Day 478: The Social Dilemma

I am in the process of watching the documentary “The Social Dilemma” and it has opened up some interesting points.

The documentary covers social media and how social media companies have become extremely successful due to being able to market products specifically because they have access to enormous amounts of data that shows what stimulates the users. And when you know what stimulates people, you will be able to market effectively and specifically and target the people most likely to act on your advertisement.

This has always been the case with marketing – it utilizes our weakness to stimulate us into action. With social media this manipulation has become more extreme and to the point of causing far reaching polarization in society, because with social media, everyone is able to create their own version of the truth, and they are also able to cable out their truth into the eter.

The deeper problem is the same as always, greed, the search for profit and the lack of integrity in business ventures. Capitalists do not have integrity, they only care about the profit, and thus social media is designed to get the most out of their users, sending them all kinds of information to make one thing certain: that you spend the most amount of time on the media possible. Thus, what could and can still be a great tool for people to connect, share themselves and their lives, learn more about other cultures, has now become a tool for making money, without no consideration given to the consequences that this might create in the lives of those who use social media.

The way I see it, this must unfortunately play out – people must learn to direct themselves and learn about their weaknesses so that they are able to stop being controlled by their stimulus points. Things are just going to get crazier, and crazier until we get to the point where people start to understand that, if I just follow whatever is presented to me without considering, without doing the maths, then I am going to be mislead – because everything in this world is designed to mislead. The very essence of capitalism is deception and misleading – where a desire is manufactured to create revenue. All of us survived 200 years ago. Yet how many of the products we have today existed back then? Not many – yet still – most of the products that are around today are marketed as needs – when the fact is that they are desires – created to draw money from you into the pockets of someone else.

We have to change the way we function. If we do, business will follow suite. All business are in the end dependent upon humans, both as workers and as consumers to function – and if we decide to stop our participation – that business is going to fall. As such, capitalism is also but a reflection of how we exist on the inside – we are at the moment without principles just tagging along with whatever stimulating package of information that is served to us. When we learn to direct these stimuluses and instead move ourselves to create what is supportive and good for us and everyone else – then we are going to see lasting changes appear in society and the world as a whole.

Day 477: Working With What Is Here

In this blog I am going to write on the topic: The Power of Working With What Is Here.

Why is that a power you might ask? Well, look at your life, and ask yourself, where do I have power to change anything? You cannot change anything in the past. It is done. You cannot change anything in the future, because it will never come. The only place where you have a direct power to intervene is HERE – this moment. And if you are able to change who are in this moment, naturally your future will follow suit and accordingly your past will change.

Hence, it is interesting to see the focus in our current society of going somewhere – somewhere, anywhere but here. Because our success/happiness/growth will apparently be over there. And thus, we lean forward, and lose our composure and balance, because we are aiming for something that is not really here – and this process – we lose ourselves and our access to power.

I recently watched a Netflix show called Chefs table about a chef that was specialized in whole hog barbecue. He was introduced into the business by his father that ran a small rural barbecue – and he started working a lot already from a young age. This bothered him, because unlike his classmates, he did not have as much leisure time – he was instead required to work. When he graduated from high school and busy celebrating his achievement one of his more nasty classmates told him that ‘he had nothing to be happy about because all he was ever going to do was to remain in the town and barbecue pigs’. This upset him a lot – however – what this spiteful classmate did not realize was that the work, barbecuing, would become the chefs ticket to a better life and a way for him to share his talents with others.

The chef pushed himself to learn everything about his fathers business, and one day, his father got a stroke, and the chef had to step in for the first time and take the role of the manager. He made some changes to the business structure, and suddenly, more money started coming in. He kept on working on his trade, and after some years, he had become widely known because he was now one of the few the state that had mastered the skill of being able to barbecue whole hogs. His reputation spread and after a while he become invited to start a barbecue resturant in a bigger city. He agreed to the proposal and thus started the next part of his journey.

And what did this chef do? Even though he did not have much resources to work with, even though his family was poor and he had no higher education; he did made use of what he did have and he pushed himself to develop and achieve where he was at – and that in turn generated connections/skills to moved him to the next level. And that is the power of working with what is already HERE instead of imagining working on things that are not here. Build on what you have instead of building imaginary castles of sand.

And if you feel stuck where you are at – start with looking at how much you are actually working HERE to make difference for yourself compared to how time you are spending feeling like shit and imagining a better future. All things of value take time to create, and that time is only available to you HERE, so make the best of what you got – and doors will open.

