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Day 455: Warmth

We are approaching the Christmas festivities and for me, the introductory events have already begun. The way Christmas is celebrated in my country of Sweden, is usually by eating a lot of food and drinking alcoholic beverages of different kinds, and then by giving gifts.

I do see Christmas at the moment as an event of gluttony and misplaced joy. However, I also see that there is a potential for Christmas, and these Holidays to become something supportive and worthwhile. The two holidays approaching at the moment is Christmas and New Years eve – and thus – I find this a good opportunity for me to redefine and look at how I am able to utilize these holidays to support myself and others to become the best we can be.

Lets look at Christmas first. For me the thought of Christmas brings up warmth and a sense of belonging and appreciation. The warmth has to do with family, and how everyone gets to together to share each-others company. This is from where the experience of belonging also comes from. I usually feel like I belong in relation to my family – something that is strengthened with the gifts that are given. Appreciation, that is something I relate to the gifts. We show we appreciate the presence by presents.

Hence, warmth, belonging and appreciation. At the moment, these are words that come up within me as feelings, and mostly during public holidays such as Christmas. However, this begs the question, why have I not pushed myself to live these words practically in my day-to-day life – thus creating each-day to become a Christmas in itself. I will begin with looking at warmth.

How I have lived the word warmth thus far

I do not consider myself to be a warm person, at least if by being warm is meant being heartfelt, open and embracing. Those are words I have difficulty expressing. My tendency to be cold, however, is also one of my greatest strengths. I am calculating and precise – though it at times robs me of my ability to create deep, intimate and meaningful relationships with others. In-fact, it is something that I have been afraid of doing – due to the fear of being rejected. As such, within me, there is a constant cynicism – a experience of mistrust – a apprehension and expectation of soon being stabbed in my back. This makes it difficult for me to be warm – because I fear – that by being warm – I am going to open myself up to attacks.

Dictionary definition

1 a : having or giving out heat to a moderate or adequate degree

warm weather

a warm fire

b : serving to maintain or preserve heat especially to a satisfactory degree

a warm sweater

c : feeling or causing sensations of heat brought about by strenuous exertion
2 : comfortably established : secure
3 a : marked by strong feeling : ardent

b : marked by excitement, disagreement, or anger

the argument grew warm

4 : marked by or readily showing affection, gratitude, cordiality, or sympathy

a warm welcome

warm regards

5 : emphasizing or exploiting sexual imagery or incidents
6 : accompanied or marked by extreme danger or duress

7 : newly made : fresh

a warm scent

8 : having the color or tone of something that imparts heat; specifically : of a hue in the range yellow through orange to red

9 : near to a goal, object, or solution sought

not there yet but getting warm

Sounding the word


Creative writing

Warmth, it is something that I can push myself to live in my daily life – by practicing empathy and genuine care for others. To when someone shares themselves, to listen to their words, and for that moment, stand in their shoes – to really hear what they are saying – so that I am able to respond with warmth. I have experienced, especially people that work as nurses, to have this ability to be genuinely warm with their patients. What I have experienced inside of me when meetings people with this ability is that when they touch and speak, they really mean it, they are HERE and not in a hurry to get somewhere else. And when they touch, I have felt embraced, seen and cared for. It is like they are able to see they value in me, recognize it, and support it. And that is how I see that I would like to live warmth as well.

Being warm is to be inviting and embracing. Like a warm bath. I love those, I jump into it, and I feel relaxed, I can take a deep breathe and relax – be myself completely – with not worry in the world. And that physical experience of warmth is something that I can use when I live this word for myself. Especially when it comes to myself, I can practice living warmth by relaxing, taking a deep breath, and allowing myself to completely disengage and flow, be invite myself in just as I am, without any conditions.

The sound that I connect with the most is ‘Wear-Me’ or ‘Aware-of-Me’. This signifies that being warm is a recognition of someone of myself.

New definition

Embracing and unconditionally opening myself up to and receiving myself or another without fears




Day 387: Who Do You Miss?

Yesterday, while chatting with my Destonian friends, we decided to look at WHO WE MISS and what words these persons represent to us. I looked within me and I could see that I missed my father. To me my father represents warmth, acceptance and courage. My father has always been good at meeting new people, socializing, developing and tending to relationships, and as I see it, this is partly because of my fathers WARMTH. He resonates a genuine and innocent care and consideration towards the people he is close to – an attitude of unconditional acceptance – and that is something I would like to develop and create for myself.


What does it mean to live warmth?

The way I see it, living warmth is to dare to be open to the world and people around me – to dare to take them inside of me and embrace them. Being warm is to dare to care for more than myself – to dare to be interested in more than myself – to dare to be passionate for more than myself. Being warm is to pulsate with a passion for life and what is best for all – and not accepting and allowing myself to rationalize and find seemingly rational reasons as to why I should not care – why I should not be passionate – why I should give myself fully in service of life.

How can I live this for myself?

I see that being warm with myself is to embrace me, hence I can practice embracing and holding myself. And then I can practice it by motivating myself to CARE for the small things in my life – to CARE for people and responsibilities – to INVEST myself in life and take personal responsibility – that can be done through being serious and attentive within what I am doing – to not do anything half-arsed.


What does it mean to live acceptance?

Acceptance is to embrace myself unconditionally – to not accept and allow myself to make up any reasons as to why I should apparently not accept myself – why it is okay for me to judge myself – why it is okay for me to be rough on myself. Acceptance is to DARE to be gentle with myself – to DARE to be open with myself and see everything of myself without reactions.

How can I live this for myself?

When something arise within me, it might be a tough, and for some reason, uncomfortable experience or thought – instead of judging it, and then trying to suppress to – to calmly and without reactions – look at what is going on within me – to observe what is going on within me unconditionally – to see it – and then establish solutions.


What does it mean to live courage?

Courage would be to not accept and allow myself to buckle down, crumble and go into my fears. Courage is to move forward and create even though it feels tough, even though there are doubts and fears. However for me, more specifically, courage would to put myself out there, to dare to be rejected or pushed away, though not accept and allow that to define who I am and what I have decided to do for myself. This is also what my father is very effective at doing – to place himself out there in the world – to grab the opportunities as they emerge and not accept and allow himself to hold back only because he does not know the outcome beforehand.

How can I live this for myself?

I can live courage by doing that which I see is best for me – that which I see is best for all – even though there are fears and doubts within me as to actually pushing on and doing it. Hence courage is simple in its application – it is to DO IT ANYWAY.

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