Day 563: What Did 2021 Bring?

During 2021 I learned the value of focusing on that which is real, tangible and practical. All around me I could see the tendency within people to focus on what is out there, to focus on perceptions and ideas about what is going on, and what is not going on, while the focus on SELF as the CREATOR got positioned in the background. I made the decision to stick with that which I can verify, to stick to that which has practical value to my life HERE, to stick to my physical process of self-forgiveness and self-creation, as I could clearly see, that this was the only point that brought peace/expansion/life into me and into my world.

In 2021 I also learned what it means to be alone in your convictions and desires when it comes to process and self-creation. Many of those that I had walked with for years suddenly shifted in their views, in their words, in their application, and this left me with the question, who am I going to be now? I realized that much of my application had been dependent on certain people in my life and on them walking their process, and being there for me to show me the way. Suddenly, I had no one to rely upon, I had to take on the position of the leader myself, and lead my own way. I had to walk through the doubt, the judgment, the fear, that comes with being alone on a path that seemingly no one else, or at least, very few are willing to walk.

My primary focus has been my own self-process, living words, writing, applying self-forgiveness, and changing the parts of myself that I am still dissatisfied with. Through this I have found a depth within me, I have found a certainty, I have found my own voice, and I have developed trust in myself to consider the feedback that is given to me by my world and my body, and to trust that this feedback is an indication as to how effective I am in my application.

Words that I have practiced during 2021 has been generosity, kindness, open, sensitive, receptive – mostly feminine expressions that are imbued with soft, ethereal and warm characteristics. I have lost much of my drive to become something in this world, and what has replaced this drive is a silence, and also a question, what am I going to do with the time I have in this world? The answer I have for that, at the moment, is that I am going to do whatever is necessary, whatever is practical, and whatever works, to be a solution in this world, and part of a movement to change this world for the better.

I have realized the importance of consistency, the importance of living by principles, the importance of standing one’s ground, when everything in the world seems to be losing its grip. I have realized that my body is always here with me. It is my unconditional support. It is a natural part of this reality, of this world, and it shows me the way back to what is real. Even though humanity seems to disagree, even though we are seemingly unable to find common ground, we are still of and as this same body – we are all a physical body. What stands in our way is that part of ourselves that is not physically grounded, our MIND, that part of ourselves that thinks, that is driven by irrational feelings and emotions, that act in spite and without empathy. If we remove this part from our self – we will be able to unite, stand as one and equal, and change what is here on this earth.

I was able to remain sane, stable and directive during 2021 thanks to my basic set of self-help tools, which are writing, self-forgiveness, self-commitment statements and self-corrective application. These four tools are immensely powerful. I am grateful that I was shown how to use these tools, because without them I would not have been able to move through this age of consequence as gracefully as I am at the moment.

2 thoughts on “Day 563: What Did 2021 Bring?

  1. Self Forgiveness

    This is very cool! Being alone in process is fine. So long as you can read others, get to know them, and what they’re doing. We need more of a hub so that people have their writings shown more. I learn better when there are people doing the same thing and are more experienced with it. People come with different insights and perspectives. Everyone should if we have to walk alone have EQUAL access to all the knowledge/information that takes in-depth in the process that we walk. No one should ever be excluded from that knowledge/information. Especially if it’s a structured walk that allows one to see. Cause I know that I work best if I can access different parts of me on a STRUCTURED walk with someone who has already walked that structured walk, and then I can see different mechanics, different vocabulary… So even know walking alone still need support and assistance with blog reading, and STRUCTURED WALKING… We should all have EQUAL access to. Otherwise.. some people are going to walk EXTREMELY SLOWER THEN OTHERS. If we are all walking from point of ZERO LEADER but purely ourselves. And I am super big on structure — being Autistic..


    1. Viktor Persson Post author

      Yes I agree – it is supportive to have a structure in this process and a buddy to help you out when things get rough. There is the DIP Lite and the DIP Pro courses and they both offer that.



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