Day 476: Trying New Things

I like to try new things, even though I am not sure that they are going to work, and even though I suspect that they might not work. Why? Because I want to be sure. The only way you can be sure is if you try it out. Well, that is a truth with modification, because you are also able to learn by observing others. However in observing others you are missing out on one crucial numerical anomaly – YOU. Because the fact is that you are observing someone else do something, however, you might have done it completely differently if you were in their position. And thus – in most cases when I want to try out something new, it is not enough for me to just look at what others have done and how they have fared – I want to do it myself.

And in this process of trying out new things you will encounter many people that have some opinion about what you are doing and whether it is going to work or not. Some are convinced that it is NOT going to work, and these are usually the same people that never dare to change things up or act in their own ideas. These are the naysayers – and their minds are clouded in fears, inferiorities and self-image problems. It is important to NOT listen to these people – because they will sound alluringly certain and assured – however they tend to have no experience about the subject at all. They speak from their fears, that they project unto others in their reality.

Thus – if I want to do and try something new – I will do it. And then – it might end up being a mistake – AND – that is FINE. I have learned huge amounts from mistakes and failures. If I would not allowed myself to follow my heart and do the crazy shit I have had on my mind, I would never have known that they did not work, and I would never have known that this was not my path. Now, I know, I have learned from it – and I have been able to move on – and my next creation will accordingly be more in line with what I want and what could potentially work. What do you think is lurking in the cave of unexplored ideas/visions? That is regret and the thought – ‘what if?’ – what if I just explored this point, what if I went for what I wanted, where would I have been by now?

When I explore life and life it fully there are no room for what-if-thoughts – because – I KNOW what happened.

Unfortunately parents tend to be the biggest naysayers of all – when they should really be the one supporting their child to go out into the world and do what they want. Instead parents caution their child of all the dangers, difficulties, hardships, possible mistakes, and suck the child dry of all aspiration to make something more in this reality. And why? Because the parent is stuck in FEAR – the slow creeping poison that starts eating away at you when you have too much to lose. The child on the other hand has nothing to lose – he/she lives in the moment and the future is full of potential. When you live in the moment, with your breath, you have nothing to lose – and then you can really live.

So let us all explore what we want to explore and stop the naysayers from influencing our decision-making. Life is meant to be lived, failed, won, lost – EXPERIENCED – it is not a competition for who is able to survive the best.

Day 475: The Social Media Squabble

Social media is interesting to observe, in particular the enormous disparity of views on subjects and how the protagonists of various viewpoints clash with each other and market their views as better than other views. When I look at it, part of me is going, wow, this is so confusing! Everyone seems to be right, yet someone should by definition be wrong. My solution is to let go of right and wrong – and thus I never participate in these brawls. Do we even need to have opinions about things? What difference does it make? Very few listen to anyone else opinions anyway. And thus far I have yet to see someone be convinced by another argument – this literally NEVER happens.

This extreme growth and confusion is prevalent in the room of conspiracy theories – or rather – it is less easily recognized in these areas. And that is because the conspiracy theories are usually very extreme AND usually in complete contradiction to several other conspiracy theories on the same subject. Let us take the flat earth conspiracy theory. Here there is a sub group of people, many I might add, that are convinced that the earth is flat and that some evil group of people want to hide this from the publics view. Conspiracy theorists in this culture devote their life to the completely meaningless task of investigating whether the world is round or flat – or rather – agitating that the world is flat.

What difference does it make? Who cares? And most conspiracy theories and views on different subjects are of the same quality – they are simply meaningless – there is no point to them. For example, who cares if banks are secretly trying to control all people on earth through money? What does it really matter in our lives? Will it make us better people, kinder, more caring, if we are able to prove and show to everyone, that our banks is the big problem? NO – because the things that are really important are usually pretty simple, easy to see, and somewhat easy to do something about – and thus – these are the things we would for some reason not want to look at so much.

Like for example, poverty. Where are the people devoting their lives to ending poverty? Would not that be a more meaningful endeavor than trying to prove that the earth is flat? Or how about housing for everyone. How many of us engage with such a path? Not a whole lot – because we are interested in views, ideas, perspectives, being right, and having new information to play with – the actual reality we live in has become of lesser importance. Conspiracy theories is like masturbation on a mind level – where we get of on the secrecy, the conflict, the feeling of knowing something special, the sense of being in opposition to something greater and bigger.

