation and welfare – then the process of establishing a society of perfection must continue until there really is perfection – perfection being that there is no crime – there is no mental retardation – there is no illness – there is no violence – there is no unemployment – there is no depression – there is no outcasts – there is no fear – then – when everyone in society are fulfilled – we can say that we’re getting somewhere – but simply dividing monies – that isn’t enough.

As with communism – the primary point that socialism miss is the self – the individual human-being and his experience of himself – as instead all focus is placed on money, property, capital, salary, and fairness – while instead focus should be placed on asking ourselves how it is that each individual human being is partly responsible for creating the world we live in – and how we’re within this able to re-educate each and every human being to only create that which is best for all.

Because – what must be understood is that an ideology – and a philosophy can only be implemented and truly become the very living flesh of each inhabitant of a country – if that point is lived, understood, and embraced by each and everyone – if that isn’t the case – then it’s merely empty words that have been written down in a policy but where there is no substance behind the words – because the country’s inhabitants merely follow the policy out of fear of punishment – that is then not change – that is simply coercing people to adapt to a particular idea instead of making everyone co-creators – co-responsible – seeing that a society can only be as effective as it’s individual citizen – because each citizen is a brick in a wall – and unless all bricks are effective in fulfilling their purpose – the wall will be unstable, and not be able to stand point and function effectively.

To conclude what the problem with socialism is – socialism doesn’t consider the inner workings of man – seeing that what must be changed is not merely how resources are own and distributed in this world – but what must be changed is each individual human being – and that sharing resources can’t be the final goal – but there must be a much more ambitious principle – else the political dispensation is simply a organized way of giving up into being less than what we’re capable of being; thus – socialism doesn’t strive towards true magnificence in every way – and does not consider that to reach such magnificence – each individual human being must be magnificent.


What is then the solution?

The solution is that we within developing our societies become more ambitious in how it is that we want life on earth to be – and how it is that we want life in society to be; I mean – simply saying that “I want to survive” – “I just want to have peace” – that’s not enough – if we’re to create a new world we’re we can truly be happy, and thrive as a race with the rest of existence – we require to dare to set high standards for ourselves – and in this we can’t stop at saying that resources should be divided equal among people to each his own contribution – we must state a living policy – a living ideology – and through our words create the foundation of a world of magnificence – wherein resources are not merely divided equal because that is fair – no – resources are divided equally to all to support each human being to become his utmost potential as a human-being – and education is given to everyone because we see, and understand that when some are more educated than others, this is more than often abused and from this slaves, and masters are born.

And we state that the point with dividing resources equally among everyone is so that each can be FREE to LIVE – free to develop and expand to our utmost ability – becoming perfection in every way – and within this we will achieve a world of individuals that do really care about creating a world that is magnificent – wherein we are able to expand our care to the animal kingdom, to nature, to the plant-life, and the insects – and make sure that not only humans are able to live a fulfilling life – but that each, and every form of life that enters this world is cared for, and considered as we’d like to be if we were in the same position as that life form.

Thus – as most ideologies that have been develop by humanity – socialism lack the ambition to create heaven on earth – it lacks to ambition to set a target for humanity as a whole that only absolute perfection will be satisfactory and anything less but absolute perfection is a compromise. I mean – how could socialism in anyway be a solution to the strife of mankind – when socialism allows gossip, allows fear, allows mistrust, allows violence, allows judgment, allows jealousy, allows competition, allows comparison – these are all parts of the current human psyche that must be corrected and removed in order for a world of true perfection to come forth – and because socialism doesn’t consider, or establish a solution for the condition of the human psyche – it’s a inefficient and unrealistic political ideology that only offers a band-aid solution – so at least most people don’t have to starve to death.

To conclude, and summarize – the solution as to how to perfect socialism, and create political ideology that is best for all – is to be ambitious and set high standards for ourselves – and demand nothing less but absolute perfection from ourselves, and our fellow neighbors – it’s to consider, and find solutions for the malfunctioned psyche of man – to make sure that there exist no hidden agendas as psychological disorders within people but that all are effective in caring for their inner, and outer well-being.


What is the reward for implementing such a political system?

The reward is that we will have a purpose in our life’s – for the first time a purpose that is of meaning, and value – the purpose being that we are here on this earth to manifest perfection, and to create heaven – and that we are here on this earth to make sure that when we leave – the earth is in a better condition than when we came here.

Within this what will develop between people in society is real friendship – because people share the same passion for life, living, and all strife for perfection – thus people will be able to trust each other and bond at a much deeper level than can ever be conceived in todays consumerism system – there will be no more fear – and within this each persons individual self-expression will slowly but surely emerge from the darkness of the physical – so that within this we’ll have a society, and a world that is organic, and filled with life as living, caring, and considerate human beings – all operating by the same principle – to give as they’d like to receive as what is best for all.

A system that holds these ambitions are already in development – check it out here – equal money.

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SocialismWikipedia: Socialism is an economic system characterised by social ownership of the means of production and co-operative management of the economy.

Demon-Striders and The Blame Game

Todays newspaper tells of a European-Union meeting. The newspaper further speaks to me of demonstrators, or demon-striders, that are going to attend this meeting. They are going to stand outside of the meeting and scream, occasionally throw a rock, then eat, then pee, then poop and then go home and sleep. Great! Revolution! Demon-striders everywhere! Going around destroying things – because apparently – someone is “mean” towards us, these corrupt leaders, “do these things towards us” and as such “we must fight them”. I mean, we’ve created this system, we’ve accepted this system, in essence this current system, with all the corrupt leaders show to us who we allow ourselves to be.

