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How Come We Value Picture Before Life?

OCD Will End In An Equal Money System

OCD is an abbreviation for obsessive-compulsive disorder, which is a mental illness that is signified through people having re-occurring compulsive thoughts. To exist in such a condition cause anxiety, which is channeled and suppressed through compulsive actions – such as washing your hands several times every hour, or switching socks 10 times a day; the point of these ritual is to decrease the anxiety that the thoughts bring.

As I’ve said already – this is a mental condition – wherein the affected will be unable to control his own thinking processes, and as a consequence become a delinquent in many ways – not able to exist effectively in this reality.

Such a condition will not exist in an Equal Money System – the reason being that: in an Equal Money System self-forgiveness, self-honesty, and common sense will become generally known and applied tools for all mental delusions. Those can’t effectively support themselves, will be helped by those that have already assisted and supported themselves – effective self-forgiveness will be shown – writing will be shown – and no mentally disturbed will be seen as a victim of a disease – but as a suppressed being, with the potential of standing up and living what is best for all.

Because in-fact – no mental disease is incurable – all thoughts, and inner experiences can be directed by self – it’s a process of self-empowerment to learn to direct ones inner chatter, yet it is possible – and in an Equal Money System – it will be common knowledge to everyone.

Thus – there will be no more ineffective psychology, and psychiatry that consider mentally ill as victims and inferior to their disease – psychologists and psychiatrists that as such end up not curing, or helping anyone – but instead furthering the delusion of those that believe themselves to be helplessly lost to the inner demon of backchat; though this is not true, as the inner backchat demon can be removed.

In an Equal Money System OCD will disappear, as well as all other mental diseases – as we will learn to live and stand as the directive principle of our inner reality.