Conspiracies is not the big problem for humanity – our big problem is that we simply cannot get along, communicate, understand each-other, or work towards any form of common goal. We are completely useless at those things, things that if we would learn to do it, we could actually change this world for the better. And what stands in our way, but these constant opinions and views – our personal and oftentimes meaningless outlook on ourselves, others and life in general. That is what we defend and protect even though these personal religions are usually just something we have copied from our parents, or copied from someone else. Nothing is really original or unique.

And how many of us are not spending our time trying to disprove or fight some authority? Why? What is the point? Why do we spend our time trying disprove someone or something else instead of sharing what we have to offer? We can take the example of practitioners of nature medicine such as herbs and flowers, that are naturally in conflict with conventional medicine and doctors. And of course the proponents of conventional medicine is in conflict with the proponents of nature medicine. I mean, why? Come on, do we really have to fight all the time about these things? How about all those interested in health, whether they enjoy nature medicine or conventional medicine, come together, and WORK together, to become stronger and even more effective in what they do. Because of course we can all learn something from each other. There is not ONE right answer – there is not ONE right way to do things – there are as many ways as there are people on this planet.

Thus – my message to proponents of various ways and practices – STOP – and LISTEN and then learn to WORK together with everyone else. We are ONE human race and all of us have strengths that will complement and make solid whole. When we fight and squabble in-between ourselves, we weaken our potential as a group, and become diminished into small individual entities with no real power on their own. The only way we will be able to change anything in this world is by working together as the group of humans that we are.

Day 474: Stop Looking Out There

The less depth we have the more we desire things to fill ourselves up – this is my conclusion. Let me take an example.

I have played guitar for many years and much of the time there has been a dimension of consumerism involved that has come through in wanting to buy new gear, new technology. Sometimes these desires have been true and arisen from a depth within me of wanting to explore a new expression in myself – other times they have arisen from a starting point of wanting to escape the real expression within me. Having committed myself to playing guitar now regularly for a while I have sensed this deep expression and movement opening up within me that instead of taking me externally, it takes me deeper and deeper into myself and into my relationship with the guitar in its most simplest form – an acoustic guitar.

I have come to realize that there is so much that can be expressed and conveyed with this simple guitar and that it holds so much potential for my expression to come through. And the same is true for life in general. It is easy to lose ourselves in what we do not have, and what we need to get, prepare, finish or alter BEFORE we are able to truly live – but this is a mistake – because all we need to live is already HERE – what is missing is not the things – it is OURSELVES – we are not in-fact here – and that is the problem. And then we try to correct that problem through buying things – it will never work.

This is why consumerism creates this temporary fulfillment only to have the experience of loss/emptiness return. The solution is to bring ourselves back here. In my relationship to guitar playing this has opened many expressions and brought many realizations – and what it takes is that invest myself in what I have here instead of looking out there.

I apply this realization everywhere in my life – I stop looking out there and bring it back here – what can I do HERE to begin living my full expression?

Day 473: Living For Happiness

I read an interview with a woman some days ago that explained that her life philosophy was to live for happiness – doing all the things she loved – and keeping a positive outlook on life.

This kind of mentality is very popular nowadays and we tend to look at being happy/living for happiness as something good – and many parents say that the only wish they have for their children is that they are to be happy. Though, why do we strive for happiness so much? Isn’t striving for happiness, indicating some form of lack and emptiness? Why do we need to fill ourselves up with happiness? It is as if we are some form of black hole, a vast blackness in search of finding that experience that can sooth our mind and put us to rest. But, if we were fulfilled as beings, would we even need or look for happiness? Would there be such a thing as happiness within us, or would we simply be here, as ourselves?

The thing with living for happiness is that happiness becomes your master and you become the slave. When happiness tells you to jump, you say, how high? And if your happiness tells you that you are unhappy with something, you immediately leave the point, instead of investigating WHY this unhappiness was created, from WHERE and HOW? Perhaps, could it be that unhappiness indicates that we are facing a part of ourselves that we have not yet mastered/understood – and thus we have to really push and put in effort and discipline to move forward – yet that is not necessarily fun, that does not make me HAPPY, it is actually exhausting! And with the excuse of unhappiness we can thus leave any challenge behind us and search for an easier life – the HAPPY life.