And who do we allow ourselves to be? Take the example of a demon-strider. They don’t actually change anything. They merely scream, shout and throw rocks and “demand change”. But are they changing themselves? Are they living themselves that which they want to see their leaders to live? Are they taking any responsibility for what is here? Are they actually developing and moving any solutions? No. They go out on a street and throw rocks, and science has proved that by throwing a rock, or shouting a word, you will merely throw a rock, or shout a word. Nothing more will happen!

For real change to take place we must actually place some effort into it. For real change to take place we can’t go out and stride in a demon rage. If you want to actually make a difference it’s not enough to simply be angry. If you want to make a difference you must learn to apply common sense and learn to see what is here, and then work with what is here.

For example: at the moment we have a all-compassing-god-money-system which determine the life and death of each and every human being on this earth. Each and every human being has become extensively brainwashed, and completely duped into believing that our current way of living is life, while it’s not. Our current way of life is called money. Money is our god and money is the gigantic fraud. And it’s through us selling souls to the devil, as allowing ourselves to prostitute and diminish ourselves through becoming a machine of survival, that we’ve completely given up any point of responsibility and direction. We’ve through our allowance, through not doing anything, through not standing up for what is best for all, but instead existed within fear and self-interest, placed men of corruption and self-interest to lead us. They are but a reflection of us!

Thus, to go out on the streets in demon frenzy, striding upwards and downwards, screaming on each human being that is approaching you, it doesn’t help! We need to reeducate ourselves. We need to understand how we created the world as it currently is. We need to see that it’s up to us to change ourselves, to stand up for what is best for all, and first and foremost become a effective leader of ourselves, before we expect anyone else to become an effective leader for us.

We need to stand up and set the example as how to live with integrity and honor. Where we through practical application in each moment of breath prove to ourselves that we have changed, and that the world as such will change with us. It’s up to us to bring the world we want to have into existence. Not through blaming an apparent “bad” leader, but to actually become a cool leader ourselves. And we begin with ourselves, we begin to see what we have allowed ourselves to become as a demon-strider. As a blame machine that has disabled itself completely through becoming possessed with anger and helplessness. A real leader will lead him within the principle of what is best for all, with not motivation, no grudge and no blame. A real leader takes responsibility and walks the solution instead of blaming those that has walked before. Because a real leader sees, that if he doesn’t take responsibility. Then nobody else will.

Thus fellow demon-striders and rebels, or ring-the-bell-smell, come with me and walk the process of establishing yourself as a leader for all life, equal and one with all life. Leading yourself and all that is here into a world that is best for all, with no other motivation but that you see that this is what must be done.

Investigate desteni “I” process as the reeducation of man.

And investigate equal money as the equalization of man.

End the Era of The Murderers! Not through Violence, but Through Common Sense!

A war has started in Libya. Whatever anyone say’s or writes it’s about oil as money. Its sad and fucked up that money means more than a human life. The bombs are dropped and many European countries push to be a part. Why? They want their military war bands to have practice. I mean, I am so disgusted by the human race and it’s actions, values and behaviors. You don’t fucking go kill people because you want to practice! You don’t ever fucking go kill people!

Isn’t it fascinating that on one hand our leaders say that murder isn’t allowed. And we place those that murder into jails – we write about them in our newspapers as bad people. And then our government goes abroad and kills thousands of people through dropping bombs on them, and then it’s suddenly… okay. I mean, what the fuck? How stupid have we become as human beings? How can we not see that dropping bombs on people, blowing up their homes, shooting people in an apparent war is as much murder as if you go out and kill your neighbor?

There is no trust within me what so ever towards any politician, towards any government, towards any peace keeping organization, towards anything in this world that in anyway supports our current world system as it exists. If you suggest war as a solution you can’t be trusted, you shouldn’t be trusted, and you should absolutely not be allowed to stand as a leader. But this is what we’ve allowed. In our governmental positions we’ve placed people that are in essence murderers. I mean, anyone that proclaims this money system to be “the way”, anyone that say’s you have to work in order to receive your basic necessities is a murderer. We actively kill people through not giving them that which they need in order to survive.

And at the moment they are dropping bombs on Libya for millions of dollars worth. What the fuck does that say about the accountability, the character, and the principle that our dear leaders stand by? I mean, one tomahawk missile costs something around 1 million dollars – how much food could you buy for that?

Obviously to say that we don’t have enough resources and that we aren’t capable of feeding and supporting everyone in our world is complete and utter bullshit. We are more than capable. But currently we spend our money on killing people instead of assisting and supporting them. Currently we’ve given away all of our power to leaders that are corrupt and that care for nothing but their own salvation. In two words I can describe the current situation in Libya; fucked up!

If I would own the newspapers in the world I would instruct the journalists to write pages full of this description as to the current event that is taking place; this is fucked up, this is fucked up, stop you idiots, don’t kill each other you morons, don’t be a greedy asshole, stop being so fucking corrupt. But currently we have journalists that only document the atrocity – wanting to be objective. I mean, if you are objective in the face of this atrocity you are as much an abuser as those that drop the bombs. It’s our responsibility to expose – to show that this behavior isn’t acceptable. To show that there is a line that must be drawn as to what will be accepted and allowed in this world, and that if you cross this line, you will also pay the price. Currently we accept and allow murderers to take their seat on the throne, to spew their corruption and their greed out into the world. It’s simply fucked up.

Thus stand up with me for a better world – for a better tomorrow. Not through violence, not through killing, not through a bloody revolution, but within common sense, understanding and mutual participation. End the era of the murderers! Research equal money!