Happiness is a drug for the lost and empty – for those that do not know that there is fulfillment in being here and that we do not need to search for and acquire something more – we are already here with everything we need. Happiness makes us stupid and unprincipled – because we only move and strive towards that which causes our happiness drug to be released – and not towards the things that would actually make a difference. Happiness is limited, because the reality of the world is not happiness, it is suffering and pain – and the solution is not to just be happy – but to find ways to remove suffering and pain. And we cannot do that by just pretending or desiring to feel and experience ourselves as happy.

This is why it is not solution to ‘think positive’ or ‘be happy’ – as those are feelings used to cover up reality – how about instead – simply seeing the problem for what it is and finding a practical solution? Such as starvation – which is a reality for billions of people – how can we fool ourselves that happiness is a solution to starvation? What will happiness do to ameliorate the suffering of these impoverished humans? Nothing – but what would make a difference – is gifting these people the resources they need to live. And such a solution will most likely work against the happiness in most elitist people – that would have to give up a part of their share of the money cake to be given to those that are more in need.

What to live for if not for happiness? How about living to create a better you, and a better reality, a better life for everyone? How about living to find real and practical solutions to the problems we face in this world? That would make a difference – that would be substantial and that would be genuinely fulfilling – whereas living for happiness will create but short bursts of drug induced forgetfulness – and then when the high goes into a low – the search for the kick begins again.

Day 472: Media Without Morality

Today I listened to a podcast that was aimed at young adults, in their twenties and to their thirties. This particular show was about so-called influencers, and those making the podcast were reality tv-stars. This made me consider the concept of reality tv, which I see as a way of capitalizing on and creating consumerism out of the sexuality and immaturity of young adults. It is literally shit on television – and this is what we allow to be televised and marketed into reality as the norm. It is pretty astounding that we allow television, which is such a powerful means of communication, to be solely ruled on the basis of what gets the most views. That is similar to what Youtube has become – a media platform with the sole intent of increasing watched hours – because that in turn increases the commercial power of the station.

The big problem with this is that the media outlets use the base instincts of the human to manipulate him or her into investing more time into the medium. It is sex and relationships that sells – and thus – that is what is being marketed and pushed – regardless of the effect that this has on the viewers. Hence – the cooperations that own these media platforms, they take no responsibility for what they put out into the ether – and how the material this being projected will effect the viewer – and that is not acceptable.

We should have socially responsible media outlets that wants the best for their viewers and not simply to have the most viewers. What would socially responsible entertainment look like? I am sure reality tv-shows would change dramatically – and potentially they will not even exist anymore – because what good comes out of having these people reveal themselves and their most intimate parts to the public? What good does it make them and what good does it make us? The cooperations are only capitalizing on our intimate experiences and expressions, and we buy into it because we desire that inside view of someone else’s life.

One outflow effect of the reality-tv and influencer era is that we are becoming dumbed down. The topics are usually shallow covering sex, relationships or gossip, and the vocabulary is basic because there is no script, no deeper thinking or consideration, it is just people talking about everyday stuff. Obviously this could all be different, the media offers a great platform to educate, expand views about cultures, learn about the issues of the world, solutions, get to know people with different sets of views and perspectives – but at the moment – it is about money, success and fame – and those things can never be the foundation of anything worthwhile. Another interesting effect that this reality-tv hype is creating is the belief that fame in itself is desirable. It essentially does not matter what you do, or what you get known for, what matters is that you do get recognized.

What to do? If we had an equal money system and the people of the world, and its cooperations, would not anymore be in a state of survival, responsible media outlets could emerge – and we could come together and decide upon how to best utilize media to support the growth of humanity – because that is really what it should be about. Just caring about the viewing numbers, or in other words, the profit, creates massive consequences, as there is no morality, no principle, no desire for betterment, only desire for survival. Hence – if we remove this fear of survival by giving everyone what they need to live – we would set ourselves up for being able to change the current media into something that is best for everyone.

Day 471: Last Chance-U and the Failing American Dream

Last Chance U season five has been released and I am watching – with great pleasure. I like this documentary series not just because it covers football, which is a pretty interesting sport, but because it follows young, mostly black, men that has grown up in socioeconomic challenging conditions. The interviews with all these young men reveals the reality of the American society – and that is fascinating and scary as well – because it is not supportive at all.

The real nature of a society is seen by how it cares for its weakest individuals – and America is a poor, poor caretaker. The country has non-existent labor laws that protect the employed – when you are working in the bottom of the system you usually lack sickdays and paid vacation – and as a comparison – those things are mandatory in Sweden regardless of occupation.

For some reason though, the Americans, and usually the older generation that have already managed to secure a comfortable position in the system, adores and admires the American system of cut-throat competition. If you do not make it, that is your own fault, and do not expect any help from society. The general idea of the elderly is that this toughens the youth to become better people. Unfortunately, the stories these young men shares is that they mostly suffer – its a long story of emotional turmoil and lack of adequate resources. They sleep in their cars, they have no food to eat, they have no or a severely lacking ability to study and acquire new information.

America, the land of the free, has become the land of the suffering – it is in all aspects a developing country with some parts of it being on par with the developed world. You cannot call a country where there is no protection against absolute destitution and starvation a developed nation – it is simply not possible. And hence, it is fascinating that we tend to look up to USA as a great example to follow economically and socially. It is not. In America, capitalism has failed – and as usual – those that take the brunt of the failure are those without monetary muscles.

Now, the interesting thing about America and these young black man, is that they still defend the idea and notion of ‘making it’ and becoming a ‘success’ even though everything is stacked against them. They are so completely brainwashed into thinking that a society built on the premise of winners and losers will bring growth and prosperity. It is, to say the least, fascinating.

Another interesting thing that is revealed is how most of these young men dream of a career in NFL – the creme de la creme of football. Very, very few end up in the NFL – yet still – all dream of it – and many, many try to make it a career. But for some reason, the odds are not considered. Though, who would devote their life and study in university for a particular exam when only 1 in 1000 got a job in the end? I don’t think anyone would commit under such circumstances. Yet, that is what all these young aspiring football players do. And this is also a form of brainwashing. We are brainwashed to desire and seek fame and maximum success – such as playing in the NFL – even though it’s essentially impossible.

And the parents of these young men are not able to see through the brainwashing and support their kids. Hence, most of the kids tend to see the university education that they get, for free usually, while playing football as a secondary priority – not realizing that a university exam holds a far greater potential in comparison to pursuing a career in professional football.

It is terrible that in our so called modern and enlightened world we do not offer our young people a better start in life. Nobody should have to fight for their survival – that makes no one strong – it makes us preoccupied and good at surviving – yet where is the time to develop the things about ourselves and our society that are genuinely human? I mean, any idiot can go out and survive, and most likely, the brutes are those that are going to be the best at it, but what about creating cooperative communities filled with joy, pleasure, culture and expression? That is difficult to do – and to do that – you got to have time to develop those qualities and aspects of yourself – and that is not possible if your entire life is about survival.

We have glorified survival and competition, but is that the world we want? We claim to have risen of nature, above animals, above pure instinct, but what are we doing in reality? It is just about survival – and those in the top have an ability to make their fight for survival looking more refined. If any society or group of people considers the quality of being able to take as being more valuable than the quality of being able to give – then that community is in big trouble – just as America is showing so clearly.

Day 470: The Award for The Most Awardable

One thing that I have contemplated is our tendency to frame achievements and expressions in the context of comparison. The outflows of this tendency are, amongst other things, awards which you are able to win for almost everything. There are awards for culture, politics, culinary excursions, sports, etc. And apparently these awards means something and shows that you as a person have reached success, and that you are special, and you happen to be special because you won and everyone else lost.

Let us just for a moment take a look at this tendency, or rather addiction, of ours to compare ourselves and hand out awards – what are the consequences of such behavior?

The one thing I clearly see is that it creates a superiority and an inferiority – a separation – where one individual is raised at the expense of everyone else whose expressions and accomplishments are implicitly defined as less. This kind of constant fueling of competition becomes particularly strange in the arena of culture (such as theater, art, music, etc.) – which should be about simply expressing your own individuality. The fact that some or many others might enjoy and find pleasure in that particular individual expression does not define the artistic expression, or rather, it should not define it. We are all able to express ourselves artistically, yet the outflow will be different, because we are all different – we cannot be compared. It then becomes ludicrous that some are going to be awarded for their expression while others are not. How come some should be recognized and not others? And what happens internally to those that are not recognized and to those that are? Will the artists be able to keep their connection to their own expression and originality if they are constantly bombarded from the outside with praise or criticism?

And it becomes similarly dysfunctional when handing out awards with regards to political achievements, such as, the achievement of furthering the application of Human rights. Because the fact is that we are so many that in different ways and with different tools pursue to create a better world, to enforce Human rights – yet when there is only one person that can be awarded for his actions – this implicitly creates the notion that all other work that has been done is not good enough. And the consequence that can flow from that is that a person involved with political movement can become discouraged and simply decide to give up.

To me handing out awards is unnecessary. Why do we do it? Why do we constantly need to compete against each-other? How about simply appreciating another for who they are and what they are doing in that moment without comparing it to anyone else? It all comes down to how we are so infatuated with the person, the persona, the individual, and glorifying some while forgetting the rest. That which is of real value is the massage, the act in itself, the words, and no one can be singularly awarded for that. No man is an island. If we are to award a person for his political achievements, we should just as well give his mother an award for birthing and raising that person, as well as the earth for unconditionally providing sustenance for that person to be able to grow up. There is no one person that can win. Earth and its inhabitants are one and equal – and thus – all of the actions and inactions of the world are connected to everyone.

Hence instead of glorifying individual achievements, we should support and award expression and movement in itself – without defining someone as more and another as less. For example, instead of giving a musical artist an award, we could look at what allowed that persons journey possible and investigate how we are able to more such expression into the world. Maybe that artist were able to attend a music school and had sufficient with money and food to explore his or her talent. Thus we switch our focus from the individual to the group – to seeing what in the group that makes the individuals journey possible – and then we support and enhance those positive aspects of the collective.

Competition is like a venom that creates jealousy and friction between people and that suffocates free, unconditional and genuine expression. And if we want to have a better world, we must support and bring in more such expression, because that is really what makes life worth living.

Day 469: Finding My Own Style

Having invested much of my vacation this year to playing guitar, the point of music has opened up within me again. One point that I have struggled with since I took up the guitar and singing is finding my own voice and expression. It has been difficult for me because I am very good at disciplining myself and forcing through a particular vision/idea that I have as to how I should sound or how I should play the guitar. However, I have not been able to find my own natural element that way – because that requires a intuitive, silent, gentle and relaxed approach.

Real expression cannot be forced and it cannot be envisioned – because that makes it but a product of our minds – an idea that we have shaped through thinking. Real expression comes through naturally, effortlessly and is simply HERE. And that is difficult to comprehend for us humans, because we are so used to the idea of having to work, struggle and fight in order to get by – and then suddenly – real expression is seemingly something that is only accessible by letting go of that notion of continuous battle against oneself.

Thus, what I have realized is that when I let my natural expression come through in music, it tends to be different each and every time. Some days I enjoy slow harmonious notes, an ethereal and wavy rhythm, with the feel of it as almost being a dream. Other days I enjoy the fast paced and steady rhythm of blues, with that deep power coming through from within me and into the sound. Other days it is a jazzy, swing rhythm that gets through and into my fingers, without much focus on the delicacy of certain notes or harmonies, instead it is the rhythm that creates the harmony and sets the foundation of the song.

The challenge is to listen to oneself in THE MOMENT – what is the kind of music that wants to come through HERE – who I am HERE – what is opening up HERE? What wants to open up within me if I let go of all definitions of who I am, and what I should play? What does the emptiness within me want to do today? It is understandable that these questions pose a enormous challenge for us that have been addicted to the mind – because in the mind – it is so easy. We have our definitions of ourselves written out already – we just pick one: ‘I usually play this song, and I usually play like this, and it usually sounds like this’ – and then we move forward in a state of automation. Though when we approach it like that, we do not get to experience ourselves for real – we only get to experience a memory of ourselves that we have decided to live out.

Thus, the difference between what is real and what is not is that the former is not based on memory or past moments – it is a direct reflection of your own inner reality as it stands in THIS moment. And that reality cannot be boxed in and neatly stored away into your mind – you either live it here in the moment or you do not. This is also why it is nearly impossible to find a good ‘method’ when it comes to tapping into inspiration and defining that inspiration into a particular sound or structure. This expression does not follow any rules. And hence – one day music might suddenly disappear from within you and instead what you want to pursue and create is something different.

And this elusiveness of expression creates problems for artists in the system, because in the system we are expected to stick to our guns, to continue our musical career, continue doing songs, and performing live. But, what if that inspiration is simply gone or have changed into something different? What if we are now more interested in exploring insects and maritime life? In the system we are unfortunately primed to get stuck in a certain way of life, and when that generates a good amount of money, we will be fearful or anxious of leaving it behind, would another door open up within us.

In a system where money would not be a problem and survival not an issue – we would be able to explore our inner realities fully without any fears of missing out. Thus, we would not anymore keep ourselves stuck in redundant roles/positions that we only fight to keep alive and functioning because it is required for us to survive.